8 Tricks To Customize Your Desktop

If your desk is too bland, boring, or simply asking for a change, there are many things we can do to change its image and make it more fun. However, these ideas also have to be able to maintain a proper balance with the environment, while they should be useful or practical ideas, to make the process of use and work easier during your day. With the tricks that we give you below, you will have ideas with which to fulfill both premises in a simple way and without spending too much.

# 1 Use a corkboard

A corkboard is a versatile tool that has a double utility. On the one hand, this board allows you to have on hand those important documents that you do not want to lose sight of or that you should have nearby. But it is also an interesting idea for when you want to customize your environment because here you can hang photos, drawings of your little ones or any other object that helps make your work environment more fun and lively. In addition, you have different measures and designs as far as cork is concerned, so it will not cost you work to find the most appropriate product for your preferences.

# 2 A different pen 

Another interesting option is to create a different and personalized pen according to what you like best. A job for which you only need a box or a bottle of water. In both cases, you only have to cut the bottle or the box to the desired height, trying not to leave sharp edges that could be a danger. Once cut, you can use whatever you want to coat the exterior. Let your imagination fly when choosing, since you can choose between fabric, rope, felt, paper, or any other material. You can even add buttons, strips of other materials, and other elements, according to your preference.

# 3 The erasable board remains fashionable

The erasable boards are another interesting solution, which combines the decoration with the comfort you have when it comes to writing down your appointments and everything you need. These blackboards offer a wide space, according to the model you choose, where you can write comfortably everything you need and erase what you no longer need just bypassing your hand. A versatile product that can even serve you punctually to place your notes, in case you have a metallic background slate and that allows the placement of an image to fix them.

By the way, in this same context, we also find the conventional blackboards, which do not use markers but chalks for the notes. The only drawback that these products have is the dust they lift during use, compared to the greater environmental hygiene of conventional models.

# 4 Large floor mats dress and help

With the arrival of the gaming world, large mats have become fashionable. As a product derived from these mats, today we can find products with considerable measures, in which we not only have space for the mouse but also for the keyboard and even to work comfortably. The best thing is that these mats have very different decorations and prints, in which we can have a world map or different illustrations, so it is not difficult to give a different touch to your workplace while you gain in comfort.

# 5 Green I want green

The plants in the office are always a source of joy. So, adding a couple of small pots to our work environment is another of the ideas we want to offer you. The good news is that in any florist or neighborhood store it is easy to find small plants, cacti, and flowers designed for installation in your office. And if you also choose plants that fit well in your work environment, the end result to claim this area will be much better. As if that were not enough, some of these plants can purify the air in your environment. This is what we get with plants such as Ficus Robusta, Dracaena, or the Boston Fern, to name a few examples.

# 6 Add new heights

Leaving aside the walls around you, if the surface of your desk is wide and you have room to spare it is not a bad idea to think about adding new heights to the desk. An idea that can even serve you in case the space is not excessive and you need some more storage. To increase these heights you can resort to conventional solutions, such as to monitor elevators, drawers, and desk shelves. And if you dare, you can always create your own shelves or items, depending on your preferences.

# 7 Let your imagination fly

Although we have commented on some advice before, imagination is one of the great allies when it comes to enjoying the best personalized and different desktop. So do not be afraid to let your imagination fly and enjoy giving your work environment the touch you like best. Don’t be afraid to include colors that break the tendency of a desk that is too serious or to add little-seen objects on its surface. After all, this is going to be your desk and, as such, your thing is that it represents as best as possible what you want to have near you, without anything cutting you at the time of mounting it.

And as the last tip…

We have already seen many ideas to give a different touch to any desk. However, we want to conclude these tips with an idea that should be key and you should not forget at any time: functionality. A desk is, in the end, a workspace. Therefore, it is essential that the decoration we add maintains adequate comfort to the work area, regardless of elements that may be dangerous, that take up more space than necessary or that pose a problem when developing your daily tasks.

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