Why Should You Switch To An SSD Hard Drive?

 One of the big questions that many current computer users ask has to do with the hard drive that is installed inside. This hard disk has the ability to store large amounts of data, moving them to the different applications that demand it. However, traditional hard or hard drives have fallen short in terms of performance.

Faced with these devices, SSD hard drives have the advantage of being up to four times faster, thus offering the high demand data flow that current PCs and laptops demand. An advantage to which others are added as a prolonged life of these devices, for lack of mechanical elements, or lower energy consumption and reduced noise compared to conventional devices, derived from that electronic operating system.

So, if you are also considering making the leap to one of these SSD hard drives, we will give you some reasons to make it easier for you to make a decision.



The crown jewel of an SSD hard drive is its speed. A data transfer capability that can multiply by four or five times the speeds of conventional hard drives. Something that helps teams with more modern processors optimize their performance, improve access to all types of data and even reduce the latency times of that response. Something fundamental when performing highly demanding tasks, such as the processing of large amounts of files or the game at high levels of demand, in which such latency is always a problem.

So, in this context, the SSD hard drive is the perfect complement to a high demand computer. An extra speed that the same serves us to give extra power to a high-level team that to bring to our times an old team.





SSD hard drives are fast, but they are also reliable. Something fundamental to prevent the loss of data and storage during the process. In fact, these hard drives employ a NAND technology, similar to that of SD cards or USB storage devices, so the security of our data inside is almost full.

In addition, these hard drives have the extra reliability that gives us the absence of mechanical parts in their design. Therefore, in these hard drives there are no elements that can be broken by the rotation or fatigue of the material, but at most the failure can occur in any of the sectors of the disk. Something that has already been foreseen by the professionals who develop them, having on the disc itself a series of spare sectors that, if necessary, are activated to replace those that fail. This system is controlled by the disk and is completely transparent, so that the user can know how much time the disk has left and when we need to change it.


Consumption and noise

A mechanical hard drive is noisy and usually consumes a lot of energy. An SSD hard drive does not have these problems, since by eliminating the mechanical parts we avoid the two main drawbacks of the usual hard drives. So if the scandal that mounts the traditional hard drive of your PC bothers you or you want to give extra capacity to the battery of your laptop, you just have to add one of these hard drives and forget about both problems.





Another advantage of current hard drives is their price. A price that does not stop lowering, given a growing offer from manufacturers, as well as the different technological improvements that are taking place in the market. As a reference, the cost of these disks has almost halved in the last year, so that today it is possible to find hard drives of 120 GB, suitable for basic users and with little need for space, for just about 20 or 30 euros. And we don’t talk about unknown manufacturers, but some of the most prominent. You can check some purchase options here .

At this point it should be remembered that not all the data we have on our PC must necessarily go to our SSD hard drive, but it only has to store those that we use frequently, such as with the operating system or applications that we have installed. Something that allows you to adjust the total space of this SSD hard drive, adding to the formula a conventional disk where to store the rest of our data.


When it is not necessary to make the leap

So far, we have given you a few reasons to jump into one of these SSD hard drives. But the truth is that there are also some, a little more, to stay as we are. And it is something that has to do mainly with the use we give to the team.

An SSD hard drive is designed for users who move large amounts of data at once, such as gamers, graphic developers, video editors or users who browse at high speed and download large files or want an almost instantaneous response. All these users benefit from what one of these SSD drives offers. However, if you are not among these profiles and are satisfied with the speed of your computer, you do not need one of these hard drives. However, given the low price of current SSD storage, if you want to test it, it will not cost you much money, really.

The other main reason is that you can’t do it. Although current SSD hard drives have broad compatibility with all types of systems, it is also true that on older computers there may be compatibility or performance issues. It’s a strange thing, but if your PC is already an age, it doesn’t hurt to check that compatibility before buying your SSD hard drive.




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