The 5 Best Drawing Tablet For Beginners -Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis

 The best drawing tablet for beginners is the perfect tool for those who want to devote themselves to graphic design and take real control of their performance, to optimize its operation and achieve maximum detail in its layout. For this, the product must have the quality and the proper operating system to respond to every small movement we make.

This is what the Wacom Intuos Art model offers us, which is considered the best by consumers at the moment, where we find a resolution of up to 2540 lines per inch and 1024 different pressure levels to respond to each movement is always adequate. Also attractive is the Huion 1060 Pro + model, which offers a large work surface, about 10 x 6.25 inches of space, with a maximum resolution of up to 5080 lines per inch to maintain the best possible control.

Comparison chart of the best drawing tablet for beginners

Wacom Intuos Art – Graphics tablet 

  • You can use it to achieve better strokes with greater accuracy and, therefore, increase the quality of the image you design. This is because this model has 1024 pressure levels, which allow the lines to be more accurate.
  • According to some users, the equipment may be a bit inaccurate when editing the photographs. Still, other clients ensure that it works properly and is suitable for those people who are beginners in design.
  • You will be able to create and digitize images that retain the right level of fidelity because it has a pressure-sensitive pencil, which allows you to detect the strokes.

Huion 1060 Pro + Graphic Tablet Digital – with 8 Shortcuts and 4GB MicroSD Card

  • Maintaining better control of this equipment will be possible because it has 16 programmable keys, and you can configure depending on the type of functions you want to perform and with which you manage to create a better working environment.
  • Some of the users who have used this tablet indicate that they have had some problems when using it with the Lightroom application, with which it performs specific processes that are not appropriate.
  • Most users consider it one of the best. This is because it can reach a resolution of 5080 lines per inch and has 2048 levels of sensitivity.

Ugee M708-10×6 “- Graphic Tablet with 8 keys for left or right-hand use (5080 LPI 2048 levels) for MAC and Windows

  • You can use it to create images in the areas of industrial design, educational services, 3D programs, animation, and comic creation since it can make precise strokes, thanks to its high resolution.
  • Although the manufacturer brand ensures that this card model is compatible with different operating systems, including MAC, some users report having had some inconvenience when using them with Apple computers.
  • The 2048 levels of sensitivity that this card has and its resolution of 5080 lines per inch will allow you to create good quality images suitable for different work areas.

The 5 Best drawing tablets for beginners – Reviews 2020

The digitizing tablet, also called graphic tablet, is an ideal tool for those users who want to improve control over their work on the computer, both for design uses and other high precision uses. You can also take the necessary control, we present some of the best drawing tablets for beginners of 2020, with models suitable for all budgets and all needs.

Wacom Intuos Art Graphic Tablet Pencil Intuos Pen

Main Advantage:

The product meets the needs of those users dedicated to graphic design and image editing. It has a pencil that will facilitate the writing or drawing of strokes from your computer or other devices.

Main Disadvantage:

Little precision in photo editing is one of the main calls of attention of users when using this product; However, other buyers claim that it works properly and, above all, that it is an ideal item for beginners.

Verdict: 9.7 / 10

Unlike other tablets, the precision and accuracy with which users can make strokes are very detailed, this thanks to its measures of 27.5 x 21.7 x 1.1 cm, with a resolution of up to 2540 lines per inch and 1024 pressure levels, resulting in a great ally for graphic designers.

Main Features Explained

Sensitive digital pen

If you want to digitize any drawing or make 3D graphics accounts with a tablet that allows you to edit, design, sketch and paint with a digital pen very sensitive to pressure on the table, guaranteeing the drawing of natural lines with paint, charcoal, pastel colors, inks, and other techniques.

Intuos Art is a tool designed to exploit the creativity of its users. This is thanks to its pressure system that, being connected to your computer and compatible with various editing and design programs, offers you a world of possibilities. Its use is simple, because it is inspired by the touch of any smartphone, so you set the limits.

Shortcuts and multi-touch function

The ExpressKey keys facilitate your experience with the Wacom and make available to you the options of copy/paste, and the use of shortcuts and secondary functions while you work; This reduces the use of the traditional keyboard and even the mouse to transfer your movements to the touch tablet, allowing users to assume a better posture while designing.

In addition to this, its multi-touch function allows you to move, expand, rotate and navigate through files and documents in all directions, fulfilling the characteristics of other devices that go to the background without this involving greater physical effort. Still, at the, On the contrary, it minimizes it.

