The Best Tablets For College Students On Budgets- Buying Guide, Opinions And Analysis In 2020

To buy an electronic device as useful as a tablet, to connect to the web only, without having to carry so much weight, you must look at certain key elements such as its size and weight. This will determine if you can take it comfortably from one place to another.

On the other hand, it is essential to evaluate the operating system that you have, to get an idea about its performance, the resolution of the camera, and the connectivity ports that it integrates. After thoroughly searching through all the offers, we found the best tablets for college students on a budget that the Samsung SM-T580NIt is the best-positioned thanks to its Android operating system, weighing 526 grams and a 10.1-inch screen, suggesting that it has a size that lends itself to excellent portability. For its part, we also find another option worth recommending, the BQ Aquaris M10, an HD tablet with an internal memory of 16 GB.

Comparison chart of the best tablets for college students on a budget

Samsung Galaxy Tab A – Tablet (10.1 “- 255.4 mm, 16GB eMMC, Android 6.0, 2016), white

  • You will have enough storage to install different applications and save all the image files, video, audio, and text documents you want since it has ample memory that has a total space of 16 GB.
  • Its front camera only offers a resolution of 1.3 MP that is a bit low and does not allow you to maintain a high level of detail when capturing images. However, it will suffice for your daily use.
  • From this device, users appreciate the durability of the battery and the adequate resolution that the screen maintains when playing various contents.

BQ Aquaris M10 – Tablet 10.1 ” (HD, WiFi, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of Internal Memory, Android 5.1 Lollipop), White

  • You can enjoy much more of your applications and appreciate the details that integrate all the images you put into play on this computer. It has a screen that offers a resolution of 1280 × 800 and emits bright graphics.
  • Some users recommend that manufacturers improve the qualities that this model has since they ensure that, after having been using it for a considerable period, it begins to inevitably present inevitable failures.
  • Apart from offering excellent image quality, its processor has a 2GB RAM to process applications properly and has 16 GB of storage.

ASUS ZenPad Z300CNL-6B031A 32GB 3G 4G White – Tablet

  • You will have the possibility of taking it with the total comfort to any place where you go. This is because it has a compact and lightweight design that will allow you to move it without problems. Its dimensions are 10.1,” and it weighs 490 grams.
  • Some people think that this model presents some WiFi connection problems. However, it is not a common problem that other users who have used this same model have had.
  • Its Android system that allows you to enjoy multiple functions, compact design and storage capacity makes it one of the best of the moment.

What are the best tablets for college students on a budget on the market?

Tablets have become, for many tasks, the most exciting substitute for laptops, both for their processing capacity and for their measurements. You do not forget the improved utility offered by its touch screen. If you are thinking of buying or renewing your tablet, follow the advice of our guide to buying the best tablets for college students on a budget in the market. You will be closer to a successful purchase, within the full offer offered by the market.

Shopping guide


For almost all experts, processing capacity is the first point to consider in any comparison of tablets we see. Mainly because it is what determines what we are going to be able to do with it and what applications we are going to use and what makes the difference in how much a product or another cost.

The processing is based on three elements: processor, RAM, and storage space. Starting with the processor and within the different ranges, we can find two-core processors, the simplest and most economical, up to those of eight cores of the most influential models. The idea is to choose what best suits your budget and specific needs.

The same goes for RAM and storage. This storage starts in a Giga, although we recommend a model with at least 2 unless it is for essential use. As for storage, the fundamental part begins at 8 gigabytes, with 16 being recommended. The advantage of capacity is that we can always expand it using micro SD cards or similar at an adjusted cost and without much trouble.

Screen size and quality

Another aspect that defines an excellent and economical tablet is the screen size. Again a variable character depending on models and sizes, which also explains in part the use we will give to the equipment.

Analyzing the market, the most straightforward tablets start from 7-inch screens, which can be enlarged inch by inch to 11 or 12 inches of larger models. In this case, for single-use, 7 or 8 inches are more than enough. Even the best-known tablets are around 10 inches diagonally since 12 inches can also be somewhat cumbersome, in addition to being an expensive option.

Regarding the screen, and since not everything is a matter of size, it is also necessary to take a look at the image quality it offers us. In this section, we can find tablets with resolutions that can reach Full HD quality, thanks to the power of IPS panels and new screens, which offer more vivid colors and more defined images. It is not something that excessively increases the cost and is worth looking for.

