Western Digital Launches Its New High-End SSD Disk

If we take a look at the current SSD disk market we will see how most of the devices are focused towards the lower or middle part of the market. That is, hard drives with capacities of about 240 or 480 GB, with a conventional format of 2.5 inches and high speeds, as well as similar. It is not something strange, since these types of hard drives are those that are generally used by users to update their old equipment and, therefore, one of the segments where more brands have been launched to attract customers.

But as with all computer products, there are also higher ranges in which competition is scarce. In the case of SSD hard drives, we would talk about products with more than 1 TB capacity and also models based on NVMe technology. This technology is used by the models that “puncture” directly on our motherboard, through the PCI Express port. A system that accelerates the processing speed even more, by using the data buses of the board itself, thus improving the data transfer speed of the device.

It must be said, in favor of manufacturers, that we speak of a very recent technology. So the truth is that many manufacturers have not had time to position themselves and many others have not just launched, until they see where the market moves. But who has already decided to take a step forward is Western Digital, with the release of its new high-end SSD.


Introducing the WD Black 3D NVMe SSD

Specifically, we talk about the hard disk SSD WD Black 3D NVMe. A product that is located directly in the high range of the market both for its design and its capacity.

The first thing that attracts attention when viewing the product is the class of the device we are mentioning. Since it is an NVMe type hard drive, it has been designed with the small board format, which is clicked directly on the PCI port of our computer. This has the advantage of accelerating the performance of the device and reducing the space required for storage, compared to a conventional 2.5-inch model.

As for its capacity, it arrives in this model at 1 TB capacity, compared to 250 and 500 GB of its previous versions. They are still available, so you need less storage or you have a tighter budget you also have them at your disposal.




Disk speed

When we talk about high-end, we don’t say it to say, but it reflects what WD has achieved with this model. Something that is appreciated in aspects such as the speed at which this hard disk is able to move data.

Specifically, the product has a reading speed of 3,400 Mbps in sequential mode, with a writing speed of 2,800 Mbps, one of the highest in the market. As a reference, a conventional SSD hard drive has speeds around 500 Mbps in read and write mode, so this model multiplies by up to six such speeds. It is even capable of doubling the speed of other discs with NWMe technology, which are usually around 1,300 Mbps in read mode. So the acceleration of speed that we can achieve with this equipment is evident.


Device Reliability

When we make an investment of a certain caliber, such as an SSD hard drive of this type, it is also necessary to make sure that the device will have the necessary reliability so as not to start failing sooner than it should. Something that, in a manufacturer like WD, is not a problem.

The test is in the capacity of TBW or terabytes written and deleted on the disk. This figure is the one established by the manufacturer in terms of writing, not reading, so that once this figure is passed, the SSD hard drive reaches a dangerous area, where a catastrophic failure can occur. In the case of this model, thanks to the technology with which it has been equipped and the high resistance of its manufacture, this figure shoots up to 600 TBW. Enough to withstand thousands and thousands of hours of use without breakdowns.

Something that is also reflected in the so-called MTTF or average device operating time. A parameter that measures how long, on average, the hard disk can last before failing. In the case of the SSD WD Black 3D NVMe model, this time rises to no less than 1.75 million hours, so the durability of your investment is more than guaranteed.




Compatibility and control

As last aspects of the disc we want to mention both its control capacity and its compatibility. Starting with that control, thanks to the software included with the hard disk we will have the ability to control all the operating parameters of the device efficiently, knowing the health status of the disk, its temperature and also having a large software suite for Clone disks and make backup copies.

Regarding compatibility, it has been designed to offer high performance with all types of high level equipment. So much so that the product is compatible with equipment from almost any manufacturer that has the technical parameters that are necessary to take advantage of the performance of this particular type of hard drives.



To close this analysis, let’s take a look at the price of the product. Specifically, the SSD WD Black 3D NVMe hard drive has a current cost of about 250 euros, standing somewhat above other models of recognized manufacturers, whose prices range from 150 to 200 euros. Anyway, since it is the last model to arrive, surely its price will adjust somewhat downward in a short time.




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