Software and systems support

This digital tablet model has a creative package that allows you not only the use of tools for the improvement of artistic techniques but online training and continues through tutorials. It includes Corel Painter Essentials, a digital painting software that expands the range of options and new ways of drawing for the enjoyment of users.

This tablet also has its drivers for the respective installation on the computer being compatible with Windows and MAC systems. Once the installers are on the computer, you just have to register and download the creative software to enjoy all the functions it has.

It can also be configured for right-handed and left-handed people so that it is not reduced to a specific group of users.

Huion 1060 Pro + Graphic Tablet Digitizer

 The Huion 1060 Pro + model has a large 10 x 6.25-inch work area, which is considered to be the best digital tablet for value for money. It is approximately more than a sheet, where you can work comfortably thanks to 2048 sensitivity levels with which its surface is equipped.

As for its resolution, the product can reach 5080 lines per inch, so that you have optimal control to perform all kinds of operations efficiently. And so you can have better control over its operation, the product has eight programmable keys to your preferences and a memory of 4 gigabytes with which to store what you need.

If it falls short, you can expand it to 32 gigabytes.

Several brands have stood out in the graphic tablet market, imposing themselves as the pioneers in the advances of these functional devices and Huion, is one of these. Here we describe the characteristics of this model belonging to one of the digital tablet’s best brands to help you in your decision.


Programmable keys: Your preferences are a priority in the 16 programmable keys and eight express keys that you can configure with the tools you use most.

Compatibility: It works efficiently with different versions of Windows and Mac as well as the most popular drawing programs such as Illustrator, Corel Draw, Krita, Photoshop, and others.

Autonomy: The rechargeable pen has a range of up to 800 hours and takes two hours to charge fully.

Resolution: 5080 lines per inch is the number that resolves this tablet to provide smooth lines and great precision in the strokes.

Utility: Due to its high performance, it is widely used in industrial design, comic and animation design, 3D programs, and online educational services.

Ugee M708-10 × six ″ Graphic tablet with eight keys

 The Ugee M708-10 × six ″ model offers a large work area with measures 10 inches wide by approximately 6 inches long, perfect for any type of work, including high precision.

This is something that helps with its 2048 levels of adjustable pressure and 5080 lines per inch when it comes to resolution. This high sensitivity allows you to perform complex work with excellent performance shortly after practice with these products.

To improve its functionality, the product has up to 8 adjustable buttons located on the tablet so you can perform the most common functions, with two additional buttons on the pen itself.

All this is a product compatible with practically compatible with all applications in the market and with a driver always updated for better operation.

It is not easy to decide which tablet to buy, so you should investigate enough to know the characteristics of each model, and verify that it meets your demands. Below we describe the pros and cons of this equipment valued by our customers as one of the best graphic tablets on the market.


Work area: To create widely, it has an active area 10 inches wide by 6 inches long enough for high precision work.

Sensitivity: It has 2048 levels of adjustable pressure, ideal for those who have vast experience with this equipment to maximize their high performance.

Personalization: The pen has two buttons that you can configure according to your preferences, as well as eight buttons located on the tablet to customize it with your favorite functions.

Versatility: It can be used with any operating system as well as with the different design applications and drawing programs due to its high compatibility.


Resistance: Some users report that it is not resistant to shocks or falls, but naturally, it is a device that needs to be handled with caution to achieve a good durability time.

Easy Provider Graphic Tablet Tablet Digitizer

 This digital table is more compact than those we usually find in the market, being a good option to take it with your laptop or simply do not need a large format to work.

In its approximately 4 x 2.3 inches of the active zone, we find a material capable of recognizing up to 2048 pressure levels, with an active resolution of 4000 lines per inch, in the line of the most effective models on the market.

To be able to control the behavior even better, the tablet has three configurable buttons, along with two other buttons present on the pen with which to optimize its operation based on what you need.

All this is a product compatible with practically all the office automation and design tools of the market. It can also recognize the writing directly that you make on the surface of the table.

This model stands out as one of the cheapest tablets in the category of graphic devices, having an excellent reputation among users for its value for money. As proof of this, we describe the positive and negative aspects of the best digital tablet for 100 euros.


Portability: With a compact and lightweight size, it is the ideal tablet to take everywhere with you if you are a full-time designer.

Personalization: To work more comfortably, you can customize the two buttons of the pen and the three buttons of the tablet with your most-used tools.

Performance: With the resolution of 4000 lines per inch and the sensitivity of 2048 levels of adjustable pressure, you can get maximum performance in your designs.

Utility: Among its features, its compatibility with different operating systems and office automation and professional design programs stands out.


Support: It lacks a support system, so you have to manage with a book or other object.

