The Most Practical Keyboard Shortcuts For Gmail

If there is an email service that is currently the king of the market, this is Gmail. A service used by more than 1.4 billion people every month, according to the company itself. And not only because having a Gmail account is mandatory to access certain services, such as Google Play, but also because this tool is one of the most effective and versatile in terms of managing mail.

Apple Will Repair The Macbook And Macbook Pro Butterfly Keyboards Free Of Charge

When it was launched in 2015, the butterfly keyboard installed on Apple laptops was a considerable engineering and design work, which not only modified the design of this part of the equipment, but also added new features to it. However, over time, this dream keyboard ended up becoming a nightmare for both users and the manufacturer itself. You can now try to solve with a free repair program for computers that have problems with this keyboard.

How Useful Are The Function Keys On Your Keyboard?

Unless you’re a computer geek, a programmer or a keyboard shortcut lover, you probably don’t know what some of the function keys on our keyboard are for . Moreover, you probably only use one or two of them and do not even know what functions the others have. And is that some of these keys have functions so specific that they are not usually used by most users. However, so that you really know what each function key is for, we will reveal the mystery to you.

Improve Your Productivity With Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows And Mac

Keyboard shortcuts are a great help when it comes to performing all kinds of tasks that would otherwise require different mouse movements and some more time for execution. This is shortcuts with which we can save time and complications in the execution of most of the routine tasks of almost any application. However, these keyboard shortcuts are not always known, nor are they included in the menus of the different applications, so so that you do not get lost, we will give you some clues to make it easier for you to know them and take advantage of them with comfort.

The Best Wireless Keyboard And Mouse – Reviews, Analysis And Comparison In 2020

Wireless Keyboard And Mouse

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The Best I9 Laptop – Reviews, Analysis And Buying Guide In 2019

I9 Laptop

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