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The Best I9 Laptop – Reviews, Analysis And Buying Guide In 2019

Having the best processing power currently for sale anywhere is easy, as long as you get the best i9 laptop. This is devices loaded with power and capable of moving any program at high speed no matter where you are. In this new market, we find models such as the Apple MacBook Pro, which updates its base configuration with an i9 eight-core processor, 32 GB of memory and 512 GB of SSD storage, so that your data flies. Similar configuration to the ASUS ZenBook Pro UX580GE-E2048T, which includes an I9-8950HK processor, 16 GB of RAM, and 1 TB of SSD storage.

Comparison chart of the best i9 laptop

Apple MacBook Pro (15-inch, Intel Core i9 2.3 GHz Ninth Generation, 512 GB)

This model is the version of the typical MacBook Pro updated to i9 processors, including details such as 32 GB of RAM or a dedicated 4 GB Radeon 560X graphics, to better support performance.

This Equipment only has 512 GB of storage. This is something scarce still being SSD type, so it may be necessary to add one more disk if you have a lot of data to save.

This is a complete version of the MacBook with a powerful i9 processor and all the quality of processing, image, and use that is already known in this model.

NB ASUS ZenBook Pro UX580GE-E2048T i9-8950HK 6×2.9GHz

The device mounts a six-core processor and a power that ranges from 2.9 Ghz to 4.8 Ghz in turbo mode, so it is easy to accelerate any application without worries.

The RAM of the device is 16 GB, enough for this model, but that falls short of the usual 32 GB in this type of Equipment.

This has A proposal for an adjusted price within this segment, with which to save without having to give up almost nothing of what more expensive models offer.

MSI GT75 Titan 9SF-262ES – 15.6 “UHD laptop

It is one of the first i9 laptops with the ability to output images in 4K resolution. Something is complemented by wide processing power and a GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card with 8 GB of storage.

If you are looking for a laptop to play at maximum Power, this is a good candidate for you.

The product has installed a version of Windows 10, although this is the Home, which may not be the most suitable for a high-performance laptop like this.

The best i9 laptops on the market-Reviews in 2020

The Power of modern i9 processors is already at our disposal on all types of laptops. This is Equipment that is not exactly cheap, but that is 25% faster than the previous generation of i7 processors, including a wide range of functions. This is something that makes it challenging to find the best i9 laptop of the moment, for that existing variety. Anyway, with this selection of the best i9 laptops of 2020, it will be easier for you to look into this market and know what to find.

Apple MacBook Pro

 Our selection could not miss a computer from what is, for many users, the best brand of i9 laptops of the moment. This new version of the Macbook Pro renews its basic configuration, which now includes this new i9 processor with a 2.3 GHz base speed and a turbo mode that reaches 5 GB.

This is Power that is based on other elements such as its 32 GB of RAM and a hard disk of 512 GB capacity. This is a product that maintains other usual details, such as the Retina display, capable of offering superior video in any use.

The laptop also has dedicated graphics, a Radeon Pro 560X with 4 GB of memory, as well as other class details such as its high-performance battery or 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports. All this is necessary for what is, for some users, the best Apple i9 laptop.


Processing: The Equipment includes that i9 processor along with 32 GB of RAM, to accelerate its performance

Screen: The retina display offers a high-quality 5K resolution with a very bright brightness.

Graphics card: This laptop includes a Radeon Pro 560X graphics with 4 GB of dedicated memory.

Touch bar: Touchbar technology makes us more efficient when performing any task.

Thunderbolt ports: The Equipment includes four high-performance Thunderbolt 3 ports.


Storage: Storage is only 512 GB, SSD type, somewhat scarce compared to other models on the market.

ASUS ZenBook Pro UX580GE-E2048T

 Within the current i9 laptops, there is room for cheaper products, although considering the high overall cost of these devices. One of them would be the NB ASUS ZenBook Pro UX580GE-E2048T, which is at the bottom by the price but not by functions.

