Learn To Clean Your Laptop Like A Pro

One of the main enemies that have all the computer products that we handle every day is dirt. Dust and other accumulated debris can cause keyboard failures, such as Apple’s disastrous butterfly keyboard, or overheat internal components by hindering the cooling process of our equipment. A problem that if it is serious on the PC is even more so on a laptop.

The reason is simple: the laptop has a small and enclosed space as far as components are concerned so that the problems of lack of ventilation intensify as soon as the dust begins to make it’s own. That is why we want to teach you how to clean your laptop like a professional so that you extend the life of your equipment and do not have to worry when working or playing.

What are we going to need

To leave our laptop as fresh from the box it is necessary to have some products that, surely, you already have at home. Specifically, we will need microfiber cloths, for exterior cleaning, cotton swabs, for more complicated areas, a specific cleaning product, or isopropyl alcohol. Finally, we will need an air source, with which to expel or vacuum the dust, depending on what we prefer.

In this section, there are many users who recommend a compressed air spray, as it is the most efficient and safe option, although it is not essential either. We can replace it with a dust dryer, but always using it cold, since if we use it hot we can damage the equipment components. As an alternative, we can also use a handheld vacuum cleaner to remove dust, although again taking extreme precautions.

The first step: remove the battery

To start the cleaning process it is necessary to remove the battery. This item has a large size. which makes it difficult for us to clean, in addition to covering an area that, due to its characteristics, has a considerable tendency to accumulate dust and dirt. Once removed from the laptop we have only to blow or vacuum the area where it is placed, to remove dust and dirt accumulated in it. Also, take the opportunity to pass a dry cloth to the battery and remove those remains of accumulated dirt. Of course, always without wetting neither the battery nor the connectors.

Interior cleaning

The next step in the process is to perform the interior cleaning. A point where we have two options, depending on how handy we are.

If we have the necessary knowledge for this, it is best to remove the protective cover of the laptop and clean the interior, component by component, and effectively. This cleaning takes time, but the truth is that it offers better results than if we do it from the outside, as we will see later.

If it is important to remove any dust, blowing or vacuuming it, also using the sticks to remove any dirt remaining embedded in the processor fans and the graphics card. All this without tightening or forcing the components, to avoid damaging them. Once we have finished removing all this dirt we just have to close the lid and continue with the exterior cleaning.

If we do not have this ability or we prefer not to open the equipment, for example, because it is under warranty, it is possible to clean the interior without entering it. In this case, we will have to use the spray of compressed air or the dryer (always cold) on the ventilation slots that the laptop has.

This will cause the dust to move and exit through one of the other slots in the equipment. As an alternative, we can also start by vacuuming these slots with the handheld vacuum cleaner, to remove the dust that is loose, and then proceed to use the blower to move the rest, repeating the vacuuming process.

Keyboard cleaning

The keyboard is one of the elements that accumulate the greatest amount of dirt, due to both its design and its own use. That is why we continue now with its cleaning. To start, it is convenient to use the spray of compressed air or the handheld vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris that may be on its surface, being essential to introduce the air between the slots to reach the bottom of each key.

Once this dirt is removed, we only have to pass the microfiber cloth slightly impregnated with alcohol to clean it. If there are debris or dirt between the keys we will use the stick to remove it. You can also impregnate it with a little of this alcohol to proceed to its cleaning, although always without the liquid dripping or it can sneak inside the equipment.

The screen and the rest of the team

To clean the screen we will use the microfiber cloth, preferably one dedicated only to this cleaning. We will slightly soak the cloth with alcohol or the corresponding cleaning solution, passing it gently through the screen. It is key that we do not squeeze the cloth during cleaning, as this may end up damaging the screen and causing the appearance of dead pixels and other problems. If after cleaning the screen is too wet it can be dried with paper, preferably that it does not leave dust or particles in it.

To clean the equipment ports, we will use the sticks again. These are, slightly moistened, for cleaning the USB, HDMI or Ethernet ports that the laptop has. To do this, we will gently pass the sticks both inside and outside the ports, always without forcing them to avoid damaging them.

We will finish the cleaning with the lower part of the equipment as well as the top cover and the rest of the elements that are pending to be cleaned. These are cleaned just like the screen, with a microfiber cloth and some alcohol or cleaning solution. Try not to rub too much or tighten the components, especially in the part of the lid, to avoid deterioration of the laptop.

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