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The 5 Best Desktop Computers For Small Business – Purchase Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

Although we live in a time where the laptop is what it takes, when it comes to computing, there are still many users who prefer the best desktop computers for small businesses. It is Equipment that allows for better results and is more comfortable when working or playing, even at processing levels higher than that of portable products.

As the most prominent model by users, we find the NITROPC 102100-4. A computer designed for the gaming world combines an AMD 9600 processor at 3.4 GHz, 16 GB of RAM, and two hard drives, with a conventional 2 TB and another 240 GB SSD. If you prefer something simpler, you can use the Beelink BT3PRO II. This is Basic Equipment with a very tight price, extremely compact size, and everything you need to navigate or perform office tasks with comfort.

Comparison chart of the best desktop computers for small business


  • This gaming cutting model has everything you need to enjoy a high performance, with an AMD R-series processor, 16 GB of RAM and two hard drives, 2 TB in a conventional format, and 240 GB in SSD mode.
  • Although the included graphics generate excellent performance in most of the games on the market, it has only 3 GB of memory, remaining somewhat short.
  • This is an exciting proposal for those who want to play and do not wish to spend too much money on the purchase of their Equipment.

Beelink BT3PRO II Mini PC Desktop Computer  

  • This computer has a tiny size, but this does not prevent it from having adequate processing power for office and navigation applications, with excellent performance for these uses.
  • The Atom processor may fall short in multitasking environments, although you also have a Celeron processor model that improves performance for just 20 euros in price.
  • An adjusted price solution with an efficient approach for those who do not want to spend more on essential Equipment.


  • This model has a compact design, a mid-range processing capacity, and the operating system to have complete and ready-to-use Equipment.
  • The Equipment lacks the new USB 3.0 ports and a different graphics card from the integrated one, which reduces the device’s performance.
  • A mid-range solution with proper processing and all kinds of computer use, both work and leisure.

Top 5 Desktop Computers – Reviews 2020

With the variety of wireless electronic Equipment, we can think that desktop computers are a thing of the past; however, working at home or in the office is still the favorite option for office workers. Below we show you the recommendations of our clients to help you choose the best desktop computers for the small business, thus guaranteeing the smart investment of your money.

NitroPC PC Gamer VX, Quad-core CPU 4 x 3.40Ghz

Main Advantage:

It is one of the most influential pieces of equipment in this manufacturer’s range, with an AMD processor of the R series and other details such as its double storage system and its 16 GB of RAM.

Main Disadvantage:

The ports in the front area of the tower are located with an upward-facing design that causes them to become deposits for dust and dirt, if not in use.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

This is a complete product within the gaming category. It is possible to enjoy all kinds of games at a high level of graphics demand and work more efficiently with any application.    

Main Features Explained


This computer offers us a robust configuration, based on an AMD 9600 processor at 3.4 GHz. A quad-core processor and considerable performance also provide turbo processing to accelerate this performance even more. So you will not have problems to move all kinds of games and applications efficiently.

This is something that also helps the rest of the essential elements of the processing, such as the 16 GB of RAM that the computer mounts. The product is finished, in this aspect, with a storage of 2 TB in a conventional hard disk, as well as another 240 GB in an additional SSD hard drive, to accelerate the overall performance of the computer.

Graphic performance

So that the graphic performance is not far behind when playing, this model includes an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 card. This graphics card has its RAM of 3 GB of type DDR5, which makes it easy to move the graphics of any game with high quality, without having to worry about quality levels or the amount of fps we have when playing.

Individually, with this computer, you can play at high or ultra quality most of the games on the market. As an example, you can play League of Legends in ultra mode at 250 fps, FIFA 2019 at the same quality and 100 fps or CS: GO at the ultra level and 150 fps. If yours is Fornite, one of the most demanding games, the product reaches that ultra quality at 50 fps. By the way, if you do not want to play but work, it is evident that this model also performs remarkably on different applications, especially those linked to the world of graphic design.

Other features

To finish off this Equipment, it is necessary to talk about its tower, sober in the current gaming world, but with pleasant LED interior lighting. A tower that includes other details, such as extensive connectivity where high-speed USB 3.0 ports are not lacking, helps speed up the data transfer process when using external devices.

This tower also includes WiFi connectivity, so you won’t have to buy anything else to connect to your network without wires. By the way, the computer consists of a trial version of Windows 10 64-bit already installed, so you won’t have to buy a license to use it in full.

Beelink BT3PRO II Mini PC Desktop

The Beelink BT3PRO II is a compact and inexpensive model, ideal for those who need processing without spending too much or taking up much space.

This Equipment mounts an Atom X5 processor, accompanied by 4 GB of DDR3 memory, as well as an eMMC hard disk with 64 GB of storage, which offers high speed when it comes to accessing your data.