Precisely, this laptop mounts an Intel Core i9 8950HK processor of 2.9 GHz of speed, arriving in turbo mode at 4.8 GHz in each of its six cores. It is accompanied by 16 GB and 1 TB of SSD storage. As for its screen, it has 15.6 inches of diagonal, in the lightweight design of 1.84 kilos, so weight is not a problem. This screen is reinforced with a GTX 1050Ti graphic.

It also highlights its autonomy, which can reach 14 hours. With so much to choose from, we could be facing the best i9 price-quality laptop in our selection.

To be clear about the best i9 laptop you can find, we give you some more details of this model.


Processor: The processor works at 2.9 GHz under normal conditions, reaching 4.8 GHz in turbo mode.

Storage: It has a storage of 1 TB, all SSD, to accelerate the Equipment more.

Battery: The battery is capable of supporting up to 14 hours of use, despite the high Power of the Equipment.

Finish: The aluminum finish leaves the weight of the notebook at only 1.84 kilos while improving its appearance.


RAM: The device only has 16 GB of RAM, compared to 32 of most computers in this segment.

MSI GT75 Titan 9SF-262ES

 In this search for the best i9 laptop of the moment, we could not miss an MSI model, such as the MSI GT75 Titan 9SF-262ES. This notebook, purely gaming, mounts an Intel i9 9980H processor, which is accompanied by 32 GB of RAM and dual storage, 512 GB in SSD mode, and 1 TB in traditional storage. So saving your data will not be a problem.

The image quality problem is not based on a 15.6-inch screen and UHD resolution, capable of offering you all the quality of the 4K format on the screen. To do this, the screen emits the graphics served by its GeForce RTX 2080 8 GB dedicated memory card.

This is a very gaming aspect, which is also finished with details such as keyboard backlight, easy to configure, or improved performance when squeezing the different functions of the device.

Take your gaming experience to a new level with this complete i9 laptop and everything it offers you.


Power: It is a gaming cutting equipment, with remarkable processing power.

Storage: Dual storage allows you to take better advantage of it and have more space.

Graphics: The screen has UHD resolution and is based on a GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card with 8 GB of RAM.


Windows: The computer is accompanied by Windows 10 Home, the professional version being perhaps better.

Weight: The weight of the Equipment is 2.94 kilos, being more substantial than other 15.6-inch screen models.

Dell Alienware 15 R4

 Dell has been other manufacturers that have decided to leap to the world of i9 laptops, presenting its Dell Alienware 15 R4 model. This Equipment includes an i9 8950HK 2.7Ghz base speed processor that mounts six cores and 12 processing threads. It is accompanied by 16 GB of RAM as well as 1.5 TB of internal storage where SSD and traditional space are combined so that you comfortably organize your data and applications.

On the graphic side, the Equipment follows the 15.6-inch screen design and offers a Full HD resolution, to which the Nvidia graphics card that incorporates the Equipment contributes. This is a complete laptop that is topped with a wide variety of USB 3.0 ports and other advanced WiFi and Bluetooth options that include i9 processor-based equipment.

Let us know more details of this model by taking a look at the analysis of its characteristics.


Processor: The included processor has six cores, 12 processing threads, and a base speed of 2.9 GHz.

Storage: Storage combines SSD and traditional disks, for greater versatility.

Design: The design of the outer case changes the image of the device and improves the laptop’s internal ventilation.


RAM: As we have said in other models, it also stays in only 16 GB of RAM.

Weight: The weight of the product is 3.49 kilos, which penalizes its mobility.

NEXOC Gaming 1370619

Even if it does not come from a specially known brand, the i9 NEXOC Gaming 1370619 laptop is another of the models we wanted to highlight. This Equipment has a high level of processing thanks to an i9 9900K processor, which adds 32 GB of RAM and a dual-storage system, with a conventional 1 TB hard drive and another 256 GB SSD.