Additional functions

To finalize our advice, we gather different functions present in today’s tablets, which is worth checking. One of them is the cameras, which although they do not reach the quality of those of the mobiles if they should allow at least to take a decent photo or make videoconferences with excellent image quality. It is recommended to search at least 2 megapixels or more resolution for the primary camera.

Other exciting functions are those of connectivity. To the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity that is usually present in any model, we can add connectivity using a SIM card. In this case, this connectivity can be 3G or even 4G, which allows access to data faster. It is an additional option with a specific cost, but attractive to always be connected.

Like the last issue, we talk about more diverse functions. Among them, we have the GPS, which allows us to use the tablet directly as a browser, either with Maps or any other application. We also have dual operating system tablets, which generally include Android and a Windows version, to be more efficient. And don’t forget to check the battery capacity and charging time. The higher this capacity, the longer you can use your tablet without looking for a plug.

What are the best tablets for college students on a budget of 2020?

In this technological era, it has become essential to have the best and most reliable gadgets that the market has to offer. These personal assistants arrived to make your life easier and more fun! And here we have for you the best tablets for college students on a budget of 2020, according to the opinion of the users:

Recommended Products

Galaxy Tab A

Main Advantage:

Its 10.1-inch screen with PLS technology and a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels is ideal to see everything you need clearly and with a high resolution.

Main Disadvantage:

As with many of these products, some users comment that the battery life falls short, especially when you make intensive use of the product and overtime.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

One of the most powerful tablets on the market with which to work or have fun without waiting and in a fluid way.

Main Features Explained


The product has a technology processor from the Exynos range within the high middle range in which this model is located. Precisely, it mounts the 7870 model. This processor incorporates an eight-core system at 1.6 gigahertz speed, which offers a high capacity to move even the most massive applications without complications.

The system is completed with a 2 gigabyte and high-speed RAM, along with 16 gigabytes of internal storage that serve to reinforce the proper functioning of this tablet. As always, this memory can be expanded using the usual SD cards, so you have the space to store everything you need.

Functionality of use

So that you can squeeze out all the processing capacity we have already seen, this tablet has the Android 6.0 operating system installed. However, this is instantly upgradable to Android 7.0, so you don’t miss the latest in this system. An environment in which Samsung has elements such as children’s mode prevents them from accessing improper spaces and has specific applications for them

In this functionality of use also influences the quality of its screen, which improves the touch and control of the tablet, without forgetting the image quality of which we have already spoken. You can also use the tablet as if it were a conventional mobile phone, thanks to the SIM connectivity we will talk about in the next section. Perfect for you to forget your old terminal and be even more productive.

Something in which the Quick Reply function will be useful for managing your calls efficiently.


So you don’t go offline wherever you are, this model incorporates almost all the options necessary to keep you online. Among these options, you can not miss Wi-Fi connectivity to access the Internet without wires.

Connectivity that is also completed with the SIM card system, with 4G access capacity so you can take full advantage of the speed of any mobile network you connect to.

Connectivity is also present in its Bluetooth 4.1 system, making it easier to connect to any device to take advantage of its functionalities. Something that allows you to join the tablet to everything you need, from your PC to your TV or any printer, to share content, print, or whatever you need.

BQ Aquaris M10

 The BQ Aquaris M10 tablet, made in Spain, is a complete product, with a quad-core processor at 1.3 gigahertz, which moves the Android 5.1 operating system without too many complications.

This product also mounts a 10-inch high-resolution screen, 2 gigabytes of RAM, and 16 gigabytes of expandable storage via SD card, so you always have room for everything you need.

A very portable product thanks to a weight of 472 grams, with a thickness of just 8.2 millimeters, so taking it wherever you want is much simpler.

And to keep you always connected, the model incorporates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, so you never get disconnected.



The 10-inch display with HD resolution is ideal for viewing all kinds of multimedia content and browsing or working with excellent image quality.


One of the lightest and, above all, thin models in the market, weighing just 470 grams and having a thickness of 8.2 millimeters, which allows you to take it wherever you want without problems.

Vision angle:

The screen looks perfect from almost any perspective, as it has a range of view of 170 degrees of aperture.



The tablet incorporates the Android 5.1 operating system, limiting the product’s usefulness against more current options such as Android 6.0.


Related in part to the previous aspect, the product has a somewhat scarcer fluidity than other similar models we have analyzed.

ASUS ZenPad Z300CNL-6B031

 As a manufacturer of first-class computer equipment, ASUS stands out in the ZenPad Z300CNL-6B031 model with a quality product that allows you to perform all tasks comfortably.