Despite its small size, this model also has other quality details, such as its dual-band WiFi connection, to accelerate data traffic over the network, or an HDMI port and another VGA, with which to see everything clear and even work in dual screen mode, if you wish. A device that is finished off with improved ventilation to avoid overheating the unit, as well as a design that facilitates access to the connection ports.

If you are still unsure which desktop to buy and you are looking for a mini model, this device is a good option.



This desktop computer is one of the smallest in the market, with a size similar to that of a Smart TV Box.


Improved ventilation prevents overheating of the device so that the performance is maintained correctly when the heat tightens.


The 4 GB of RAM reinforces the Equipment processing power so that its performance is even better.

Dual-band WiFi:

The dual-band WiFi connection helps you get the most out of your network connection.



The processing capacity is limited, being suitable only for office automation and low demand users.


The 64 GB capacity hard disk can remain small, although it can be expanded using an SD card.

Megamania PC Desktop Computer, Intel Core i5 3.4Ghz

 The Megamania MEGA5009WIN desktop computer is a mid-range computer, suitable for both working and playing at an acceptable level. A model with an Intel i5 processor, an 8 GB RAM, and a 1 TB hard disk storage, so you do not lack where to store your data.

This is a complete computer that also has Windows 10 Pro so that you will save buying it separately. The design of the tower is simple and elegant, with an excellent black finish and a vertical format.

It is finished off with an excellent offer of connections, such as the included USB ports, 5.1 HD sound output, or HDMI port for the graphics card connection. And if you want WiFi, you can also have it through an antenna that the manufacturer includes.

We go into detail to see what this desktop computer offers us and the functions that it has.



We are facing a mid-range model and adequate performance for its Intel i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM.


This computer offers a 1 TB capacity hard drive manufactured by Seagate, to improve the security and performance of data access.


This desktop is topped with Windows 10 Pro, so you don’t have to spend more on the operating system.


USB 3.0:

The computer does not include USB 3.0 ports, which partly slows down the machine’s transfer capacity.

Graphics card:

The model also does not have a graphics card beyond the integrated one, which in part hurts to express this aspect of the product.

Medion Akoya PCC722 Desktop

 We now descend a step to the mid-low range to take a look at the Medion Akoya PCC722 desktop. This Equipment mounts an Intel i3 8100 quad-core processor and acceptable performance, which is also helped by the 8 GB of RAM included with the product.

A device that, in necessary processing, is finished off with 1 TB of conventional hard disk, as well as the integrated Intel graphics card, to obtain an excellent image performance. A model that does not reach 400 euros is a good option for those who do not want to spend too much and do not have excessive processing needs.

What is included in the device is the Blu-Ray and DVD reader, as well as an excellent offer of USB 3.0 ports, to accelerate the performance of your data when connecting external devices.

To make it even more transparent what this model offers you, let’s see what its most outstanding features are.


Value for money:

The Equipment has an excellent quality-price concerning its power, being a suitable model for necessary uses.

3.0 connectivity:

3.0 connectivity accelerates access to data from any pen drive or similar device.

Blu-Ray reader:

The Blu-Ray reader is included in an interesting detail for those who want to use these discs.



The product does not include an operating system, so you will have to buy it separately.

Graphics card:

As usual, the computer does not include a separate graphics card, only the one that integrates the motherboard itself.

HP ProDesk 400 G5 MT Professional desktop

Designed primarily for the office user, the HP ProDesk 400 G5 MT desktop computer is a computer with which to enjoy considerable processing power to perform all kinds of functions.

This is a computer with a next-generation Intel i5 8500 processor, with 8 GB of RAM and a 1 TB capacity hard drive, at a speed of 7,200 RPM. This equipment includes different security-focused improvements, such as the HP BIOSphere system, which gives more excellent performance and protects against different current security and performance issues.

This is a model that is accompanied by both the Windows 10 Pro 64-bit operating system and the corresponding keyboard and mouse, both with cable, so you do not need anything else to start working with your new computer.

You will probably want to know more about this model if you wish to a well-known and reputable computer.



The product is within the mid-range with a configuration based on a latest-generation i5 8500 processor.

BIOSphere technology:

This technology of the brand keeps the BIOS up to date and gives extra security to the computer.


For those looking for a well-known PC, this is an exciting and considerable proposal compared to others with a smaller name.



The price of the Equipment is somewhat higher than what are similar models, although obviously, the brand has a price.


It is missing that the team has an external graphics card and not the integrated Intel board card.

How to use a desktop computer

This range of digital products lets the user select the Equipment that best suits their particular requirements in terms of design, comfort, budget, power, storage capacity, and response speed. All this is good correspondence to use these desktops that are located on the desks of homes, offices, and commercial premises.

