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The Best Tower Computers For Home Use-Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

We live in times of computer mobility, with laptops, tablets, and others. However, many people are still betting on tower computers, which offer us a high processing capacity and the possibility of working with greater comfort, sacrificing mobility that is not always necessary. The best tower computers for home use have an adjustable processing capacity, so you don’t have to spend too much to have just what you need.

Within the market, we can find the Nitro PC Gamer 101102-5 tower computer, the user’s favorite. This product offers an AMD quad-core and high-speed processor, with 8 gigabytes of RAM and a disk tera, capable of squeezing the most demanding games and programs to the fullest. If you are looking for a complete tower computer with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, your choice is the Vibox VBX-PC-1528. It is a product that also offers a broad processing capacity with its high-speed two-core processor and a sufficient configuration for the most demanding users.

Comparison chart of the best tower computers for home use

NITROPC – PC Gamer Nitro X * August Sale * (Quad-Core CPU 4 x 3.80Ghz, T. Graphics R7 2GB, HDD 1Tb, Ram 8GB + Windows 10 64 bits Prel.) + Gift WiFi. pc Gamer, pc Gaming, Computer for Games

  • The design and the gamer configuration of this equipment offer a high processing capacity with a high-performance graphics card, with which to be able to make the most of any game, at the maximum level of requirement that you want to establish.
  • Although its theoretical processing capacity is high, some user mentions that the equipment may fall short for work of high demand in facets such as video editing or photo retouching.
  • Living your games to the fullest is possible thanks to models like this team, considered one of the best tower computers for home use of the moment.

Vibox VBX-PC-1528 – Desktop (AMD A-Series Dual-Core A4, 8 GB of RAM, 1 TB, Radeon HD8370D), Color Black

  • In addition to having a high-quality tower computer and processing capacity, this product is presented as a complete batch that incorporates a 21.5-inch monitor and a keyboard and mouse set, so you don’t have to buy anything else to be able to use it.
  • The product does not include a preinstalled operating system, so you will have to find an operating system to install it. This is almost an advantage rather than an inconvenience, for the amount you save in the process.
  • If, in addition to looking for a tower computer, you want to have a complete set, this equipment can meet your needs.

Lenovo 10DS001BSP – Desktop computer (i3-4170 processor, 4 GB of RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk, Free OS)

  • The product is designed to offer excellent performance to those who need a computer with which to do everyday office tasks, and from time to time, to play without having too many performance requirements when doing so.
  • This computer is equipped with the free operating system Free OS, which, although fully operational, may have to be replaced to access the general applications.
  • This equipment offers an adjusted price for functional processing capacity, recommended for the average user.

What are the best tower computers for home use of 2020?

To be able to enjoy the maximum processing power that tower computers offer us, you just have to evaluate the models of our selection of the best tower computers for home use of 2020, which we present below. Some models with which to have the capacity to do everything you need, without complications and with high fluidity. If you want to know which are the best tower computers for home use of the moment, here are some candidates.


Recommended Products

Nitro PC Gamer 101102-5

Main Advantage:

The model has a simple gamer design, both for its processing and for its image, although without being as striking or scandalous in the decoration as other tower computers on the market.

Main Disadvantage:

The product, shipped with Windows installed, includes only a trial version that must be activated within 30 days.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

 It is a tower computer with a powerful configuration, which we can also adapt to what we need by having different options for the operating system, hard disk, and RAM.

Main Features Explained


The Nitro PC Gamer 101102-5 model has a high power to offer a good processing capacity based on a quad-core A10 processor at 3.8 gigabytes. A high performance that we can accompany with different configurations of RAM is 8 or 16 gigabytes depending on what is necessary.

It is a configuration in which we also have options to include 1 or 2 hard disk teras so that we have the storage for our files. In any case, we talk about configurations that, in any comparison of tower towers, are located in the upper mid-range, being suitable for both work and play.

Box Features

Despite its high performance, the box has tight measurements, so we do not talk about a tower too bulky or large. Specifically, it has measures 41.5 centimeters high by 19.6 centimeters high and around 46.5 centimeters deep. This avoids taking up too much space when placing the tower.

As for its design, the box includes details of gaming cut, such as a blue LED lighting or a transparent side panel, which makes it easier to visually control the state of the interior of the equipment. It is a box that has also been improved to install different cooling systems, with adequate space for all your components.

Other functions

To finish off the configuration of this equipment, the product incorporates different elements of remarkable utility. Among them, we find an AMD R7 graphics card with 2 gigabytes of RAM that makes it easier to see your graphics with better quality. It is also accompanied by a free wifi connector, so you do not have to walk pulling cables to connect to the network.