For this, the tablet incorporates a quad-core processor with 2 gigabytes of RAM, which allows having an excellent performance on any application.

The proof is that the product uses Android 6.0 as an operating system running smoothly. In the graphic aspect, the product offers a 10-inch screen and HD resolution to see in detail your movies, texts, and what you need.

An attractive set that is completed with 4G connectivity, also with Wifi or Bluetooth, so you do not miss anything.



The 10-inch screen and HD resolution make it easier to view all types of content, especially multimedia content such as video or images.


Having a 4-core Atom processor, the performance is remarkable when using all kinds of applications or elements.

4G connectivity:

Unlike other tablets that do not include this option, this Asus model has 4G connectivity, which is ideal for converting the tablet into a phone and also browsing at high speed.



The RAM included in the tablet is only 2 gigabytes, which falls short for a mid-high-end model, such as the one we are talking about.


The size of the market concerning the screen makes the product bulkier than it really should be.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

 When asking what is the best tablet for college students on a budget, this Samsung model that arrived on the market just a few months ago has met all the expectations of those who wanted to acquire a reliable, attractive, and, above all, functional gadget.

Its 10.1 ”screen in the company of its 1.2 GHz ARM processor makes it a mighty team capable of carrying out any type of task without affecting its speed and fluidity. It also has a RAM 1GB so that this team will guarantee you exceptional performance!

With its scarce 494 grams of weight, you can take it wherever you want with total comfort. It is ideal for children to play during those long, boring trips by car. You will not worry anymore because they get tired or bored. Given that it’s Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, It will allow you to access an incredibly extensive grid of entertaining and fun applications!

If you want to know more about the best tablets for college students on a budget of the moment, here we show you the characteristics of one of the most recommended options by users.



It has a storage capacity of 16 GB, so you can efficiently save your documents, images, videos, music, and other files.


It has the updated Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system, which guarantees a quality user experience, according to your basic needs and everyday uses.


It has various forms of connection since it has Wifi and Bluetooth, but it can also be linked to your mobile thanks to a particular function, so it will not be a problem to surf the web and exchange information between different devices.


The tablet incorporates a RAM of 1.5 GB, ideal for various activities while maintaining the excellent level of system performance.


It includes quality display options on its 10.1-inch screen that allows you to observe a clear, high-resolution image.


BQ Edison 3

 If you want an exceptional tablet with excellent performance and resistant materials, this is the BQ model for you! It has a 10.1 ”screen with a resolution of 1280 × 800 with LED technology to enjoy your favorite applications or multimedia content without any problem.

This equipment has a built-in 4-core A7 1.3 GHz processor and 2 Gb of RAM, so its speed and fluidity does not compare to the competitor’s offers, it is considered to be a candidate for the best tablets for college students on a budget due to its specifications that They offer the user an incredible experience.

It has two cameras, a front of 2 Mpx, and rear of 5 Mpx so that you are always ready to capture the best moments and visualize them through any of the applications that you can download through the Android 4.4 KitKat market that comes preinstalled on your device!

This option is also indicated by users as the best brand of tablets, so we present more of its features.



This tablet is equipped with a 2 GB RAM, so its performance is guaranteed to work much faster.


For a good data storage experience, 36 GB has been included, so you don’t have to use alternative devices to save your files.


It has two integrated cameras, a front of 2 megapixels and a rear of 5 megapixels, in this way, it promises high-quality photographs.


It has a complete connectivity system since it can connect to the network via Wi-Fi, and with other devices via Bluetooth, to download and share information effortlessly.


The sound management is of excellent quality because it has the latest technology speakers to listen to music in a pleasant way and without losing sound quality.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Lite

 This device, presented in June 2013, continues to give what to talk about because it is the best price-quality tablet you could buy. With its 7.0 ”screen and its 1.2 GHz Intel Atom processor, this equipment is one of the most powerful in the market, and its quality, speed, fluidity, and performance have not yet been surpassed by many of its competitors.

The quality of its resolution of 600 × 1024 and its storage capacity of 8 Gb, guarantee that you can enjoy all your multimedia content and applications in the best way that exists, in addition to weighing only 308 grams can take it with you to Where you want. It also has many accessories and linings to personalize your device in the way that best represents you.

To provide a higher economy, the next option is another of the cheapest tablets on the market that you should consider, taking into account the user’s recommendation.



It is a light device, weighing over 300 grams so that it can be easily handled and carried from one place to another with comfort.


It has the Intel Atom processor for performing various daily activities on the web and while using applications.