The visual aspect is also taken care of, where we find an RTX 2070 card of no less than 8 GB of RAM, which allows playing in Full HD resolution on its 15.6-inch diagonal screen. So seeing everything clearly will never be a problem. The Equipment is finished with details such as a sturdy exterior construction or a backlit keyboard in self-configuring LED mode, so you can give it the image you like best.

Designed ideally for most gamers, let’s see some more details of what this laptop puts at your disposal.


Gaming: This product is ideal for those who want to play anywhere at the highest speed and quality.

Image: It has a 15.6-inch diagonal screen and a GeForce RT2070 graphic with 8 GB of dedicated RAM.

Finishes: In addition to a quality exterior, the Equipment has a backlit keyboard, to reinforce that gaming touch that we have mentioned before.


SSD Disk: The SSD disk is only 256 GB, which forces you to use that space intelligently.

Keyboard: The keyboard is of German distribution, so it does not have the Ñ key printed.

MSI Gaming GT63 9SG-043

The MSI Gaming GT63 9SG-043 computer is another of the models that this manufacturer has launched in this segment, within the top of the range. Something that is perceived in detail, such as its Intel Core i9 9880H processor, capable of moving eight cores and 16 processing threads at a time, at speeds that reach 4.8 GHz in turbo mode.

This processing is accompanied by 32 GB of RAM, expandable up to 128 GB, as well as mixed storage, which mixes a 512 GB SSD with a conventional 1 TB disk.

It also highlights its graphic appearance, with a 15.6-inch screen capable of offering a 4K resolution, based on an Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics card of no less than 8 GB of RAM. All this generates a typically gaming configuration, although it can also be used to work at high speed in demanding environments, such as those required by a photographer or a video editor.

Going up a bit in the new range of MSI, we find this powerful laptop, which we analyze below.


Processing: We are facing a gaming type computer, with an i9 9880H processor along with 32 GB of RAM, among other elements.

Resolution: This model is capable of offering high-quality 4K resolution images on its 15.6-inch screen.

Cooling: The Equipment includes an improved cooling system, to perform better when the processor load trips.


Speakers: The included speakers barely have a power of 2 watts, which may be somewhat scarce for specific uses.

Keyboard: The keyboard does not have a QWERTY distribution in Spanish, so it does not include the letter Ñ.

How to choose the best i9 laptops?

If you are thinking of getting an i9 laptop, you may already be clear about some aspects of what you need or what you are going to ask of your future computer. But since an i9 laptop is not exactly economical, the more you know about it, the better to make the right decision. Therefore, we offer you our guide to buying the best i9 laptop, with almost all the points you should check before making a final decision.

Shopping guide


Although it sounds strange, the first thing we should see is the processor we want or need. And even if you think that this point is already covered when talking about i9 laptops, the truth is that the wide variety of processors in this range force us to take a step forward in knowing what each processor offers.

As shown, this range includes processors ranging from 6 cores and 12 threads to 16 cores and 32 processing threads, with different operating speeds, both in turbo mode and in general use. So it is essential to see what we need for our Equipment, both for Power and for how much a processor with more cores costs than a simpler one.

As a reference, if we are looking for a product to play, it is usually convenient to search for processors with greater speed than those with the highest number of processing cores. If what we need is a laptop to work on tasks of full loads, such as video editing or graphic design work, then it is interesting to use processors with more cores, since these applications do better distribute the tasks in processors with Several cores and threads.

Memory and storage

One of the aspects in which the Equipment of any comparison of i9 laptops usually coincide is that related to memory and storage. Starting with RAM, it is usual for the product to have 32 GB, which is the basic standard to work comfortably with. Even so, some economic models remain at 16 GB, which is not entirely recommended.

Regarding storage, here, there is more variety, although the presence of modern SSD hard drives is becoming usual. These hard drives can be alone or accompanied by traditional hard drives. In terms of capacity, there are almost as many options as colors. Thus, we find models with three 512 GB SSDs, a total of 1.5 GB of high-speed storage, and others that include a 512 GB SSD along with a traditional 1 TB hard drive to add those 1.5 again TB storage.

