Is It Worth Buying A Gaming Laptop For Professional Use?

If we take a look at the current laptop market we will discover a new trend that, today, is becoming more and more fashionable: gaming laptops. Products focused on leisure but with characteristics that can make them very interesting for all types of professionals and, especially, for those with jobs related to the multimedia world or very high processing demands. Let’s learn more about these products and also what they can do to lighten our workday and improve our productivity.

What is a gaming laptop

The gaming line is one of the latest developments in reaching the computer market. A line based on high processing power equipment and a wide range of accessories, especially in the graphic and multimedia aspect. A complete set designed so that players can squeeze their favorite games to the maximum and improve their results in a context of high graphic demand, processing, and storage. Therefore, it is necessary that the performance of the team be as powerful as possible to squeeze the gaming experience to the fullest.

A context that is useful for most gamers but also for all types of professionals. And it is that this processing power that we are commenting on is also attractive for users who need a high performance of their laptop in their day to day. We talk about professionals such as designers, video editors, architects, programmers or engineers, whose work requires a quick response and the ability to move both graphics and all kinds of heavy files at high speed.  These computers bring many potentials.


Starting with the processing, generally, the best gaming laptops have Intel i5 or Intel i7 range processors, recognized for being the most powerful in terms of processing. In fact, some manufacturers of gaming laptops, such as MSI, have already made the leap to the new Intel i9 processors, to achieve the maximum possible performance. A high-level processing power that all kinds of professionals can also enjoy in their daily work.

This power is combined with a high amount of RAM, usually 8 or 16 GB as well as ample hard disk storage space. In this section, it is common to find models with dual storage, so that the laptop has a conventional hard drive and an SSD hard drive.

The conventional disk serves for data storage while the SSD, much faster, serves to save applications and accelerate the performance of the entire system. Something that accelerates the opening of applications, their response and other operations such as photographic enhancement or video rendering, to name a few tasks.

Graphic power

Another of the strengths of these teams is their graphic power. When it comes to playing Fornite, CSGO or any other game with high graphic quality, no graphics card is useful. Therefore, these gaming devices have high capacity and power cards, which rarely fall below 4 GB of RAM and have been designed for this type of use.

Cards that are also accompanied by good-sized screens, from 14 or 15 inches to 17 inches of larger models, with resolutions on the Full HD type at least. However, if you are looking for a gaming laptop with a 4K screen you can also find it so that you see each image and each plane with the highest quality and resolution. Ideal, therefore, to play, but also for those professionals who need to have the best vision of what they are doing at all times.


Another strong point of this equipment is its keyboard. We are not talking about the conventional keyboard of poor quality that we find in other products, but we are talking about mechanical keyboards, with more pleasant sensations and an improved level of response. Something ideal for those who have much to write. In addition, it is common for these keyboards to be backlit, so that it is easier to see what we are doing at each moment.

Something similar occurs with the area of the mouse or trackpad, in which we will have a better resolution and response than usual in conventional laptops. Many models also include a gesture system, which by means of certain combinations makes multiple selections easier, for example.

Connectivity and performance

So that all this power is not isolated, the gaming laptop usually has a wide range of ports and connectivity options. Among them are not missing the USB 3.0 ports, the image output by HDMI or DisplayPort, with which to connect monitors or projectors, as well as the SD card reader, much appreciated by the image professionals. On the wireless side, WiFi and Bluetooth are two classic elements that are never lacking in any gaming laptop.

There is also a lack of proper performance care, through an improved battery and cooling system. The battery capacity may not be as high as in smaller or less powerful equipment, but obviously moving all this power requires a high amount of energy.

Anyway, as it is used, it is not uncommon to obtain an autonomy of about 3 or 4 hours at maximum performance. Something that helps an interior design and cooling elements designed to keep that processing at a high level without the internal components of the device suffer the effects and deterioration caused by heat.


Finally, we cannot forget another of the advantages that these teams have: their capacity to expand. A gaming computer is not usually a closed design in which we do not have the possibility of changing components and adding new ones, but it is an open product, with ports and spaces available to improve the elements we consider necessary.

In fact, some of these devices include easy change systems for the hard drive or improved access to the interior, so increasing your RAM or modifying any other component is really easy. Something that helps keep the equipment up to date according to what we professionally demand, as well as to replace a damaged item with comfort.

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