It has the Android system installed so that you can access the full range of applications available for this platform.


Its storage in RAM is 1 GB, and the possibility of linking SD cards to achieve a better storage capacity.


It has a camera on the back, so you can take photos and videos whenever you want.


Frontal camera:

The absence of a front camera makes it difficult to use various applications for video calls, as explained by users.


Some people point out that they have had problems with the USB so that it recognizes the external keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

 If we talk about tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the products that we can not fail to mention. Partly because of the fame and experience of its manufacturer and, obviously, also because of the level of its technology.

A system that is based on a proprietary 8-core processor accompanied by 2 gigabytes of RAM and an eMMC storage of 16 gigabytes, so that you do not lack space for your applications.

The model incorporates a 10-inch screen of 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution with PLS format. It is finished off with functional connectivity so that the tablet always has access to the network according to what you need at any time.



The eight-core processor has Samsung’s technology and runs at 1.6 gigabytes of speed, to offer fast and quality processing.


The 16 gigabytes of eMMC storage gives extra speed and performance when saving your data and accessing any file.

Children mode:

Thinking of the smallest of the house, this tablet incorporates a unique system for children, were to limit the available applications or control the time of use.


The product allows you to use your smartphone directly on the tablet when answering calls or receiving notifications.



As with other models of this level, it is perceived that a gigabyte of RAM (only 2) would give the product extra power and quality.

How to use a tablet

Mobile devices are fashionable today because of the endless tasks that can be done on them. One of the tools that has gained much popularity in recent years has been tablets, which combines the same laptops and mobile phone features.

Choose the operating system.

The operating systems are what will make the tablets work and customize. To do this, you have several systems in the market, whose characteristics fit your needs in terms of how to use it.

With the Android operating system, you have a large number of compatible applications at your disposal, which allows you to customize the tablet fully. The iOS is unique to Apple, and its interface is intuitive; From its store, you can download the applications you want to install on your tablet.

The Windows 8 operating system provides you with an attractive interface, but it doesn’t have many applications, so you can’t easily customize your tablet. The Fire OS system is exclusive to Amazon, and in its store, you can download the available applications.

Learn the functionalities of the buttons

The tablets have buttons to perform basic controls and execute commands to use this device. With the start button, you will access the screen in which you will find the different applications that you have installed on the tablet if you press this button while in a form, it will continue to run in the background.

The back button you will use to return to the page where you were previously or to return to the task you were in. Another button that you will find on the tablet is multitasking, with which you can access all the applications that are currently running, even the background.

Download applications

What makes the tablet really interactive and very entertaining are the applications that you can install. There are to cover all kinds of preferences and needs: games, photo design, videos, purchases, sales, banking operations; The variety is almost unlimited. With these applications, you can customize your tablet to your liking to easily access the tasks you need to perform.

Each operating system has an application store where you can find a detailed description of the task it performs, and you can also know the opinions of other users. Some applications are free, and for others, you will have to pay to install them.

Keep safety in mind

The tablets’ portability makes it prone to losses and even theft, so it is essential that the data and information you have on it are always safe. To do this, you can enter a secure password to enter each time you use it. Some applications allow you to access your tablet from a computer and delete the information.

Also, there is protection against the tablet failures, so always make a backup copy of the information you have.

The most popular brands

The tablet is located between a mobile phone and a laptop. It is a perfect tool both for those who have to work with mobility and for those who simply have a small screen. The processing capacity of these products is very high so that you can almost do everything with a good tablet, especially if you choose one of the three brands that we analyze below for you.

The Samsung company was founded in Korea in 1939, mainly dedicated to food processing. This company would be the germ for the foundation of the section devoted to the world of electronics in 1969 and would have various business successes. Among them, we find the manufacture of the first plasma monitors and televisions as well as having one of the largest LED display factories in the market.

It must also be added to its commitment to quality as well as its high cost in research and development of new products. All this, together with its extensive experience in the mobile phone market, has led Samsung to offer its Galaxy Tab line, which provides a large number of tablets with various functionalities and power levels.

This line was launched in September 2010 and was intended to compete with the Apple iPad, offering products with similar characteristics at tighter prices. At the moment, the market seems to be right, so if you want a high-quality tablet at a reasonable price, this may be a good proposal.

At present, Lenovo is one of the leading manufacturers of computer equipment in China. Founded in 1984, the company had as a fundamental principle the quality of its products so that these had little to do with those of other manufacturers focused solely on offering low prices.