Trust Flex Design, Graphic graphic tablet.

 Compared to the rigid format of most of the digital tablet on the market, the Trust Flex Design model presents its flexible format as a novelty, so that the work area can be rolled up, folded or made with it what you need, being perfect for storage without Take up too much space.

This novelty in its base does not affect its functionality since the product has 1024 levels of pressure and around 2000 lines of resolution for every inch so that you can do all kinds of work where you need to do it.

The product’s power is carried out with two simple AAA batteries that offer optimal durability and do not add greater weight to the product, with an effective data transfer system, so you never lose control of it.

While it is not one of the best digital tablets, its efficient performance earned it a place in our comparative guide. And as proof of this, we summarize the points for and against this graphic tablet.


Flexibility: Unlike previous models that were all rigid, this device is fully flexible for your convenience.

Autonomy: For greater freedom, the ergonomic pen is powered by two AAA batteries so that whenever you have the replacement batteries, you can count on its continuous operation.

Versatility: This tablet adapts very well if you are right or left-handed, so you do not have limitations when creating.

Text: The high sensitivity of the device allows you to digitize your manuscripts.

Price: It is one of the cheapest available in the market, in addition to excellent quality, making it the ideal equipment for beginners.


Compatibility: It is not compatible with Mac, so if you work with that operating system, you will have to be careful when choosing based on this factor.

Wacom Intuos Art Graphic Tablet Pencil Intuos Pen

 We find the answer in the Wacom Intuos Art model if we look for the best digital tablet.

This model has a large area of digitized with measures of about 24 centimeters high by 21 wide, adequately prepared to work with a resolution of up to 2540 lines per inch, and around 1024 different pressure levels to adjust each stroke precisely.

These levels are easy to prepare thanks to the included pen, which significantly facilitates the entire process of working with the tablet.

By the way, to make the process even more comfortable, this product also has the traditional functions of mobile phones when it comes to pinching, enlarging, or reducing the format just as you would on your screen.

This model, considered by some customers to be the best digital tablet of the moment, has a series of features that we invite you to evaluate below in this brief comparative guide so that you can make a smart purchase.


Use: The handling of this graphic tablet is as simple as using your touch Smartphone to perform actions such as enlarge, reduce, and pinch the screen.

Active zone: The digitized area on this tablet is 24 centimeters high by 21 centimeters wide.

Personalization: ExpressKey keys can be customized with your preferences to have the most used functions at hand during your creations.

Software: The included creative package gives you access to tutorials, online services, and downloadable software.

Versatility: According to your experience, you can use it to edit photos and videos thanks to its high performance.

How to use a digital tablet

When we are passionate about design, or it is simply our job, we want to have all those tools that facilitate the creative process and make the most of the technology. The digital tablet has become an excellent option when it comes to design, so in this space, you will find a guide on how to use them.

Configure the tablet

When designing, you need all the tools you usually use at hand; One of the great advantages of using this type of device is that you can configure them to your liking as if you were working on your desktop computer. As this is what you can consider in your workplace, you must be comfortable.

To create the necessary icons on the bars; You can also activate the icons you need to design within the program. Always try to have all these icons so that you will save a lot of time.

Install the drivers

The digital tablets require drivers to perform the tasks you can do on them; One of these programs is required to perform specific tasks. That is why you must install the drivers you need to carry out the designs you want or that your work demands.

In principle, these drivers must be downloaded from the web; These will make your work easier and faster, providing even new functions to improve your artistic creativity. The installation is quite simple; you just have to download the driver. Next, click on the icon and wait for the process to start. In the end, you will be more prepared to create.

Adjust your accuracy with the pencil

This type of device, by its function, has a stylus so you can make the strokes of your designs as if you were creating them on paper. The detail is that when you start in the design using your tablet, it can be a little more difficult to make firm strokes. That is why you need to adjust your accuracy with a pencil. To do this, you must practice on the tablet using the pencil to be confident in what you do and, therefore, accuracy.

Update the drivers

For you to continue performing high-quality work, it is important that you periodically update the drivers that you have installed on the tablet. This will allow you to add tools and make your work more versatile. To make this update, you can go directly to the application and download the new versions that you have available. Follow the procedure similar to the installation.

Give proper care

The electronic devices are highly fragile. With a soft blow, some internal and external components can be affected, thus altering its operation. In principle, avoid strong blows. As it is a portable device, it is important that you carry it in a padded case when moving from one place to another. Do not drink fluids while working on the tablet, as it is very sensitive to moisture. It prevents your battery from being completely depleted, as it can be damaged and therefore stop working.

