Sandisk Takes A Capacity Jump With Its New 4 TB Capacity Pendrive

We live complex times when it comes to pendrives’ capacity. In part, thanks to manufacturers’ efforts to miniaturize their devices even further, which translates into greater data storage capacity in a smaller and smaller space. A race to which Sandisk has joined the big door with its new prototype of no less than 4 TB … Read more Sandisk Takes A Capacity Jump With Its New 4 TB Capacity Pendrive

Transform A Pendrive To Turn It Into The Key Of Your PC

The pendrive is a versatile tool with which we can carry data everywhere and work in mobility comfortably. But these devices, such as storage units, also have multiple other uses, among which some are quite exotic. Today we are going to see one of the ones that interest us most in case we want to increase the security of our PC or laptop: convert a pendrive into a key for our equipment.

How To Use The Same Pen drive On Any Windows Or Mac Computer

When we have to work at the same time with computers that use Mac OS and Windows, we face the problem of how to share or transmit files fiscally between both computers. And it is highly likely that if we let the Windows manager or Mac disk controller control the pendrive formatting process we use for this purpose, we will probably obtain a drive that accepts the use on its own operating system but not on the other. Luckily, it is relatively easy to prepare this pendrive so that it is compatible with both the Windows system and the Mac, as we will tell you in this article.