What we should try when choosing, as far as storage is concerned, is to select i9 laptops that offer whether or not SSD storage. This storage is vital for the hard disk to deliver the requested data at high speed that the processor needs to perform correctly and avoid bottlenecks. Regarding the proportions, everything depends on what we need. Although it should be remembered that SSD storage is still more expensive than conventional storage, so it should be reserved for applications, games, and other programs we use.

Image and graphics

We now turn to the visual aspect of the laptop. The i9 laptops we have found have two usual patterns. The 15.6-inch screen forms one while the other is the models with 17.3-inch screens. It is a reason since using smaller screens would be meaningless in the Equipment of this enormous Power.

The good news for both gamers and video and image professionals is that in both cases, it is possible to have high quality for that image. The standard used is Full HD, which is the minimum we find in any of these devices. But in the most advanced, it is even possible to find screens with 4K resolution, in which to see it all more transparent, more defined, and with the most precise combination of brightness and color.

This task is not only the screen’s responsibility but must also rely on the product’s graphics card. This is an aspect in which manufacturers have also done their homework. In general, all i9 laptops have graphics cards independent of the integrated one, with amounts of memory starting at 4 GB and reaching 8 in the most influential models. Regarding the manufacturers, Nvidia Geforce plates or AMD cards are included according to each brand, so the variety is considerable.


As a final aspect, since we are talking about laptops, let alone take a look at the elements of the Equipment related to its portability. Among them, we have the weight that, in general, is usually higher than that of other lower-end laptops. Specifically, the 15.6-inch diagonal models are around 3 kilos, while those of 17.3 increase that weight to 4 kilos. In any case, it is worth comparing what each laptop offers in terms of weight, especially if you plan to move it frequently.

Something similar happens with battery autonomy, which is another key to this portability. We talk about computers with powerful graphics, state-of-the-art processors, and leading performance, which translates into high energy consumption. Luckily, the manufacturers of these laptops have also done their homework, so that some models reach 14 hours of autonomy, depending on the use. In any case, verify that your laptop’s independence fits what you need and do not forget that you can always optimize that autonomy by limiting the Power when you do not need it, as well as deactivating services that you do not use such as Bluetooth.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: When did the i9 processor come out?

The Intel Core i9 processor was officially announced in May 2017, although the different models in the range would gradually reach the market. In more detail, the first i9 processors for desktops were introduced during the summer of 2017, with new models appearing every three months. Regarding the models for laptops, these go on the market in April 2018, although the last one to arrive, the modern i9 9980HK, was launched in April 2019.

Q2: How many cores does the Intel Core i9 processor have?

Well, it depends on the specific processor we are talking about since the variability of this parameter between the different models is considerable. In the simplest models, we can find six processors and twelve processing threads, while in the most advanced and expensive, we reach the 16 processing cores and the 32 threads. Between means of these extremes, we have other options as far as cores, threads, and speeds are concerned.

Q3: What is a Core i9 processor for?

Given the high Power, it has is a processor that can be used for everything. In general, it is very efficient in tasks that require a large number of processing cores such as video editing or programming. However, some experts indicate that it may not be suitable for gaming since games depend more on processor speed than on processor cores or threads. Even so, the gaming performance of these processors is also worth it.

Q4: What socket does a motherboard use for i9?

This question does not have a specific answer since the i9 range is so heterogeneous that there is no particular socket for these processors, as was the case with previous processors. Thus, as an example, the i9 7900X is mounted on an FCLGA2066 socket, while the i9 9900 is mounted on the FCLGA1151. Therefore, it is critical to verify the compatibility between the board and processor when installing a PC with these processors.

Q5: Which AMD processor is equal to the Core i9?