A model that also has a dual-layer LG DVD recorder and 24X speed, with which to save your files easily. The same you can get with the USB 3.0 connectivity included in the back. Specifically, we talk about 4 USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports, with which it is easier to connect any device with the best speed and performance.

Vibox VBX-PC-1528

 To have good operating speed, you can the Vibox VBX-PC-1528 model. This equipment mounts an AMD A4-6300 processor with 3.7 gigabytes of speed and two cores, with a good management capacity. To give it a greater performance capacity, the set is completed with 8 gigabytes of DDR3 RAM and a Radeon HD8370D graphics card, to have good processing.

The tower also incorporates a one tera hard drive, a DVD rewriter, and a card reader to access any dice. This model is completed with a 21.5-inch monitor and high-resolution image, keyboard, and matching mouse.

Everything you need as corresponds to a team considered as the best tower computers for home use for value for money at the moment.

Vibox is a good alternative for those who do not know what tower computer to buy since it includes everything you need to use as soon as you get home.



With this set of Vibox, you will obtain, in addition to your tower computer, a 21.5″ LED monitor and high definition, ideal for those who want a complete purchase to assemble their office.


Likewise, the purchase also includes a generic mouse that will allow you to easily manage your computer functions.


The memory of this tower consists of two RAMs of 4GB each, reaching a total of 8GB of memory to carry out all the processes you need and ensure a quick start and without jams.


In the storage area, you will find a hard disk of 1,000 GB that you can fill as you wish, whether with work, multimedia content, video games, or anything you want.



However, you must keep in mind that you will have to purchase a license from an operating system to legally install it on your computer.

Lenovo 10DS001BSP

 This model is a domestic type product, designed for those who do not have large processing needs but do require a fluid operation.

For this, the device mounts an Intel Core i3 processor with two cores at 3.7 gigabytes, accompanied by a RAM with 4 gigabytes of capacity, with which to function properly.

The set is completed with a 500-gigabyte Serial ATA hard drive, as well as the usual Intel HD graphics system, integrated on the board and which gives such good results.

The model also incorporates a front USB and audio connectors, as well as a DVD player, to store your data. It is a device designed for small office use or work at home, although the truth is that it can also perform well with games that are not very demanding.

Some consider that Lenovo is the best brand of a tower computer since it offers variety and quality in addition to robust and durable constructions:



If you want to invest in a more advanced model in terms of processor, it has an Intel Core i3 – 4170 at 3.7 GHz, ideal for more demanding tasks.


It has an HP Graphics video card, also from Intel, that will allow you to play any content you want and also play video games.


The tower itself has a high-definition audio system, so you don’t even have to buy speakers separately.



The hard drive of the Lenovo model has a smaller capacity than those mentioned above with just 500 GB.


Also, it is delivered with a free software operating system that could be more complicated to use by the average user.

Azirox Orion

 The Azirox Orion model is a tower computer designed for the user with an average demand for speed and processing. For this, it is equipped with an Intel i5 dual-core processor at 2.5 gigabytes of performance, fitted with a new 120-gigabyte SSD disk system, which allows 10% faster data access.

This system is completed with a RAM of 8 gigabytes, with which to obtain excellent performance and an adequate speed of data transfer and management. The proposal is finished with a DVD recorder, card reader, and different USB and HDMI ports for any data access.

In front of other towers of the market, this has a format that can be placed horizontally or vertically, suitable for all types of use, and having an elegant and pleasant design.

The features and components of this option may make it the best tower computers for home use for 280 euros, in addition to being one of the cheapest in this category:



If the i3 model is not enough for you, you may be interested in the Orion, since it has a 5th generation Intel Core i5 processor at 2.26 GHz.


The processing memory is made up of two 4GB capacity cards: 8 GB in total.


The disk is SSD type that is useful for those who want a quick boost and a faster response to the operating system.



However, the SSD has a 120 GB capacity, which is enough for the system and some files, but it will be too small for you.


Some buyers have had problems with components that stop working; among those mentioned is the graphics card.

HP Pavilion 550-130ng

 The HP Pavilion 550-130ng tower computer is located within the middle part of the current offer, which offers us a good processing capacity for advanced users.

The model has an AMD A10-7800 quad-core processor and 3.5 gigabytes of speed and 64-bit capacity. It is complemented with 8 gigabytes of RAM and a hard disk of 1 tera of memory and 7200 revolutions per minute, in line with the rest of the product’s elements.

 To complete the proposal, the equipment incorporates a DVD recorder unit and the necessary elements to connect to networks of all kinds. It is A traditional product with HP’s quality, which guarantees the proper functioning of all its elements.

This model belongs to a recognized brand with the support and trust of its customers, so they could not miss their pros and cons:



The HP Pavilion is delivered with a 1 TB capacity disk, more than enough for home or student use.


