The Best Monitor For Graphic Design And Photography – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

Having a good view when working with your computer is critical. Not only to take care of your eyesight, which is not small but also to be more productive by having a resolution and a screen size appropriate to the task you are doing. All this without forgetting the importance that resolution and size have when it comes to enjoying any game or movie.

As a favorite model of users, we find the Dell UltraSharp U2414H monitor. A model Of the best monitor for graphic design and photography with a diagonal of 23.8 inches, which we can adjust both in height and in angle to the table, to improve the results of product display and better enjoy its high image resolution. If you prefer a suitable and economic model, the BenQ GW2270H monitor is an exciting alternative. A 21.5-inch monitor, Full HD resolution and also includes Flicker technology that reduces the flicker of brightness, helping to reduce visual fatigue during long hours of play or work.

Comparison Chart Of The Best Monitor For Graphic Design And Photography

Dell UltraSharp U2414H – 23.8 “LED Monitor (1920 x 1080p, 250 cd / m2, IPS, 8 ms, HDMI, DisplayPort) black and silver

  • The monitor allows an almost exact adjustment both in height and in the angle of vision of the product, which helps reduce visual fatigue when working and helps to have the best vision based on your physical characteristics.
  • The connectors and other connection elements of the monitor are focused down and in a position that causes specific difficulties when it is possible to connect what you need.
  • Considered the best monitor for graphic design and photography of the moment, this product offers HD resolution and excellent image output quality.

BenQ GW2270H – 21.5 “LED Monitor (1920×1080 Full HD, 5 ms, VA Panel, 21 V, Flicker-Free, 178 ° / 178 °, Dual HDMI), Bright Black Color

  • The monitor incorporates the exclusive Flicker technology, which prevents flickering of the image at any level of brightness, improving vision results, and reducing the effects of visual fatigue, especially in prolonged work sessions.
  • Unlike most of the models we find in the market, this monitor is not adjustable in height or angle so that the vision will have to adjust to the specific position of the product.
  • So you don’t have to spend too much, the BenQ GW2270H monitor offers you an HD resolution at a new price.

Acer Predator Z35 – 35 “FHD 2560×1080 monitor, black and red

  • This model has one of the largest diagonals of the market, which reaches up to 35 inches to have a wide viewing range. Something that is completed with a high resolution so that the graphics look as you deserve.
  • As with flat TVs, the 9-watt speakers included with the product have improved performance, both in their power and in the audio output quality of the monitor.
  • Squeeze the maximum graphic capacity of your computer with a curved monitor of extreme resolution and large diagonal size.

What is the best monitor for graphic design and photography in the market?

Computer monitors are fundamental elements in any computer since they establish the difference between playing or working with quality or not. Something that goes beyond how good or bad it looks, since an economical and low-quality product, can even be a problem for your visual health. To avoid it, you just have to take a look at the recommendations of our guide to buy the best monitor for graphic design and photography in the market, where we reveal the guidelines you must follow to have the best image of your purchase.

What is the best monitor for graphic design and photography of 2020?

To be able to work on your computer with the care and health that your eyes need is natural if you have the right monitor. An essential peripheral, but many times we do not pay attention. So if you have changed your approach and want to know which is the best monitor for graphic design and photography to meet your needs, we give you some exciting models. It is a Newly arrived products from our list of the best monitor for graphic design and photography of 2020, with which to improve your quality of work simply.

Recommended Products

Dell UltraSharp U2414H

Main Advantage:

If you want to enjoy high definition content, the UltraSharp US414H allows you to quickly, since it has a resolution of 1920 x 1080p so you can see what you like most.

Main Disadvantage:

One of its disadvantages is that only equipment can be connected via HDMI, which leaves computers working through VGA cable relegated.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

The Dell monitor has a striking and modern design that, combined with high-quality technology for the reproduction of all types of content, gives the product one of the most privileged places in the comparatives.

Main Features Explained


The resolution is defined as the number of pixels that can be displayed on a screen. Pixels are small squares made up of primary colors, and the higher the number of pixels, the better the image quality, and color management. Therefore, you must be very attentive to the resolution since it directly influences the performance of the monitor.

The Dell model is possibly one of the best monitors for graphic design and photography in the market. Its screen has a size of 23.8″ and works with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p. This indicates that it is capable of transmitting high-resolution images on a large scale so that you will get image quality at all times.

Also, it has a High Bit Rate 2 soft drink, highly recommended for video game fans, since it has an almost instantaneous response time.


The aspect ratio is the image width that can be obtained from a video, photograph, or any multimedia content. Currently, many productions use a widescreen format to better adapt to modern televisions and monitors. Also, these screens allow us to appreciate a larger image in terms of camera lens capture.