Although it is a silent conflict, the truth is that the i9 are not the first high-level processors in the market. The test is found in the AMD Ryzen line, whose characteristics are similar to Intel’s Core i9 processors, but also with lower prices. AMD’s secret weapon in this battle is its Threadripper line, with models capable of reaching 32 cores and 64 threads, so they are even somewhat better than Intel. In the network, it is easy to find different specific equivalences and for each processor, for a more detailed analysis of products.

Q6: Can I use a Core i9 in Windows 7?

Well, as Microsoft tells us, it is not possible to use an i9 in Windows 7. The main reason is that Microsoft does not support this type of processor, so it is not feasible for them to work on this operating system unless “ hack “conveniently. However, considering the processing capacity of Windows 7, it would be a waste to combine an i9 with this already obsolete operating system. By the way, if you have Windows 8, your new i9 processor will not work for you either, so you must switch to Windows 10.

Q7: What generation is the i9?

According to the data provided by Intel itself, the i9 are within the 9th generation of this manufacturer’s processors, leaving the new Intel Core i7 and I5 part of the 8th generation far behind. However, this is also due to a new qualitative leap of the processor, both to create a new product line concerning the previous maximum line, which was the i7 processors. So the new denomination is justified.

Q8: Is the i9 9900k gaming processor suitable?

Despite the first advice of experts, who did not bet on the i9 range for gamers, the truth is that this specific processor does have a strong point when playing. Specifically, we talk about your clock frequency. This frequency is 3.6 GHz under normal conditions and 5 GHz in turbo mode. Considering that this speed is what matters to play, beyond threads and cores, we are facing one of the fastest models in this regard. It is necessary to improve the in-game performance conditions by 20% compared to the range of old Intel i7 processors and even 10% above the equivalent AMD Threadripper processors.

How to use the best i9 laptop

Using an i9 laptop does not require more than turning on the computer, opening our session, using whatever applications, and turning it off. But since we talk about high-level products, it is vital that we take advantage of the functions they offer us to squeeze all their Power thoroughly. And that’s what we’re going to dedicate these tips to.

Energy and Power

There is a possibility to adjust the power of the laptop to our needs through the power options. We will see how there are several profiles: High Performance, Balanced, Economizer. The first step on the throttle butt and is ideal when the computer is plugged in.

The latter saves energy by slowing down processing, reducing screen brightness, and deactivating services, but at least it allows the battery to last when there are no plugs nearby. And about the Balanced, his name says it. It is a suitable way for the day as it maintains a good energy reserve and does not limit performance so much. Do not forget to choose each energy and power plan according to what you need at all times. You can change them as many times as you want.

Managing storage

In i9 laptops, SSD hard drives are a must. Several of the models we have analyzed dispense with traditional hard drives and only use these SSD hard drives. These hard drives are used differently since they should only be used to store our applications and other frequently used items. The data, your movie collection, or your MP3s should be stored on the traditional disc part if it is included. These hard drives have several requirements, such as that they should not be defragmented and not used as virtual memory, which you probably do not need.

Take advantage of your connectivity.

In addition to the Power of the i9 processors, these laptops include connectivity improvements that are also worth taking advantage of. As an example, these laptops usually do without USB 2.0 ports and use only 3.0. So the time has come to renew the pen drives and connection cables of your peripherals. Something similar happens with WiFi, which with the arrival of WiFi 6, allows speeding up data transfer and access to the network.

You can now search for the fastest network and ask your telephone operator to update the router if it has not already done so. Something similar happens with Bluetooth, which on these computers has version 5.0. Something that is also especially noticeable when using headphones or speakers without wires.

Update, always update

All these developments involve changes, especially drivers. So the owner of an i9 laptop should keep the need to update their Equipment frequently. This is something that makes it easier to have the latest drivers for some equipment that will continue to improve in terms of control and functions, given the recent release. So, only with this continuous update of drivers and operating system can we thoroughly squeeze the latest features that our laptop can benefit from.

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