Tips To Deeply Clean Your Computer

Very far from what many users come to think, cleaning a computer is a very important task to perform with some periodicity, especially if we want to keep its operation ready. Some users think that these complex devices only need to be connected and turned on, and they do not care about anything else, however, this device requires maintenance and cleaning just like any car that needs to change the oil and wash with a certain periodicity.

However, bringing a computer to any technical service today is something that can involve a sum of money that we did not have for this, so we have made the decision to help you, explaining how you can perform or carry out basic maintenance from your desktop computer on your own and do not have to go to outside help, so you can clean your computer from dust and dirt and save you extra money.

Actually, what can happen if we don’t clean our PC?

In theory, a completely dirty computer can succumb to any problem, from small and unimportant damage to permanent damage to your computer. A computer full of dust will get very hot, causing the computer to suddenly shut down or restart every so often. This can generate an excess in the heat level and irreparably damage some components such as the graphics card or the processor.

What materials and tools do you need to clean a PC?

In general, the price of the tools and materials that we are going to use is quite low, so we can be calm because the investment is economical, however, the time you will have to devote to the maintenance of your equipment is quite a lot.

At home, we usually have most of the tools that we are going to use, except for thermal paste, which only some users can have at home. Although there are some technicians who have several brushes and brushes of different sizes, the most important thing is to have a medium to small and very delicate brush, which does not easily get the bristles out. With a small brush you can comfortably clean the most delicate components that make up your computers such as the graphics card or the motherboard.

In addition, two screwdrivers will be used, one with a star tip and the other with a flat tip. This tool is essential in the majority of old CPUs since many manufacturers have been simplifying the system of opening/closing of the CPU, as well as the connection system of the different components such as processor and cooling.

Finally, it is important to have something that helps us to blow the dust from the plates, since it is totally forbidden to do it ourselves with the mouth because we will be releasing a large stream of moisture to the hardware components, which would obviously oxidize them by Little time. This is why many technicians use the pressurized air cans that they sell in specialty stores or, instead, there are users who use traditional hairdryers as an ideal alternative to those boats.

Sometimes, a risky user will dare to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the motherboard of the computer, however, it is an undesirable action, since the air intake tends to charge the flow of static energy and introduce the nozzle of the hose inside any type of electronic systems can cause a spark to jump, burning some internal component of the computer.

Finally and before starting the process of cleaning your computer, it is highly recommended to have a conditioned space to do the job, that has good lighting and is completely clean. On a table, we will place the monitor and the CPU and that is where you should start by opening the tower with a screwdriver to show the motherboard.

First, the inside of the computer

It is advisable to start with the most difficult, so we will start with the CPU. This is one of the most complicated parts of computer cleaning, but it does not mean that it is only an expert’s task or that it is impossible. First, you must make sure that the equipment is completely turned off and disconnected from the power outlet. Also, if your computer is a desktop, be sure to turn off the power source switch as well and, if you have a laptop, be sure to remove the battery.

If in your case the computer is a desktop, you will have to remove the side cover of the CPU to access the motherboard. If you have a little knowledge with computer science and you think you are capable of doing so, remove all the components such as heatsinks, RAM, hard disk and graphics card, so you can clean all the dust that is accumulated and embedded in the slots. With a hairdryer and a small and delicate brush, clean every corner. Then, reassemble and put everything as it was.

In case you have a laptop, this process is a bit more complicated to carry out. You will have to turn your equipment around and proceed to remove the screws that hold the bottom cover in place. Once you’ve opened it, check out if the components are well welded. In some models, some parts are connected with a cable or Flex, so you should be careful not to release or break it. Try to clean all the dust very carefully, using the dryer and the brush. Keep in mind that performing this process makes losing the warranty to laptops.

Finally, the screens also need to be cleaned from time to time, especially if we have a laptop. It is advisable to disinfect the monitor, in addition to cleaning it from dust and dirt, as is traditionally done, since we tend to unconsciously touch it with dirty hands more than you think. A dry chamois cloth should be used, although some users use it slightly damp, making a mixture of alcohol with distilled water.

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