USB Wifi Adapters For Gaming

Best USB Wifi Adapters For Gaming- Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis Of 2020

USB connectivity is one of the essential standards in modern computing, as it allows us to share data and transmit energy in a practical and fast way. In today’s market, there is a wide variety of best USB wifi adapters for gaming of different types and functionalities, so if you are thinking of purchasing one, you must take into account some aspects so that you can make a purchase appropriate to your needs.

Among these aspects are the performance and speed of the adapter, its functionalities, which allow you to cover the requirements you need, and also that the dimensions of the device adapt correctly to your equipment. Among the models of USB adapters most recommended and best valued by users on the Internet, we can first highlight the TP-LINK Archer T2UH, which is a USB WiFi adapter to offer wireless internet connectivity to computers without an integrated WiFi system. A second recommendation is the Nano Cable 10.01.3500, a USB adapter cable with an excellent rating from buyers.

Comparison chart of the Best USB wifi Adapters For Gaming

TP-Link USB wifi adapter, dual-band AC 600Mbps, WPS, USB2.0 / 3.0, External Antenna, Ideal for HD video and online games (Archer T2UH)

  • You will get a better wifi signal when using this equipment, which has an antenna that enhances the computer’s ability to detect the different signals that are recorded around you and allow you to maintain a more stable connection.
  • Some users state that they have had problems using this adapter with computers that work with Linux operating systems since it does not have the right compatibility level. Still, it has worked well with other systems.
  • A more stable connection and the possibility of transferring data quickly are advantages that you will enjoy when using it because it works at a speed of 433 Mbps at 5 GHz and 150mbps at 2.4 GHz.

Nano Cable 10.01.3500 – USB Cable (Micro B / MA / H, 0.15 m, USB OTG), Color Black

  • You will have the possibility of connecting different equipment to transfer data without using a computer because it has a USB male input on one end. On the other, it has a female connector that will allow you to establish a connection with several devices.
  • Some users argue that caution must be used when using it and prevent it from falling, as this can lead to deterioration of the device’s internal connections. After that, it is most likely that it will not work correctly.
  • By using this equipment, you can easily access the contents you have stored in your Tablet’s flash memories or your Smartphone.

Archeer VM5HT49YS

  • If you have an iPad or iPhone device, when using this adapter, you can charge it with any USB cable just like Android devices, so having it, you will no longer have to worry about how to increase the power of your phone.
  • Some users say that the device has worked correctly when charging their Apple computers. Still, they have had some problems when trying to share the data with the computer, which may also be due to compatibility factors.
  • It is compatible with a wide variety of Apple devices, so you can connect with them and use them with conventional USB cables.

Buying Guide – What Is The Best USB wifi Adapters For Gaming On The Market?

Within the most common computer standards, we find the USB. It is a system that allows you to work with all peripherals and elements with which to work on virtually everything you need. If you also want your purchase to be the best, we offer you our guide to buying the best USB wifi adapters for gaming in the market, depending on what you need.


The USB standard is based on a connection system that allows power and data to be transmitted through this type of sockets and connectors. In the case of USB adapters, their performance has a lot to do with the standard used for its operation.

At present, the base standard is 3.0, which is faster and more efficient than the old 2.0 system. This system allows you to increase the data transmission speed to 10 times the capacity of the 2.0 standard, while increasing the amount of energy that circulates through the product, so that if you use it to charge other devices you can do it in less time and with greater security, by offering a more robust and stable supply. Given the small difference in the 3.0 system costs, the truth is that it is worth spending on it.


One of the problems we encounter with USB devices is precisely the measurements of the product or the adapter chosen. It has a problem that primarily affects portable models, in which the proximity between the different USB ports can cause problems when connecting different elements in parallel.

Therefore, it is essential to take into account the measurements of the selected product so that they are as compact as possible to not occupy space and allow the connection of different adapters or to connect without pushing or damaging the ports. 

If you have special needs when connecting products with products based on mini or micro USB systems, you can find suitable adapters. All this without forgetting the extension systems that allow you to obtain several sockets from one single USB port to connect what you need.


If there is a point where the comparison of USB adapters falls apart, it is precisely in the functions that we can access. A simple look at the market allows us to find USB adapters for practically everything: from USB spikes to access the network without cables to adapters that will enable you to connect VGA monitors to HDMI ports.

We also have adapters that allow you to connect your mobile or tablet to your PC or laptop so that you can charge it, especially if they are Apple models.

Or we can find other elements of extended functionality, not forgetting the USB multipliers, which can generate two shots in one, as an example. Look for what you are looking for sure that you can find in the market the piece you need at a lower price than you think.