Wide range of possibilities of use

Each person will give these teams the best possible use, according to what they need to undertake, including – simultaneously and without exception – business projects, studies, entertainment, social interaction, and free time (games on and offline, videos, music, photography).

Use in various professional fields.

These digital Equipment facilitate all interaction in various professional, recreational, and cultural fields that do not exclude locations. For example, specific desktops are developed in the world of games to meet the user’s expectations, through the immediate enjoyment of virtual reality that allows you to “play to be” another person, in multiple roles, scenarios, and situations.

In this growing segment, the more RAM, the higher the performance in regards to the immediate execution of the game and everything else, videos, images, and any content.

RAM capacity

If you handle large files (graphic design, 3D animations, high-resolution photography, architectural plans), the more RAM your device has, the faster and more efficiently you can access your content and execute all the actions you require immediately.

Hard drive features

By the response speed, your desktop computer should be able to save as much content as possible of all kinds (texts, iconography, videos, audio), with the maximum resolution that allows you to obtain a high definition quality. To do this, you need the hard drive to support from a minimum range of 500 GB (and 4 GB of RAM) to 1 Terabyte (equivalent to one thousand Gigabytes), with a corresponding RAM of 8 GB.

Connectivity with other devices

Another relevant aspect to consider is the connectivity that allows you to link your desktop computer with different mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops), Bluetooth or WiFi technology, and the usual USB and HDMI port.

Monitor size

The vast majority of monitors included in the manufacturer’s original envelope have an ideal standard dimension of 21.5 inches. However, the user always has the opportunity to replace this monitor with some other much more ambitious.

Graphics cards and technology brands

As for the graphics card, Nvidia is the most popular and famous, given the quality of its services. Apart from AMD, the preferred processors are the Intel, allowing you to choose between three generations of them: Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7.

An advantage for the user is that the most prestigious technology brands dispute this segment of the market: Lenovo, Apple, Vibox, LG, HP, Asus, Medion, adding options to proceed to select, then, a specific model.

The most popular brands

To make sure you choose an excellent desktop computer that suits your needs and requirements, you need to take into account the design features of these computers, as well as the operating system they work with, and of course the brand that offers it, since it may depend on the quality of the computer purchased. Among the most recommended merchants are the companies HP, Lenovo, and ASUS.

One of the technology brands recommended by users is HP, which has more than 50 years of operation. The company was created in 1939 in the United States, and during its beginnings, it focused on the commercialization of hardware and software; Also, it provided computer assistance.

After several years in the market, the company decided to divide the services it offered in two. That is why they have an area dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of computers and printers and another that is responsible for serving the service area for third-party companies, server creation, computer programs, storage equipment, and networks.

This company has focused on the development of sustainable technology through which they aspire to improve the lives of users. In this way, they hope to fulfill their mission of serving people, organizations, and communities around the world. This objective, they indicate, drives them to reinvent themselves and continue moving forward.

They specialize in the manufacture of different products, such as monitors, mice, and other accessories for computers, ink, toner, printers, laptops with standard, removable and convertible designs, tablets, and desktops with different models. About the latter, users point out that they have minimalist but attractive and functional designs.

It is not surprising that this brand is one of the most recommended by users since, for several decades, it has been dedicated to the manufacture of different innovative and quality technological Equipment. It is for this reason that it has become a prestigious company and one of the leading leaders in different countries.

His career began with the history of Legend Holdings, a Chinese company founded in 1984 and expanded to become the leading computer manufacturer in the Asian country. Subsequently, after maintaining its presence in this region for several decades, the company decided to change its name in 2004 and was renamed Lenovo.

After a year of operating as Lenovo, the company acquired the IBM brand’s computer division.

Currently, they are one of the leading distributors of personal technology that has expanded its marketing to 160 countries.

Lenovo has focused on the manufacture of mobile internet devices, smartphones, smart TVs, and computers, being the largest computer manufacturers in the world, they claim. Among these teams have desktop models appreciated by users as quality equipment and attractive and functional designs.

Although it is usually a little less known compared to the other brands, this company also has several years of experience in the development of technological products. For that reason, many users rely on the quality of the Equipment they launch.

Its foundation dated back to 1989 and was carried out by the hardware engineers TH Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh, and MT Liao, who had previously worked for Acer before the Asus Foundation. 

The company was born in Taiwan and had been expanding to other regions of the world. It currently has 100 designers working in different countries and is composed of nine work teams.

The brand mentions that it intends to offer creative and innovative designs that give users a better experience when using it and meet their needs and demands.

