Looking For The Best HP Gaming Computer

If the last video games of this season are starting to present you LAGS and the graphic quality has to be compromised to get a better performance in your games, the best thing for you, definitely, is to update your old computer and acquire a powerful gamer machine. If you are convinced that this is the solution and you are looking for one of the best desktop computers, we recommend, without any doubt, the new HP OMEN 880, a powerful CPU with the latest generation processor and unrivaled graphic quality.

The HP OMEN 880: power quality

The HP brand has been struggling within the market, making leaps and bounds over the years, offering the customer high-quality items all the time. This, of course, has been valued by customers over several years, so the HP brand has become one of the brands with greater confidence and quality of the current market.

In the golden age of technological progress and in the midst of a growing market that is becoming increasingly aggressive and competitive, small details can be the big difference between a secure sale or a fraud product.

In this case, we cannot talk about a fraud product, but quite the opposite. The HP OMEN 880 desktop computer offers many innovative and unusual elements such as, for example, its new AIO liquid cooling system, which is pre-installed inside this computer among other novelties. This cooling system will allow you to get the most out of your MHz and even when you want to overclock, which increases the processor temperature significantly.


Initially, we will analyze one of the most important parts; The heart of the computer. The processor of this equipment is an Intel Core i7 -7700K quad-core up to 4.5 GHz maximum speed. In addition, it has an 8 MB L3 cache, which makes it an extremely stable machine.

The motherboard or motherboard of this equipment is an LGA 1151V1 is formed by the trademark Micro-Star, which has been a direct subsidiary of MSI. This motherboard has the advantage of being basic but very interesting, in terms of its characteristics. This mid-range device has a Z270 chipset, considered by many users to be the best Intel chipset for i7 processors.

As for its RAM, this device comes with 32 GB supports up to four DDR4 modules of 2,400 MHz speed and also includes two PCI ports or slots –e speed up to X8. This is because MSI decided to include two M.2 sockets in which you can connect any SSD between 2280 or 2210 and even one of the new Optane memories.

This computer includes a 512 GB M.2 SSD memory type TLC, which promises high working speed and stability for the operating system. In addition, it incorporates a hard disk HDD of 2 TB and with 7,200 RPM speed that we can use to host our personal files.

On the other hand, one of the strongest points of this team unquestionably is the powerful graphics card that is included. This computer incorporates an 8GB NVIDIA GTX 1080 GPU from VRAM that will allow you to enjoy video games like never before at 4K resolution and with ultra-high quality settings in virtually all the latest titles. This GPU has a heatsink that will help maintain the right temperatures all the time. The references of this model of GPU, affirm that the frequency of its frequency is 1607 MHz of base and 1733 MHz in boost.

Do not forget the energy that is needed to keep this fabulous machine standing, so they have incorporated a 500-watt power supply and it has an active bronze and PFC certificate. Initially, the power source must cover the consumption of the equipment, which is around 300 watts approximately, taking into account all the specifications mentioned above.

If yours are online games, with this equipment you will not have any complications since the connectivity system, in addition to being efficient and stable, is fast, so it is considered one of the strengths of this computer. The HP OMEN 880, incorporates a card in M.2 format for Bluetooth network and wireless LAN, so it optimally covers the standards of dual-band transmission of 2.4 and 5 GHz 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac.

To finish and talking about the accessories that this equipment includes, HP has made the decision to incorporate a free USB mouse and keyboard, in addition, a complete software package.

HP OMEN 880 Benchmark

To perform this procedure, the same tools used will be used when we are going to analyze any computer, whether desktop or portable. On the one hand, the CristalDiskMark is used, which will allow us to know, in real-time, the performance of both the 2 TB hard drive and the NVMe. On the other hand, the following software will also be used: the Cinebech R15, 3DMark, and PCMark, with which you can measure the performance of any computer while performing any daily task.

Another of the applications to perform a benchmark that should not be missing, due to its great power, is the SuperPi, which will allow you to perform several of the most complex tasks of a computer. And, finally, the AIDA64 is used as a tool that will show us the information about the hardware, in addition to that you can perform different tests to measure the performance of the memory and the processor so that you can compare the results produced by the tests with other power equipment and similar characteristics.

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