The five y USB wifi Adapters For Gaming – 2020 Reviews

The power and capacity of the USB adapters are ideal to have all kinds of accessories and complements for your PC, or you’re mobile, with essential elements for all types of functions. For that, you just have to take a look at our selection with some of the best USB wifi adapters for gaming of 2019, which we have from port transformers to wifi connectors or even a USB adapter for iPad with which to improve its functionality and connectivity. That said, let’s see what this technology has to offer you.

TP-LINK Archer T2UH USB wifi adapter

Main Advantage:

Archer T2UH has a dual-band antenna to capture the wireless connectivity signal without problems, so you can surf the internet without the need to be connected directly to the modem.

Main Disadvantage:

It seems that the device does not work correctly in free software operating systems, so we recommend taking the necessary precautionary measures to avoid discomfort.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

If you have a computer at home that does not have an integrated antenna to receive wireless connectivity, your most practical solution might be to purchase a USB adapter like the one offered by TP-LINK.

Main Features Explained


USB adapters are one of the most practical add-ons for any computer since they allow access to the benefits of devices that are not installed initially or that require particular ports to connect.

In this case, we find a USB adapter for WIFI. The TP-LINK team offers you excellent connectivity and speed thanks to an external antenna capable of capturing the signal from your modem. Data packet transfer speed can reach quite high levels more than sufficient for most internet home use plans.

The antenna is covered by a protective film that, in addition to extending its useful life and adding resistance, will prevent some of the internal components from breaking easily. This will give you more confidence when installing it so you can place it exactly where you need it.


A USB adapter with WIFI is mainly used in desktop computers with a motherboard that does not have this integrated antenna. Through these devices, wireless connectivity can be accessed without the need for cables or cumbersome equipment.

The Archer T2UH model offers you excellent transfer speed. The maximum reached is 600 Mbps, which translates to 600,000 Kbps. With a speed of 600 Mbps, the maximum download of a computer via the internet is approximately 75,000 Kbps.

Most basic internet plans offer less than 100 Mbps, so you shouldn’t have any problems trying to get the most out of the TP-LINK USB adapter. Also, having the mentioned level, the equipment will not lose details of the transmission and will allow you to have a smooth operation and fast navigation at all times.


One of the aspects that most concern buyers of electronic equipment are its initial configuration. If the instructions are not clear enough or the device is not as intuitive as expected, there may be problems that make you waste time and even patience.

But that is not something you will have to worry about if you decide to invest your money in the Archer T2UH. This USB adapter for WIFI has the advantage of being installed with relative ease. You just have to connect it to a USB port on the computer, insert the installation disc, activate the quick guide and the software will do everything for you.

Also, the device has a WPS button, so you don’t even have to enter your wireless connection password to pair it. Using the WPS, you will only have to press the button at the same time on your adapter and your router and voila. You will be able to navigate without problems and, most importantly, without cables.

Nano Cable 10.01.3500 USB

 If your problem is to connect different memory devices and devices to any device without using a PC as an intermediary, the Nano Cable 10.01.3500 is just what you need.

This model has a USB Type B male connector at one end, where you can connect the equipment you need. On the other side, we find a USB A female type connector that will be where you can connect the different memory devices or peripherals you need.

Remember that the devices you are connected to must be compatible with USB OTG technology, which is often prevalent in modern models. If we add an adjusted price to these functions, we are faced with the best USB wifi adapters for gaming for value for money, as indicated by consumers.

Here are the aspects that define the Nano Cable 10.01.3500, a model that connects your flash drives to other devices that are compatible with USB OTG technology and qualifies as the best USB wifi adapters for gaming 5 dollars or less.


Functionality: With this adapter, you can use your Smartphone or Tablet as a server to check the contents of your Flash memories

Independence: You no longer need to have the laptop to check your files stored on the pen drive

Compatibility: It has a high level of compatibility with different brands of Android Smartphones and tablets that use USB OTG

Price: For how useful it is, it has the best value for money, it is affordable for the tightest budgets.

Archeer VM5HT49YS USB Adapter

 When it comes to knowing which is the best USB wifi adapters for gaming to connect your iPhone and charge it correctly, it is essential to choose the product, since a wrong charger can be a considerable dislike.

That is why the Archeer Lightning Connector Adapter model is appreciated by users, both for standing out among the cheap USB adapters and for offering optimum quality in a compact design that is compatible with the most modern versions of the iPhone and iPad.