UltraSharp US414H is a computer monitor that, in addition to working with a high definition resolution, also equips the 16: 9 aspect ratio. This range is one of the most popular today.

It is applied in the production of the franchise and independent films and is also one of the most recommended when playing video games. With a 16: 9 ratio, you can forget about clippings on the edges of the images or videos you want to enjoy.


The issue of connectivity is something that worries many users interested in acquiring a monitor for their homes and rightly so since this determines whether they will be able to connect it to their computers or players without inconvenience.

In the case of the Dell model, we find a monitor that is equipped with four USB 3.0 ports, through which you can connect all kinds of storage and playback systems. Being 3.0, these ports offer the maximum domestic transfer speed to avoid delays.

It also has two HDMI ports to connect the computer tower or laptop directly. The HDMI is the cable in charge of the transfer of image in high definition, so it is very useful that the UltraSharp US414H has two independent inputs, since it allows you to choose the origin of the reproduction without having to be putting and removing cables.

BenQ GW2270H

 The 21″ BenQ GW2270H monitor is a simple and economical product with which to reach a good level of quality without spending too much. This monitor has, in particular, with 21.5 inches of diagonal and a 1080P resolution with which to view images in Full HD format directly.

The product has Flicker technology that eliminates flickering at any level of brightness, thereby reducing eye fatigue. This model has a viewing angle of 178 degrees with which to view the image comfortably from any angle.

A complete model, adjustable in its different options and that thanks to its adjusted price, has now become the best monitor for graphic design and photography for market price, according to consumers.

Although they are some of the cheapest, those of BenQ are one of those preferred by professional players, so this model may be the best monitor for graphic design and photography for 100 euros you could buy:



The GW2270H has a 21.5″ screen, although you also have the opportunity to purchase it in its versions larger than 24″, 28″ and 27″ if you prefer.


The resolution of its screen is 1920 x 1080p with a native color contrast ratio of 3000: 1, more than enough for you to enjoy any multimedia content you want fully.


It is equipped with a technology called Flicker-free that offers a backlight without flickering to minimize visual fatigue, unlike common LCD models.


The screen quality of this model allows the image not to darken even if you look at it at a maximum angle of 178 °, ideal for you not to miss a second of the climax scene of your favorite movie.



It seems that the integrated speakers of this model are not of the best quality, so you may have to connect some entertainment systems or independent speakers.

Acer Predator Z35

 As with televisions, curved screen technology has also reached monitors. The test is found in the Acer Predator Z35 model.

A product designed for gamers, which offers us a 35-inch diagonal, similar to a medium-sized TV, capable of supporting the modern Ultra HD resolution of 1080 x 2560 dots per inch. Something that allows you to squeeze the maximum graphic functions of your computer, to be able to visualize your games at the level of detail more



The Predator Z35 model stands out like a curved monitor, which gives you a feeling of immersion in the image much appreciated by adept players.


The screen resolution is 1080 x 2560p, considered as Ultra High Definition, one of the best today.


its screen is 35″, which leads it to be the largest in this list.



however, it is one of the most expensive, exceeding almost ten times the price of one of the cheapest.


One of the users indicated that the colors of the base are not as intense, as can be seen in the photographs.


This model is adjustable in angle and height, also having an anti-glare system that improves the viewing experience to levels never seen before. Although it is not an economic model, the truth is that you have never seen this level of image detail before.

Depending on the experiences, some would consider Acer as the best monitor for graphic design and photography brand today, but also consider your needs and evaluate your budget before investing:



The Predator Z35 model stands out like a curved monitor, which gives you a feeling of immersion in the image much appreciated by adept players.


The screen resolution is 1080 x 2560p, considered as Ultra High Definition, one of the best today.


its screen is 35″, which leads it to be the largest in this list.



however, it is one of the most expensive, exceeding almost ten times the price of one of the cheapest.


One of the users indicated that the colors of the base are not as intense, as can be seen in the photographs.

Acer GN Predator GN276HLbid

 The Acer GN Predator GN276HLbid 3D monitor is a high-end and first-line product with which to be able to obtain the best 3D images as you have never seen it before. This model incorporates a high-quality 1080P design, with the ability to offer images in 3 dimensions with a response time of less than one millisecond.

This is something that helps you to avoid ghost images and increase the overall quality of the scene. The technology of the monitor allows us to maintain a fluid slide with a brightness of 300 lumens and a viewing angle of 176 degrees, with which to obtain the maximum image quality from any source.

A model that also, thanks to its design, allows it to be appropriately placed anywhere, which helps its black housing, very elegant and attractive in the product’s line.

