Learn How To Access Your Router And Gain Security

Although they are one of the big forgotten in terms of security, the router passwords are a key element to prevent intrusion from entering our network and prevent traffic from being handled improperly. Above all, considering that the default keys that these routers bring are known throughout the world. So the idea of changing them for safer keys is not a bad idea.

However, we do not always have at hand the correct combination of username and password when accessing the options of our router, so we will have to resort to the information of our manufacturer to know how to access it. This leads to an additional problem, which is finding that information and the router model that we have installed.

Something especially problematic in the case of the routers that the operators give us and that is not accidental since the technique of making it difficult for us to access the configuration options of our router is an old one known to charge us for the technical service or to prevent us from taking more advantage of our connection.

Luckily, someone has had the patience to collect all the passwords that routers use by default and place it in an application, which will make it easy to know which ones we need. This app is called Router Default Passwords and we will know a little more.

Default Passwords Router

Router Default Passwords is a free application, which we can download directly from its website and that has the additional advantage of being portable. Therefore, we will not have to install anything on our computer but simply download the application and run it to start using the application.

Once installed, we will find a simple interface, where we find a link to the gateway of our router. At the bottom of the screen, we will also have a list with the different router manufacturers that the application has registered, as well as the corresponding combinations of users and passwords necessary to access the configuration. So we will only have to try each of these combinations until we open the access to it.

However, a look at the list shows both entries for a specific router or model and other passwords identified as Try. The latter are passwords that use different models of the same manufacturer by default, while the rest are specific to the model indicated. Therefore, if we have a router that is not included in this list, we only have to use these Try options and see if any of them open the door to the router.

And once inside, what?

If you have never entered your router until now, the first thing you have to do is change the default password. Since you are using default passwords it is clear that an attacker with bad intentions who access your local network will be able to sneak into it, which poses a serious security risk. That is why it is essential to change the password

To make this change you only have to access the section called Tools or Tools, depending on the language of the router and its interface, in which you will be asked for both your current username and password and your username and new password. Do not forget to press the save or save button, depending on the interface language. It is important that you remember this username and password, in case you have to access the router again.

Regarding this new password, it is appropriate to take into account certain rules so that it is safe. Therefore, the new password should have uppercase, lowercase letters, some number, and even some special symbol, to be fully secure. However, the latter is not essential but the rest of the elements, to block unauthorized access to the network and hinder a possible massive attack on the device.

What if I forget my password?

One of the fears that always assail us when it comes to passwords is what to do if we lose it. Luckily, developers always think of clueless, so we have an option to solve the problem. The drawback is that this remedy means having to return to the initial configuration of the router, so that the changes you have made in that configuration will disappear.

To perform the reset, it will be necessary to physically go to the place where the router is, being necessary to access the back of it. Previously, you will have to take a needle, a pin or some other fine and long metallic element. Once with the router and this element in hand, it will be necessary to look for the reset hole, located in this rear part, in which we will have to introduce the needle.

Press inside the hole until you notice pressure, not tightening more than necessary to avoid deteriorating this element. Hold the pressure for a few seconds until you see the router lights go out and come back on. At this time you can already take the needle out of the hole.

Next, you will have to wait a few minutes for the router to load the configuration it had stored by default, which generally should not give you problems when moving around the network and using the rest of the services you have contracted. From this moment, to access the router again you will have to resort to the default password that the device uses, being recommended to modify it by a more secure key as we said before.

If you also make other changes to the router configuration, you can always store that same configuration in a file on your computer and have it saved, in case it is necessary to restore it later. It’s all about making a backup from the router’s own interface.

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