With this add-on, you can charge your iPhone with any conventional USB cable as it happens with Android phones. It has an ideal complement to charge your device without worrying about anything.

If you are looking for an adapter to charge your Apple devices from any conventional USB, this option is one of the cheapest and most efficient adapters on the market. Here we talk about its positive and negative aspects.


Certification: It has the legitimacy of Apple to be used with its products.

Design: Compact and lightweight define this adapter, which you can store in your pocket and carry everywhere with you.

Compatibility: It works efficiently for iPhone 5, 5S, 6S, 6S Plus, 6, 6 Plus, iPod, iPad devices.

Use: You can charge any of your Apple devices with a micro USB cable through the lightning connector.

Warranty: The high strength and quality materials add to the 18-month warranty granted by the manufacturer of this adapter.


Charging time: Because it is a generic adapter, the charging time is much longer than with the original charger. UUSBOTGADAP Micro USB Adapter

 The StarTech UUSBOTGADAP model is one of the fundamental basics that we should all have in our connector box. It allows you to adapt the connection of any product from the conventional USB connector to the mini USB connector that is more frequent every day on any computer. 

For this, the product has a Micro USB B male connector on one side and a Micro USB A female connector on the other, achieving adequate OTG connectivity with almost any device.

This function allows you to connect any product easily between devices without having a PC nearby, which improves connection options and simplifies all your connectivity without taking up space.

If you still do not decide which USB adapter to buy and you need to use your flash drive on your mobile or tablet, you can evaluate the positive and negative features of this StarTech device.


Design: Despite being a small device, it is made of excellent quality materials giving it high strength properties and robust design.

Utility: From connecting a keyboard or mouse to your Tablet to checking your Pendrive files on the smartphone, this adapter is handy today.

Interface: Uses version 2.0 of USB that guarantees an optimal transfer of data and files.

Price: It is undoubtedly one of the cheapest and functional USB adapters on the market, so it has an excellent customer rating.


Width: In some tablets, it is difficult to connect because the micro USB male connector is slightly wider than the device port.

Rankie HDMI to VGA Adapter

 This product of Rankie is a comfortable USB HDMI adapter with which you can directly connect any VGA monitor to the HDMI ports of your laptop or your computer.

This USB adapter is easy to use since it is enough to connect it to the HDMI port and connect the VGA to have the image on your screen at the moment.

The best part is that the port includes the system to transform the HDMI digital signal into an analog VGA signal, so you don’t need anything else.

A perfect product to give a new life to any old VGA monitor that you have at home and that you want to take advantage of without having to worry about the type of connections available on your PC or laptop.

For those who require an adapter to connect a DVD player, video game console, or TV decoder to the old monitor you have saved, this model is one of the main options. Below we explain the pros and cons to know in-depth if it meets your expectations.


Functionality: You can recycle your old monitor to use your DVD or Nintendo player to get a TV at a low cost.

Audio output: With the audio output, you can connect your speakers or headphones to have a complete audiovisual experience.

Resolution: This adapter supports a Full HD resolution. If you want to enhance the image quality, you only connect an external 5V power supply through the micro USB port, which provides more excellent signal stability.

Quality: The gold-plated connector provides greater rigidity, stability, and is resistant to corrosion.


Unidirectional: This adapter only works to convert the HDMI signal to VGA, but not vice versa.

TP-LINK Archer T2UH USB wifi Adapter

 The TP-LINK Archer T2UH is a USB wifi adapter ready to offer wifi connectivity to your PC or any portable device that does not have an integrated wifi system.

This product is responsible for detecting all wifi connections at your fingertips, allowing you to connect to them quickly and with excellent quality. This quality, typical of one of the leading manufacturers in the telecommunications sector, has made it the best to adapt USB in its class.

As proof of this, this product can reach 433 megabytes per second on five gigahertz connections or 150 megabytes on traditional 2.4 gigahertz connections.

It has a connection with the maximum security available so that your data is always safe and free from external attacks.

TP-Link is the favorite brand of our users in the telecommunications market. From them, we can only expect the best USB wifi adapters for gaming of the moment to give wifi connection to those devices that do not have it incorporated. Here we describe the main features of this functional device.


Antenna: The efficiency of the antenna enhances the effectiveness of the adapter to get a more reliable and more stable signal because it can be rotated to obtain more signal or disassembled to replace it with another model if more power is needed

Speed: It belongs to the new generation of the 802.11ac wifi interface, guaranteeing a speed three times faster than conventional connections.

Use: Easy to install and use, anyone with necessary computer skills can connect the device and start using it.