The capacity of the monitor you choose can directly affect the quality of content reproduction regardless of the type, so you must be very attentive to the manufacturer’s specifications:



With this Acer monitor, you can enjoy 3D content, whether in movies or video games, for a new and exciting experience.


You can adjust the angle of the monitor based on your position and get the best quality.

Colors :

Colors: your screen can reproduce up to 16.78 million colors, more than enough to get an excellent image contrast.



However, to enjoy the third dimension function, you must purchase the special glasses from Nvidia.


It is a bit heavier than other options since it weighs 4.6 kilograms.

Dell UltraSharp U2414H

 To start with the most recommended, we have to talk about the Dell UltraSharp U2414H model. This product is considered the best monitor for graphic design and photography of the moment, according to consumers. We are talking about a 23.8-inch diagonal monitor, with a Full HD 1080P resolution capacity, so you can fully enjoy any image.

This 23-inch monitor, or something else, incorporates 4 USB 3.0 ports as well as two HDMI ports with which you can access the maximum image quality from almost any source.

The USB ports also allow you to charge your devices or access your images much easier and without the need for more than just a simple USB cable. This is a product that we can also adjust in cancellation, to adapt it to your visual needs, also being adjustable in height.

It is not surprising that the position of the best monitor for graphic design and photography of the moment can be taken by an option as practical as the one offered by Dell:



With the Dell monitor, you will not have problems to enjoy high definition content since it is capable of transmitting a resolution of 1920 x 1080p. This guarantees you to enjoy a clear and correctly distributed image.


In addition, its aspect ratio is 16: 9, one of the most recommended when viewing movies or playing video games, since they take full advantage of the screen dimensions to avoid image cuts.


It is equipped with a total of four USB 3.0 ports, ideal for you to play content remotely through portable memories, hard drives, etc. It also has two HDMI ports ideal for connecting the computer or a BluRay player.


It has a modern and minimalist design quite simple but functional. The screen has black borders that help deepen colors and contrast. Its base allows you to place it on any surface in a stable way, and you can also adjust the viewing angle.


It has dimensions of 53.91 x 18.5 x 48.56 centimeters for a total of 23″ of the screen, and its weight is just 3.6 kilograms, being one of the lightest in the market comparisons.

How to use a monitor

Today, thanks to the technological advancement, the monitors are much more productive, because they have a resolution and a size on the screen that fits any task you want to perform, in addition to avoiding certain vision damage while working in front of them. These are the reasons why we will offer you a series of recommendations that will allow you to learn more about the functions of your monitor and make good use of it.

Install your monitor

A positive aspect of having a monitor is that you will not have a problem with your connection since you will simply have to have a table and an outlet in good condition to connect the equipment. Having all the elements at hand and having made the necessary connections, you can enjoy from the comfort of a good seat your monitor.

Reduce eyestrain

When you use your monitor it is important that you adjust the height and angle until you have a wide viewing range; In this way, you will avoid fatigue and fatigue when you are in front of your computer, whether working, playing or watching your movies, thanks to the fact that these new monitor designs have a system that allows you to adjust both the height and the angle of the screen at your convenience and in this way the user will avoid visual fatigue. 


The security of the monitor also depends to a large extent on its placement, since a site must be chosen that is sufficiently safe to avoid any type of accidents that put the monitor at risk. 

If you have young children at home, you should choose a table or high shelf, which allows you to have it out of the reach of children. The shelf or table must be stable, and its width must be proportional to the size of the monitor. It must be close to the electrical sockets or the different equipment to which it will be connected to avoid long and complicated bundles of cables.


The furniture where you will sit to enjoy your monitor is also important, as it must be able to reach the appropriate height to the screen, it must have backrest according to the user’s height so as not to cause back and neck pain after long days in front of the monitor, so that any chair, furniture or armchair is not convenient. Still, you have to pay attention to choose the right furniture.

Rest well

Whether you use your monitor to work, play, surf the web or watch movies, you should have a short break every so often. It is not convenient to spend long hours of work or entertainment, as this produces exhaustion that is immediately reflected in a downturn in your physical and mental performance.

The most advisable thing is every 2 hours to get up, walk a little, stretch your upper limbs, and drink or eat a snack. If you feel exhausted in your eyesight, you can place cold compresses, with about 10 minutes it will be more than enough.

The most popular brands

The presence of a good monitor at home or in the office will always be essential to carry out any task associated with technology. In that sense, it depends largely on the level of resolution that can give you that you can always enjoy good visual health, especially if your work keeps you closely associated with this type of product. Thus, there are several brands available in the market, such as LG, BenQ, and ASUS, characterized by providing models of excellence, quality, and durability.