This has been one of the keys to its recognition at the international level, which has allowed it to obtain an advantageous market position as well as a necessary injection of liquidity that even allowed it to absorb the IBM personal computer division in 2005.

Currently, Lenovo is made up of two major divisions: Lenovo itself, which manufactures all types of computer products, and the Digital China Holdings division that provides professional services. Within the expansion of the Lenovo market, in addition to the new laptops and mobile phones, we also find a wide range of tablets that maintain that high-quality standard at a reasonable price, so if your budget is tight, do not rule out taking a look at This company’s catalog.

From its headquarters in Taiwan, ASUS is one of the leading manufacturers of computer components in the market. Especially recognized are its motherboards and graphics cards that offer excellent processing power for all types of users. Something that the company has been doing since its foundation in 1989. Thanks to its remarkable investment in research and development, the company’s products are usually one step ahead of its competition in terms of processing capacity and Easy to use.

This is one of the secrets that keep the brand as a market leader, and that has also been applied in its offer of tablets. These tablets have the usual screen measures ranging from seven to ten inches with high- quality internal processing systems of ASUS that allow them to work with these devices as we had with a basic laptop. If you plan to use your tablet intensively, ASUS may be a good purchase option.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to unlock a tablet?

The lock on the tablets is a security measure that will prevent third parties from accessing the data and content stored on the device so that you can unlock your tablet after having assigned a security measure. You simply have to press the lock /to unlock the button and enter the pattern or security key if you have assigned it. However, if you did not place anything, press the unlock button and slide your finger on the screen to unlock the tablet.

Q2: Why doesn’t my tablet connect to WiFi?

If you have wireless connection failures with your Tablet to a Wi-Fi router, the network may be private and have a password or security encryption. If that is the case, you should verify that you type the password correctly. Also, in some cases, it may be that the Tablet faults with the network controller, so you must reset the factory equipment to eliminate errors and connect correctly.

Q3 Why does my tablet not charge?

Using a charger that is not original or one that has less voltage than the tablet requires may not charge the device. It may show signs that it is charging, but in reality, it will not be emitting the proper voltage to charge so that it will discharge much faster. Therefore, the charger may not be suitable.

Q4: Why does my tablet reset itself?

In some cases, Tablets may run out of internal memory. That is to say, the storage of the equipment can be filled, and, upon reaching this end, the machine cannot process such a large amount of data smoothly at the same time, so the restart has the natural effect. On the other hand, if your Tablet restarts on power-up or every certain period and has suffered a fall or has been exposed to liquids, you must take it to a specialist technician urgently before its internal components short-circuit, and the equipment is irreparable.

Q5: Tablet vs. Smartphone

Some users have doubts when purchasing a Tablet or a Smartphone. This is due to the decision of the screen size, speed, operating system, storage space, etc. These electronic devices are useful, and the ideal equipment to acquire will be based on each user’s daily needs. That device allows you to maintain active communication and also helps you in your work tasks or study subjects.

Therefore, if you want to work a Tablet with a large screen comfortably, it would be ideal, but if you want to stay connected and have a device that you can keep in your pocket without any problem, the Smartphone meets those characteristics.

Q6: Tablets vs. eReader

Some users use their Tablets to work, play, watch movies, or to read and, if you are a user who uses their electronic equipment only to buy their digital books, perhaps an eReader is a good alternative. This is because the eReader has almost the same qualities as a regular tablet, unlike they are specially designed for reading.

That is, the autonomy of the battery is more significant. Some models have electronic ink screens to optimize reading and visualization, and some can avoid reflections, even if you are reading in broad daylight. On the other hand, tablets can be used both for reading and for other activities, such as: playing, surfing the internet, downloading photo and video editing programs, etc. In other words, eReaders are special for readers and tablets designed to perform multiple daily tasks.

Q7: Samsung vs. iPad tablet

So that you can know the differences between the two products, it is necessary to make a small comparison so that you can select the one that can meet your expectations. Many users recognize Samsung Tablets for having speed, fluidity, lower weight, and at an affordable price. On the other hand, iPads have a higher weight, elegant designs, ample storage, and high-resolution cameras.

Also, both models have screens with good resolutions that allow the multimedia content shown to be of high quality, although the decision of the screens of the iPads is more senior. On the other hand, some professionals consider the iPads Tablets as a Tablet with optimal conditions to work. It is also compatible with a variety of design programs, video editing. It can move through the operating system and run applications. Therefore, the iPad is a more professional alternative compared to Samsung Tablets.

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