Cable: For greater freedom and better signal capture, it includes a USB cable of approximately 1 meter to locate the adapter in any space and not necessarily connected to the computer.

How to use a USB adapter

Today technology requires that everything is digitized, which makes it possible to make changes to the contents, but best of all, we can take them with us in a portable memory. Although some devices do not have standard ports or minis, USB adapters allow us to make the necessary connection to work without problems.

How to connect it to the computer

When you need to connect an SD card or flash drive to a device, but it does not have a USB port, using an adapter is your best option. To compare it, you just have to search the computer, Tablet, laptop or any other electronic device for the port and insert any of the two USB or Mini USB tips of the adapter.

If it is the first time you make the connection, it will take a few seconds for the device to recognize the adapter while installing the necessary drivers to add it to its software system; so wait for me to tell you that you can already use it.

Pass or receive content in memory

The objective of using an adapter is to be able to transfer contents from one medium to another when there is no wireless connection. After making the corresponding installation, you can add the materials you want to the SD or Pendrive card that you have connected to the computer through the USB adapter.

You can do this in two ways: copying the desired content in one medium and then paste it in the other. Or, select the content, click the right button, and send it to memory. You will have it available in seconds.

Format the memory

It can happen to you that when you connect the adapter to the computer, you realize that the memory is full or that, unfortunately, it has a virus that is difficult to eliminate. The best way to empty the contents or eliminate the problem is to format the memory you have connected in the adapter.

Doing this will be easy. Access “My Computer,” select the memory or flash drive; Click with the right mouse button, and when the options are displayed, choose “Format.” Then, click on Quick Format, and memory formatting will be executed immediately.

Disconnect the adapter

To disconnect the adapter, you must follow a procedure since you cannot remove it from the computer at first, which can affect the system or damage the memory of the card or flash drive.

To remove it, you can do it in two ways. Access my computer, select the memory with the right mouse button, and choose to eject. The other way is by clicking on the taskbar the symbol with a green arrow, right button, and eject. The system will tell you when you can remove the adapter.

Give the necessary care.

In principle, avoid any strong blow that could damage the adapter’s internal components and prevent the systems from recognizing the peripheral that you connect to it. It is also important that you keep it away from water and moisture, as it can seriously affect its operation until it is damaged.

The most popular brands 

The USB port system is one of the most demanded resources in the technology that we develop and use today. Having good USB adapters at home is very important to establish compatibility between devices easily and quickly.

If you want to buy a quality product, it is best to start researching some of the most popular brands and, from that research, choose which product best suits your needs and budget. In the next section, we present some interesting purchase options for those users who do not know where to start looking.

Characterized by manufacturing state-of-the-art technological items and gadgets, Aukey is one of the best-known and best-quality sellers of popular e-commerce products such as the various Amazon stores around the world; currently, it has strategic partners in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, North, and East Europe and Latin America.

The company’s success is due to its ability to create products capable of combining the latest technological advances with the great experience of its technicians in the development and construction of devices.

In this way, it is possible to deliver to the client a wide catalog of articles linked to the field of consumer electronics, which have great quality and extremely attractive designs. Among the articles that you can find in its catalog, we highlight adapters, audio equipment, hubs and cables, accessories for the car, and much more, since its product portfolio is always growing.

For its part, Ugreen was founded in 2009. From the beginning, its developers sought to create a company focused on the design of products and solutions for audio and video connectivity, as well as multimedia converters and other related items. Buying a product with this company offers users the peace of mind that only a specialized manufacturer can provide us.

It is important to highlight that the quality of Ugreen’s articles is due to the passion that its employees and developers, who always seek to improve the visual and auditory experience by designing more efficient and better-constructed articles.

The company has been recognized as a leading manufacturer during its nine years of service. Among its product catalog, you can find everything from chargers, audio and video adapters, USB, HDMI, AV Cable, AV adapters, LAN cables, and more.

Finally, Tecknet is another company that should be considered by all those seeking quality devices in this product category. Tecknet’s path in the manufacture, creation, and marketing of devices in the field of consumer electronics began in 2005, with the manufacture of everyday accessories to which the company sought always to add an innovative touch. Since its inception, the company sought to establish itself as one of the leading suppliers of computer accessories worldwide.

Currently, they have more than ten years of experience. In this period, they have managed to gain public confidence due to their approach always focused on customer satisfaction.

All the products of the brand have a guarantee backing that protects the interests of the client if he is not satisfied with his purchase. Finally, it seems important to mention its product category; In this brand, you can find: chargers, audio equipment, computer peripherals (mice, keyboards, cameras, etc.) and many more.

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