The operating system comes pre-installed and is Windows 10, one of the friendliest with the user.


The processor has a total of four cores to be able to carry out several tasks at the same time without hanging.



A significant detail that you should consider is that the keyboard is in German, and this can be confusing.


The operating system also comes in German, so you will have to download the language packs.

Nitro PC Gamer 101102-5

 In your search to find the best tower computers for home use at the moment, it is worth stopping at the Nitro PC Gamer 101102-5. This gamer computer mounts a 4-core AMP Extreme CPU processor at 4.4 gigabytes that offer high processing capacity, even for the most gamers.

This equipment is complemented with eight gigabytes of DDR3 RAM and a hard disk drive where you can store all your data.

The set is completed with a 2-gigabyte AMD R7 graphics card and high image performance to squeeze your games, as well as a dual 24x LG DVD burner, so you can save your data. All this is also in an elegant transparent box on one side and with gamer lighting.

Nitro PC has what is perhaps the best tower computers for home use of the moment since it has top quality components and good performance:



To start, we highlight the fact that it includes a 2GB AMD R7 video card. With this, you can run the current video games with ease and enjoy great quality graphics, frames, colors, and much more.


The integrated hard disk has a capacity of 1 TB or 1,000 GB of storage, more than enough for you to install the operating system of your choice, as well as download programs, documents, videos, games, etc.


It has a total of 8 GB of RAM, which will be responsible for processing all the commands you need to maintain smooth operation throughout your computer, regardless of whether you open several programs simultaneously.


So you don’t have to spend extra before using it, the 101102-5 has Windows 10 already installed and, best of all, completely in Spanish. This operating system belongs to Microsoft and is the most recent and updated version of the company, so you will not have problems to use the applications.

Tape recorder:

As for playback and recording media, this computer has a dual-layer LG recorder to work with all kinds of discs without problems. Also, it can reach write speeds of up to 24X.

How to use a tower computer

Tower computers have been maintained in our time for their high processing volume and for offering ease and convenience to work; For these reasons, these products continue to occupy a privileged place in homes and offices without others taking their place. We will offer you some recommendations that will allow you to know more about your computer and get the best of it. 

Easy to install

When you have a tower computer, it will not present any problem for its installation, since you will only have to have a table and an outlet in good condition to put it to work.


Most tower computers incorporate hard drives with a large storage capacity. When you use your tower computer, and you can install the operating system that suits you; you can even download programs, videos, games, documents, or anything you want.

Work with discs of all kinds.

A positive aspect when using your tower computer is that you can work with any type of disk, without having problems to achieve a good writing speed, since many of the tower computers have the incorporation of double-layer recorders to perform tasks with disks all types.

Enjoy it in its entirety.

Some tower computers come complete, so you can have all the tools to use the computer in its entirety. These come with a keyboard, monitor, mouse . in short, ready to start your routine activities or why not others you want to undertake. If this is not your case, you can complete your tower computer according to your specific tastes and needs.


To use your computer comfortably, take some time to choose your location. Try to choose a place where when you sit, you can direct your gaze to several points and do not stay right in front of a wall; that way, the activities will be more comfortable.

Similarly, make sure you have the right seat, with good backrest, with good height, and if possible swivel. This will allow you to have the correct posture when using your tower computer, avoiding those injuries and muscle aches that bother you so much after each day on your computer.  

Take advantage of its design.

The design has become part of our lives; Manufacturers no longer think only of functionality, but also of shapes, sizes, and colors that result in beautiful designs that can be worn in any space.

You no longer have to hide your computer in a room or behind doors that do not allow a viewing. Currently, the tower towers’ designs are quite modern, sober, and elegant, allowing them to be visible without any problem. In addition, most of the time, they come in neutral and dark colors so they can combine with any space and decoration.

The most popular brands

Tower computers remain highly efficient equipment to have in homes and offices to perform our daily activities. As you have seen, the purchase of this type of article requires taking into consideration a number of important aspects. However, in this section, we want to provide some useful information around the most popular brands of tower computers to satisfy, in this way, the curiosity of our readers around the leading manufacturers.

Among the leading technology manufacturer brands capable of combining excellent performance with an affordable purchase price, Lenovo stands out as a favorite of all time. Founded in 1984 under the name of Legend, this company saw the light in the Chinese city of Beijing by Liu Chuanzhi.

This young visionary gathered a team of 10 engineers and small capital to start his dream company. His first attempts included importing televisions from China but, after only one year of activity, the company leaned into the world of computing and developed a circuit board that allowed IBM computers to process Chinese characters. This fact would mark the first great success of the company.

