Keep SSD Hard Drive Status Under Control

We cannot fail to recognize that SSD hard drives are a real revolution in the computer market. They are much faster than conventional discs, are extremely quiet, reduce energy consumption in any equipment and also have a simpler operation than usual models, bypassing the mechanical parts of conventional discs.

However, this does not mean that they are indestructible discs. In fact, these units require more thorough control as far as their health status is concerned, especially if they are used intensively. Luckily, the failure of the different sectors of the SSD hard disk is something that is already planned, to the point that all the disks include a part of reserve storage sectors, with which to supply those sectors that are deteriorating with Overtime.

Even so, maintaining proper control of the status of the SSD hard drive remains key. A task in which we have a good amount of applications with which to achieve good results. We are going to see some of the best applications to check your SSD hard drive, see its health status and avoid a catastrophic failure of it, which can end up filling out our data … or our portfolio.

CrystalDisk Info

You may find the CrystalDisk name familiar if you usually do device benchmark testing. And is that the application we present belongs to the same developer of this program to verify the capabilities and performance of your conventional hard drive. In this case, CrystalDisk Info allows us to efficiently assess the status of any SSD hard drive that we have installed on our computer.

To do this, the program runs a series of tests on the hard drive in order to verify your health, showing the results directly on the screen. Among these data, we have the most basic, such as the serial number, the supported features or the letter of the unit, along with other data that are surely the ones that interest us, the results of their analysis.

Among the parameters used by the program to determine the health status of the disk, boot times, reassigned sectors, uncorrectable sectors or the rate of write and read errors are taken into account. All these parameters are accompanied by others that are easier to measure, such as the number of hours the disc has been on or how many on it has been executed. With all this data, as well as with the history that the program is storing, the application tells us if the health status of the hard disk is good or not, in order to propose its replacement before a catastrophic failure.


HWiNFO is another interesting option to know the status of an SSD hard drive and estimate the rest of its useful life. Specifically, we talk about an application that has the ability to read the SMART of any SSD hard drive, thus accessing the basic data of temperature, state, reading and writing of it, in order to assess your health status and your need, or not, replacement.

This application has the disadvantage that the access data are those that the manufacturer has decided to leave open, as with many of these applications. So depending on how transparent the function of the hard disk we have bought is, we will be able to access more or fewer data. What the disk does offer us is an indication of whether the hard disk fails or if it is close to the end of its useful life, also indicating the percentage of its remaining useful life, if its end begins to approach. An interesting and portable option although it is not too friendly in terms of interface and presentation of results.

SSDLife Pro

It is possible that the application we have discussed is too complex for you, or you simply prefer a simpler way to evaluate your SSD hard drive. If this is your case, SSDLife Pro is a good alternative. This product has a much simpler operation and lacks all the technical data that we have indicated above, which may not be of your interest if you are a user of basic type.

In this case, the program interface is extremely simple and easy to use. In it, we will find a tab for each SSD hard drive that we have installed on the computer. When executing the analysis, the program reviews its hours of use, written data and the number of ignitions, proceeding to evaluate its health and whether or not to change it. A parameter that considers, mainly, the reserve of spare parts sectors but also other elements. Once the test has been executed, we are told if the hard disk is in a good state or not, as well as the estimation of the lifetime that the device has left. A free application and even in portable version, to make it even easier to use.

Manufacturer Applications

In addition to the applications we have discussed so far, virtually all hard disk manufacturers in the market have their own applications for health control and management of their hard drives. These applications have the additional advantage that they not only tell us how good, or bad, our SSD hard drive is, but they can also be used to perform maintenance tasks, update drivers and access other functions that, under normal conditions, are not available in other apps on the market

Therefore, it is highly recommended that we have these applications installed on our SSD hard drive, being the process as easy as accessing the manufacturer’s website, viewing the suite or the program that corresponds to the SSD hard drive model we have purchased, download the software and install it on our PC.

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