One Of The Best Desktops: Lenovo Legion Cube C530

Video game titles published this year, in addition to having spectacular graphics and completely immersive stories that could compete with the best screenplay in Hollywood, will have a much greater weight, occupying more space on the hard drive, and will need more hardware resources for their Optimal execution, with really good and sometimes not very cheap equipment needed.

This represents a challenge for computer manufacturers to play, who are obliged to develop increasingly powerful equipment and are able to optimally run the latest titles in the market. On the other hand, these computers must be able to adapt to the needs of this sector, so, in addition to providing the best results, their prices must be kept low to allow more users to enjoy this technology. 

How to choose a good computer for games

When choosing your next computer for games, it is advisable to take into account several relevant factors when making your choice. First of all, you need to take into account your budget, so that you can know what equipment you can buy. Also, since what you are looking for is a computer for your favorite video games, you will need to be very attentive to its hardware components, mainly its memory and video.

In order for the game to be more fluid at the time of the game, it is necessary that the motherboard has an excellent combination between the processor and RAM, with an Intel i3 processor from the eighth generation onwards and approximately 8 GB of RAM is recommended from now on to get the best user experience.

However, you cannot forget the graphics card, which you can choose or the NVIDIA or AMD brand, the market leaders in the graphic, and GPU components. This component helps to process the graphics of the games when they require it, so 2 GB VRAM cards are recommended onwards.

Finally, it is essential to take into account the available space that you will have to install all your games, so it is necessary to choose a computer with a good hard disk capacity. Currently, it is common to find gaming equipment that incorporates a large capacity hard disk, such as an HDD of 1 TB and up. And, before finishing, look for a CPU that has a good cooling system, being necessary to maintain the temperature generated by so much power within normal levels. Remember that both the processor and the graphics card generate heat when it is active, which, if left unchecked, can cause irreparable damage to your components. 

Lenovo Legion Cube c530. characteristics

Among the manufacturers that currently lead the market is Lenovo, which perfectly understands the needs of dedicated equipment for the video game computer sector. The main proof of this is the new Lenovo Legion Cube c530, which, in addition to offering great functionality and several strengths, sports an innovative and modern design.

Its chassis is designed in the form of a cube, which makes it very different from models of this type. It looks elegant thanks to its gray steel chassis and the details of its front grille and white LED lighting. Its front panel is 100% transparent, so you can see all the internal components of the computer at any time.

In addition, Lenovo, very aware of the wide variety of devices currently used to do all kinds of tasks and day-to-day activities, has incorporated a large number of ports into this computer so you can connect what is necessary. To achieve the best gaming experience, all connections have been distributed, so that you do not miss any. This equipment integrates four USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 3.1-second generation, two USB 2.0. In addition, it incorporates an HDMI output, an RJ45, and an audio output. 

This equipment is considered the best desktop computer of the moment since you can play any current title with the best video quality and the greatest fluidity, which guarantees you a great user experience. It incorporates a high-end GPU that offers incredible performance in any current game, so you have to see to believe. The Lenovo Legion Cube c530 computer can come with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti or 1060Ti 4GB GPU, a 2GB GTX 1050 or a 4GB RADEON RX 570.

In an era when streaming games are the order of the day, users should avoid those computers that have excellent performance in an application, but as soon as a second or third application is run in parallel, they reduce their performance significantly. This is why the Lenovo Legion Cube c530 video game desktop seeks to avoid such performance problems, so it is fully prepared to withstand the high demands of the best players.

It includes the possibility of installing up to 32 GB of RAM, which, combined with the Intel Core i3 -8100, i5 8400 or i7 -8700 eighth-generation processor, guarantees that this computer will be a perfect tool to play and stream live and Direct your games. In addition, thanks to its innovative Intel Optane memory, you can install any next-generation game and enjoy it at a speed similar to that of a solid disk.

We can not fail to mention the audio quality offered by this equipment thanks to the presence of the Dolby Atmos chipset, a technology that creates an unmatched sound experience with headphones, managing to involve any demanding player. With this sound, you will definitely feel within the game itself at all times. The sound takes on a high level of detail and depth, giving you the feeling that you move freely in a three-dimensional space. Finally, to enjoy this equipment, you will need an average budget of approximately 700 euros.

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