Razer Mamba Wireless, The Most Powerful Gaming Wireless Mouse Of The Moment

For a long time, users claimed that gaming mice always had to be wired. In fact, seeing a good part of the mice of this type that we have in the market the answer remains the same, since these models without cable have a certain latency or delay in the process of transferring the instructions that we give to the team that It can end up hurting our game or the work we are doing. However, thanks to models like the Razer Mamba Wireless this problem can go down in history. Let us know more about this product and its characteristics.


A refurbished and cordless model… or not

The Razer Mamba Wireless gaming mouse is not a newcomer to the market, but it is an improved version of the Mamba, which this manufacturer launched a few years ago. A model that evolves according to the new times, in terms of utility and comfort. As a novelty, this new model can do without the connection cable of the previous model, which gives us greater freedom when moving around the table. Ideal for both gamers and designers or simply for those people who want to have maximum capacity when moving the mouse over the surface on which they work.

Anyway, one of the novelties that this model has is that it can also be used connected through a conventional USB port, for which a 2.1 meter cable is included. Therefore, even in this wired mode the mobility of the device remains more than guaranteed. This cable is also the one used to charge the battery, whose characteristics we will talk a little later.


Enhanced Ergonomics

Another aspect in which this product improves is the ergonomics of its new design. A format that maintains the curved design of the best conventional ergonomic mice , in a design ideally designed for right-handed users, due to the location of its buttons. In the body of the mouse we have both the usual buttons and the scroll wheel, being placed under the same two more buttons that we can configure as we want. On the left side are the scroll buttons, with which it is easy to navigate or move through any document with comfort. In total we talk about a mouse with 7 buttons, which are also programmable, to customize the user experience as it suits us.

As for its texture, the product has been made of rubber and has a triple surface format, so each area of the mouse has the texture it needs. Specifically, the upper part gives the comfort we need when placing the hand while on the left side we have a grooved area, with which to gain greater precision. Regarding the base, it has the necessary finish to gain in safety but without affecting the ability to move the product.




Resolution and response

It is well known that gaming mice are recognized not only for their design, but for having a high resolution. Something that also makes them suitable for those high demand office applications. In this regard, the Razer Mamba Wireless does not disappoint, since it offers us a resolution of up to 16,000 dpi. And no, there is no zero in this figure, since this mouse has one of the most extreme sensitivities of the current market. A sensitivity that we can change on the fly and at the moment, depending on what we need.

Obviously, this high resolution requires special elements for transfer and response, among which we have the Razer 5G advanced optical sensor. This is responsible for achieving that high performance and the improved response of a high quality product. Something to which also contribute the contacts of the different buttons, which give us a pleasant response to the pulsation and also have resistance to about 50 million keystrokes.



Another strong point of the model is the battery that it includes. It has capacity for about 50 hours of use, which are many hours of play or work. A very important aspect considering that the product includes both the LED light, customizable in RGB mode with the color that we like the most, or the wireless transfer, which always consumes more energy.

To make matters worse, the product charges quickly, at around 3 hours, and can be used in the meantime with the charging cable connected. And if you don’t want a battery, you can also keep this cable plugged in at all times, turning this wireless mouse into a wired model.




Razer Synapse 3

As a last aspect of this product, it is necessary to talk about the Razer Synapse 3 software, with which the different functions of it are managed. A program with a very intuitive interface that makes it easy to take advantage of the different functions offered by the product. This is where we will be able to do things like change the behavior of each of the seven buttons included in the mouse, depending on what suits us at all times.

In this section, we can also modify the resolution or DPI values, as well as the color in which we want both the palm area and the wheel to be illuminated. A function in which we have the 16.8 million colors of the RGB scale, as well as different effects and combinations thereof, so that the mouse does not remain in a fixed and boring color. So it is best to play with all those options and choose the ones you like best at all times.



To finish this analysis, it’s time to talk about money. An aspect in which we also have good news, since this mouse is not especially expensive for everything it offers. We talk about an approximate price of about 95 euros, which even reduces the cost of its predecessor by around 30%, so as an investment to gain precision and comfort when working or playing it is quite interesting.



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