The most popular brands

The advantages seduce people who engage in digital art tasks, graphic design, and the preparation of infographics as a hobby or profession sooner rather than later in terms of performance and functionalities offered by modern digital tablets.

But if you are looking for a quality model, you should start by researching the most popular brands in the market; If you do not know how to start your research, in the following section we present a list of our favorite options, so we suggest you first look at the alternatives presented here.

Wacom Co. Ltd. is a company of Japanese origin and international reach that has become world-famous for the manufacture of some of the best digital tablets on the market.

Its technology is based on electromagnetic resonance. It creates high sensitivity surfaces capable of collecting the frequency and trajectory of the pencil and translating it correctly into a digital file. Due to the high quality of its products, this brand has become popular as a favorite of graphic artists, artists, designers, and architects from around the world.

But, possibly, the most exciting point around its products is the great variety that it offers us because, in this brand, you can find models suitable for all levels of use.

Therefore, those demanding users who are looking for a high-performance product, as well as novice users who are looking for a model to start experimenting, can find a device that suits their needs. For a few years, Wacom has an official presence on the European continent, with a headquarters in the city of Krefeld, Germany.

Huion, meanwhile, was founded in 2000 in China. It is a company specialized in the development, distribution, and sale of state-of-the-art technological items for everyday use, with its main field of action being a digital tablet and other similar equipment dedicated to animation and design.

Due to the high quality of its products, the company has managed to make its way into the market and gain the approval of users in very distant lands. Its products are currently distributed on all continents, with customers in America, Europe, Oceania and some countries in Africa; together they add up to a total of more than 100 countries and regions.

This is one of the brands that we recommend for all those users looking to get quality products at an affordable purchase price because Huion offers the peace of mind that only a specialized manufacturer can give you. Among the most outstanding articles of the brand, you can find graphic tablets, drawing boards, technological accessories, and much more.

The ideas that would give rise to this company began in Japan in 2005 with the investigation of the technology necessary for the development of graphic tablets. By 2008, the company had obtained the prototypes and thus opened its first offices in Taiwan.

However, her interest in growing and trying new markets would lead her to establish herself in 2013 on American soil under the official name of XP-PEN Technology Co. Thus began her adventure in the North American market and also in the European market. Today, its products are sold almost everywhere globally, using strategic partners and local distributors, as well as more popular eCommerce on the web.

XP-Pen is a brand that is characterized by its ability to design quality products and high performance, which are, in turn, focused on all types of audiences. From the most enthusiastic users, newbies, or others with more experience in the sector can find a quality item in the brand.

Buying Guide – What is the best digital tablet on the market?

As graphic designers already know, the digital tablet is ideal tools to maintain maximum control over your design using a simple pencil. If you also want to equip yourself appropriately, we offer you our guide to buying the best digital tablet according to your preferences and needs.

Base sensitivity

Depending on the type of work you do and the degree of tuning you require, you can find different models in the market. For this, we look at a key aspect in any comparison of digital tablets, such as the sensitivity of the base.

This sensitivity establishes the ability to respond to the product based on the pressure or movements we make. The resolution or sensitivity is generally measured in lines per inch, so that the higher the figure, the greater the capacity for adjustment and sensitivity the product will have.

For reference, a normal tablet is approximately 3,000 lines per inch, while the most sensitive models start at 5,000 lines per inch. Anyway, if you do not need extreme sensitivity, you can buy a cheaper digital tablet by adjusting this parameter.

Measures of the active zone

Since not all products have the same external measures, they will not have the same measures within the so-called active zone.

As a reference, the usual measures of the active zone are usually around 10 inches wide by approximately 6 inches high.

These measures are the usual standard of the market, but if you fall short, some products extend the measure to what you need. Obviously, with a big difference in how much it costs. Anyway, these large-format tablets are usually necessary only for those who have a great need for work, so, often, this measure is what you need. In any case, do not let this fact be evaluated: that the active zone (and not the general measure) adapts to what you need to have in terms of space to work.

Control functions

In the digital tablet, the control is carried out both by the pen included with the product and by the keypad that we find both in pen and in the digital tablet itself.

For you to maintain adequate control, you must have the maximum control options to configure the product, as well as for its control. On the control side, check the number of options available for buttons in the area of the pen itself and the tablet. Also, check what additional functions you can perform with the tablet, such as cutting or pointing to text, editing, making annotations, and many more.

The latter has to do with the product’s software, so don’t forget to check it out. Finally, be sure to evaluate the customization options offered by these buttons and the control system. It makes no sense to buy a product whose buttons you cannot adjust to the activities or responses you need.

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