5 Graphics Cards Highlighted For Their Good Value For Money



Although the bitcoin fever and the rest of cryptocurrencies has been left behind, its effects are still present in the graphics card market. It has lived a few crazy years, in which the high demand for graphics shot the prices of these devices. And not only of the products of greater cost and power, but also of the simplest.

Luckily, the market needs to have the best of the best and you want to play your favorite games at an acceptable quality or just take some more part of the graphics of your team is not necessary to leave a capital on one of these cards. Something that you can check with this list of quality and reasonable price graphics cards, which we leave below. In it we have included both AMD and Nvidia cards, covering from the most basic and quality range to the most powerful we can find in the market.


GTX 1050 Ti

We start with an already classic Nvidia model, such as the GTX 1050 Ti. This model has enough solvency to play whatever you want in Full HD resolution and at medium or even high quality levels, averaging around 60 fps. More than enough, for those who do not need to spend more money on their graphics and simply want to play with adequate quality in this 1080P mode. This graphics card consists of a 4 GB RAM of type GDDR5, a base frequency of 1290 Mhz and a price of approximately 170 or 180 euros, existing versions of Asus, MSi or Gigabyte, so you can choose the one that suits you . Anyway, there are no big differences between them.


GTX 1060

We climb a step in the Nvidia range to now take a look at the GTX 1060 model. A product with some experience in the market and that, however, is still able to give good results for those who prefer quality and frames to go up the resolution onscreen. Specifically, this board works at the famous 60 fps in 1080P mode, although with certain settings you can reach even the 144 fps required by the most modern monitors. All this at textures or quality levels of medium and high level, depending on the game we are playing.

For this, the board has a memory of 6 GB of VRAM type, two fans and a large aluminum heatsink, with which to keep the card at a suitable temperature even in maximum performance mode. This is guaranteed by an internal processor of 1,556 Mhz base, expandable to 1,771 Mhz in boost mode. Regarding the price, it is around 240 euros approximately, with versions of ASUS or MSi.




GTX 1080

We take a small leap in the range of this manufacturer to reach the GTX 1080 graphics card. A model that takes us to a new environment, in which we will have a high power and performance product, capable of reaching 4K resolutions and even to formats such as 144 hertz soda. This card integrates Radeon technology, AMD’s own, in its Vega 64 version.

This translates into improved performance, with frequencies that can reach 1,560 Ghz. Therefore, we will not have problems for that resolution to 1.440P to be processed with remarkable fluidity. What we should keep in mind is that it is not a small or silent product, as it corresponds to other models of this type. As for its price, the same is around 480 euros, although given its functions it is a very interesting cost.


RTX 2070

We now jump to the AMD catalog to talk about the RTX 2070 card. A model recently arrived but that has managed to place itself effectively within the current market, within the company’s new policy of offering high quality products and an approach still more efficient. This card already includes some of the modern visualization techniques to reach the market, such as DLLS or raytracing, which improve the quality of some of today’s latest games and which will soon be market standards.

On its more technical side, this board has a memory capacity of 8 GB, which are also of the GDDR6 type, which translates into greater speed and efficiency. The clock’s operating frequency is 1410 Mhz, with a boost of 1,620 Mhz and is even capable of moving graphics at a high rate of fps in 4K resolution, arriving smoothly at speeds of 60 fps in 1.440P mode. As for its price, we are currently talking about 550 euros approximately, although this is increased in some of the most modern versions and with better cooling.




And if you don’t mind the money …

As the last outstanding product, we want to talk about one of the best graphics cards of the moment, although obviously with a considerable cost. We talk about the RTX 2080. A real beast with which to move virtually any game at high speeds and considerable performance in terms of the number of fps. As much as to move at 60 fps and ultra quality any game … at no less than a high level 4K resolution.

For this performance to be optimal, this card consists of a memory of 11 GB of type GDDR6 type, with a CPU speed of 1,350 hertz. The model also stands out for its ventilation, which uses three separate fans with double bearing system, higher performance and extremely quiet operation. All this without forgetting the presence of the latest technologies that we have commented previously, such as DLSS or raytracing, although still in a slightly “green” mode. A complete product that, as usual, the only thing we don’t like is its price, which is currently around 1,330 euros.



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