Currently, it is one of the most influential companies in the computer sector and, although its headquarters are located in the center of Beijing, it also has several offices in major cities in the United States.

Its tower towers, as well as its laptops, are among its flagship products. Among its wide variety of articles, it is easy to find one that matches the specific needs that different users may have depending on the use they give to their computer.

Hewlett-Packard, better known as HP, is another of the titans of the computer industry and a computer manufacturer that you should consider. It was founded in 1939 in Palo Alto, California, my friends, and partners Bill Hewlett and David Packard. The original name of the company is due to the merger of the last names of both collaborators. This company of American origin grew throughout the 20th century until it became one of the largest computer technology companies in the world.

HP is a company that knew how to interpret the needs of its time and, consequently, provide products capable of satisfying the public. All this translates into a series of important milestones that led her to become the technological reference we know today. The incursion of the company in the field of computer science began in 1966.

Among the great successes of HP, it is necessary to mention the development of some of the digital calculators of greater demand and versatility in the market, in addition to the development of a large number of plotters and printers for the home user and for professionals.

Finally, Tacens is a much more recent company that was born with a clear idea of trying to make technology more affordable to the day-to-day user. Consequently, it is a company that is characterized by innovation, for its excellent value for money, and for a sober and cautious aesthetic language. This company saw the light in 2005, and during its first decade of action in the market, it could become a sales leader in Europe.

When it comes to tower computers, Tacens seeks to provide the user with highly efficient computer equipment. To this is added an innovative perspective focused primarily on noise reduction. To achieve this, the company’s developers make use of a refrigeration system with intelligent control that keeps the internal components and equipment running at maximum capacity.

It is also important to mention that this company is not only dedicated to the development of computers since, in its product catalog, but you can also find power supplies, adapters, peripherals, and sound equipment.


What are the best tower computers for home use in the market?

Mobility is one of the last aspects in which computer science stands out. But today, there are still many users who demand tower computers with different functions to work in the comfort of your office or home. Since the offer is remarkable, we offer you the advice of our guide to buying the best tower computers for home use, depending on the demand for processing and storage that you may need.

Shopping guide

Basic processing capacity

Computers have the central element in the computer’s processor. This processor is responsible for managing and moving data, and depending on its capacity, we can establish different levels or types of equipment, according to the specific needs of the user. Therefore it must be the fundamental element of any comparison of tower towers that you consult or make.

As a reference, we find models based on Celeron or AMD essential line processors, cheaper and designed for users who simply need to perform office automation, navigation, and other simple tasks. If we need anything else, we can make the leap to the intermediate AMD line or Intel i3 processors. If you need intensive use or high capacity, the AMD K8 or K10 processors, along with the Intel i5 and i7 lines are the ones that will offer you the most significant management capacity when it comes to working. And if you want the best of the best and your budget can afford it, you also have the tower computers with Intel i9 processors, currently the most powerful on the market.

In this case, it is essential to have good knowledge when choosing the right level based on what you need. Really verify the needs and tasks that you are going to do when using the product and adapt the choice of power or capacity to them are. By the way, if you have doubt and the price does not vary too much, it is always advisable to bet on models a little more potent than expected, so that your overcapacity.

Equipment storage items

Just as important as processing data has things to be able to save and manage them properly. In this case, the central element is the hard disk of the computer, where we will store the data in a primary way. But there are also additional elements that should be taken into account, such as DVD recorders or card readers, among others.

As far as the disc is concerned, we can now find equipment with 500 gigabytes or a term (1000 gigabytes) of storage. The difference between one model and another does not involve much money, so it is advisable to always bet on the higher capacity if there is not much difference in how much it costs. We do not forget the models with SSD hard drives, which, although they have lower storage capacity, compensate for this with high-performance speed and data access. The cost is not cheap, but the speed is worth it.

As for the accessory storage options, one that we cannot miss is the DVD recorder reader. This unit allows you to store data on optical discs to be able to make backup copies, save what you need and even burn movies or discs for where necessary. Do not forget the card readers and all kinds to help us access the data stored on these media.

Other elements and accessories

Among the additional elements that we can find together with our tower computer, we can have accessories such as graphics cards and audio cards. These cards can come directly integrated on the board or be independent to offer greater performance to the team.

We do not forget the format of the tower as regards the physical aspect. In this case, we can arrange from the towers in elegant black color, to gamer design towers that have spectacular lighting and cooling systems specially designed for this equipment. It is an additional aspect that can give a special touch where you place the equipment.

Finally, some towers are accompanied by the rest of the elements necessary to use the equipment. In some cases, we only have the keyboard and mouse, in line with the design of the tower and its functionality. And the complete models also incorporate the monitor, so you don’t need to buy anything else to start using the equipment at the moment. It’s all about searching.

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