We Know The Different Types Of Panels For Existing Monitors

The main change in the current monitors, compared to the old tube models, has to have a fundamental component in its design: the panel. This LED panel and its technology have allowed the removal of the large tube that until then was necessary for any computer monitor to reproduce images, changing the system for a … Read more We Know The Different Types Of Panels For Existing Monitors

Benq Launches The Most Suitable Monitor For Photographic Works

Every good photographer knows that a good team is key to getting good results. The framing, composition or knowledge of the photographer is of little use if the images are taken with a poor quality camera. Well, as with the camera, the PC has now become part of the team of any professional photographer, so that these same requirements and requirements would apply.

Ideas To Fight The Invasion Of Cables On Your Desktop

One of the main problems we have when organizing our desk are cables. An aspect in which the main devices that we use have a tendency to eliminate, but since the professionals of the sector do not work miracles, there are still many devices that have to continue using cables. So it does not hurt to have some ideas to see how to fight against this invasion of cables or at least try to make the cables that we have on our desk disturb as little as possible, both visually and in terms of comfort.

Curved Monitors, A New Design In A Strange Position

For a long time, the development of monitors that broke the conventional design has always been an objective on the part of the main companies in the market. Getting out of the usual monitors in round and flat forms was something that would allow a wide range of work to be done when making new projects and launches, which modified the way users enjoyed their images on the screen.

Learn How To Connect Multiple Monitors To Your Computer

The size of the monitors is something that continues to grow as manufacturers launch new models. Monitors whose base is currently between 24 and 27 inches, which reduces the need for a second monitor nearby for certain users. However, the advantages of this second monitor remain more than considerable. So so that you do not get involved when installing your monitors, we will know how to configure several monitors to your computer in the most efficient way.

The Best Monitor For Graphic Design And Photography – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

Having a good view when working with your computer is key. Not only to take care of your eyesight, which is not small, but also to be more productive by having a resolution and a screen size appropriate to the task you are doing. All this without forgetting the importance that resolution and size has when it comes to enjoying any game or movie.

The 3 Best 4k Monitors For Gaming – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

If you want to enjoy good quality in movies, video games or when surfing the internet, you must invest in a good monitor. The Best 4K Monitors for gaming are the most advanced for domestic consumption. These can work with high resolutions and refreshment capable of avoiding screen flickering. If you don’t know much about the subject, you may be interested in one of our recommendations.

The Best Budget Monitor For Gaming – Reviews, Analysis And Comparison In 2019

Monitor For Gaming

Since it will be what you see during your workdays, spending some time looking best budget monitor for gaming is not a bad idea. Especially since manufacturers nowadays have a large number of products with different sizes, resolutions and some extras, such as touch monitors, curves or speakers, to name a few examples. Among these monitors we can highlight Samsung U28E570D .