It is an impressive brand during its years of experience providing the general public with quality technological products. Well, it should be noted that it develops first-class advances in electronics, positioning itself as one of the number one mass consumption companies in the world.

To learn a little about its history, it is important to highlight that it has been established in 1958, since then it has been attributed around 60 years in the world of the manufacture of televisions, radios, washing machines, air conditioners, even cell phones. It also offers employment to more than 84,000 people today.

This name, consisting of two letters, arises from the combination and merger of two consortia of fully Korean companies, being Lucky and GoldStar themselves. Previously, the products were marketed under the Lucky brand. But in January 2009, they decided to buy the domain, positioning themselves among the companies with names based on two letters, LG.

Speaking of quality, the BenQ brand offers a series of products for domestic use, such as keyboards, mice, and monitors, designed to form a quality work center. Well, these are usually part of the different work offices or even the study centers available in the home to perform certain types of tasks.

A Taiwanese company founded in 1984 under the name of BenQ Corporation and with a great manufacturing trajectory in technological products capable of offering an incomparable level of functionality to its users. It should be noted that this company keeps more than 15,000 people working to achieve constant evolution, trying to maintain a significant quality reach worldwide.

It is important to mention that with more than 34 years of experience, this brand has positioned itself as one of the best in the market in terms of the manufacture of technological products. Well, in 2005, they decided to expand the company by acquiring mobile telephony from Siemens, then renamed BenQ-Siemens.

Being a multinational hardware corporation, the ASUS brand has about 29 years providing its services in terms of manufacturing a wide range of technological products, such as computers, motherboards, optical devices, network equipment, cell phones.Likewise, it is not only based on creating articles of its own but also collaborates producing components for other companies such as Sony, Dell, Apple Computer, Nvidia, and Acer.

ASUS was founded in 1989 by TH Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh, and MTLiao. Four former workers of the renowned Acer brand, working as hardware engineers. Then they decided to get together until they created the company based in Taipei, Taiwan of the Republic of China. Well, it should be noted that by then, Taiwan had not yet established itself in the leading position in terms of hardware leadership.

To mention a little about the slogan of that company, it is interesting that you know that it is currently called “In Search of Incredible,” which means “In search of the incredible.” For no one has been secret that day by day has been responsible for innovating and offering quality products and services.

Shopping guide

Monitor format

Today the monitors have made a remarkable leap, following the line of flat TVs of those who are very close brothers. So as has happened with the televisions, which have taken a notable leap in their design and format, the monitors have followed their line changed the traditional format.

Thus, if we make a comparison of monitors by this parameter, we find as a prominent product the modern curved models, which follow the trend of a more modern image. These curved monitors offer surround image quality, perfect for enjoying a sensation never seen in your games and movies.

Sensations also offered by 3D technology models, which according to current lines, help us see images in 3 dimensions directly and without glasses. Obviously, without forgetting the quality of it. As the last element, we find conventional flat monitors with HD output quality, with which to have an optimal image quality without spending too much.

Screen size and adjustment

The advance of the models allows us to find monitors of almost any size, adapted to the available space, and with an excellent image quality. This is one of the elements to consider since today, the price for more inches has been reduced significantly. It will probably cost you to find flat monitors below 19 or 20 inches where the most basic and economical line is located.

In this aspect, as important as the size is the screen adjustment system. This adjustment should allow us to adjust both the angle at which the screen is placed and the height of it. In this case, the angle adjustment is more frequent, being very useful to adapt the vision on it, so that just as we do with the laptop screen, we can adjust the degree of inclination according to our needs.

In the height section, this aspect indeed takes a step forward to the product range, being typical of advanced models. The height adjustment has a distance of approximately 10 centimeters, depending on the models, which may be sufficient for those who have the table adjusted. But if you don’t want to pay for this option, you can always buy a monitor lift with which to get the precise working height.

Additional items

In front of the monitors of yesteryear, today’s models offer novelties that make our lives much more comfortable. Among them, we can count on the connectivity of the monitor or the other elements that allow you to enjoy better sensations like the speakers. They do not add much money to how much the monitor that we are valuing costs, and in return, it greatly improves our possibilities.

As for connectivity, monitors often include some ports to output the image but also to charge devices or even with the possibility of “mirroring” with your mobile. All these options are based on USB and HDMI ports with which to obtain all these benefits. The HDMI allows getting the best image quality while the USB ports are perfect for this device charging or mobile equipment connection.

Of the rest of the elements, we can talk about the speakers, which are still present in these models and have matched their capacity with desktop televisions. These speakers allow you to remove the desktop speakers, offering good audio quality with a simple Jack connection, if you need anything else.

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