Among the different computer equipment, this company offers motherboards, laptops, tablets, audio material, graphics cards, smartphones, and desktops. As for these, the variety of Equipment they offer is considerable. According to the users, its operation is adequate, and the quality of the Equipment is excellent.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to connect a desktop computer to WiFi? Can I achieve it using only the motherboard, or should I purchase other accessories? 

Connecting a desktop computer to the WiFi is not the same as doing it on a laptop, since, generally, the latter device has an internal WiFi network card incorporated.

Also, only with the motherboard of your computer will you not be able to make this connection since almost all these hardware elements do not come with this technology.

To make this a reality you need is a WiFi network card, on the Internet, you can find some compatible models to your motherboard; many connect through the PCI Express ports. On the other hand, if you have these hardware inputs occupied with graphics and audio cards, the most feasible could be a long-range WiFi antenna.

Q2: How to format a desktop computer?

The process of formatting a desktop computer is very similar to that of a laptop, so that this explanation would be useful for both machines. First of all, you should know what type and version of the operating system is the most recommended for your computer, of course, sometimes the motherboard and the hardware in general support almost any OS, but it is something that we recommend to review so that in the future There is no incompatibility problem.

Secondly, we mentioned that what you are going to format in itself is the hard drive of your computer, so it is necessary that you make a backup of all the valuable information that you have stored in it before starting to format.

As a third point, it is good to know that regardless of the operating system you buy, most of them come with their installation or formatting manuals, you must perform the steps they provide precisely.

On the other hand, we recommend that you have the computer connected to a UPS, in case there is any power cut at the time you are doing this task, since at that time it is when your machine is more vulnerable to deterioration, especially the hard disk.

Q3: How to mount a desktop computer?

Usually, when we buy a desktop computer on the Internet, it arrives at home in its original box. Also, in most cases, each element is separated, for example, the monitor, mouse, keyboard, CPU tower, etc. In this sense, it is essential to know how to mount it on your desk, which we briefly explain this time.

First, you must choose the place where you are going to place them and determine if the voltage you have in the plug is what your machine needs; this you discover in the manual that comes with your computer, if it does not bring a manual, it is best to contact the seller. After that, you can place the CPU tower, the monitor, and other accessories on the table where you will install it. Of course, you should leave everything near the plug or the UPS, and you can use the latter if you have one at home.

Next, connect the peripheral devices, for example, the keyboard and the mouse; these usually relate to the USB ports, preferably those in the back of the CPU tower, so that you have free the front ports to connect pen drives, phones or other things; This in case your team includes it.

Also, place the monitor where you find it most comfortable and connect it to the tower using the VGA cable, many people put it in the center of the desk. It should be noted that sometimes computers use HDMI cables to connect them to the monitor, but this connection is also straightforward. Finally, connect the tower to the plug when you have all the accessories ready to use.

Remember that if you do not know how to connect peripheral devices or any other accessory that comes with your computer, what you should do is check the installation manual carefully, watch a video tutorial on the Internet or call a technician specialized in assembling computers.

Q4: How to clean the desktop computer?

Sometimes it is not good to do the maintenance on the computer with your own hands, but if you know the subject or are skilled in this type of tasks you could do it correctly. You should know that, regardless of the kind of material or the quality of the Equipment, it is not feasible to use any liquid, even some elements that make up your computer do not support contact with water, as they could deteriorate.

Also, the internal cleaning of the CPU tower is the most delicate thing to clean, so great care is needed when doing such a task. Leaving all this clear, get a piece of soft dry cloth, with its clean peripheral devices, the CPU tower, and the monitor.

If you wish, you can use a cleaning liquid, but it must be unique for the type of material with which the outer part of the computer, in general, is manufactured. The monitor screen is cleaned as your user manual says, if you do not bring it, ask the seller for help.

On the other hand, to clean the internal part of the tower, where the motherboard, RAM, hard disk, etc., you need a screwdriver and possibly a small soft brush to remove the dust that accumulates without damaging anything. The brush can be like those used for makeup, as they are skinny and tiny to clean every corner without inconvenience. 

Q5: Which is better, a desktop computer, or all in one?

The best desktop computers for small businesses are those that adequately respond to most of your needs and preferences so that it can be the traditional or all-in-one. Also, if you have little space in your home or office, it suits you more an all-in-one computer; however, for large rooms or desktops, desktops are very useful.

On the other hand, in many cases, all-in-one computers do not have enough power to support video games and other latest technology applications, because they are more compact and do not accept large graphics cards.

You must take this into account if you need a piece of optimal gaming equipment or edit videos professionally. Of course, all-in-one Mac computers often meet the requirements for these needs very well, so you can take advantage of them if you don’t have much space and want a powerful machine.

Q6: Is it possible to use a laptop as a desktop computer?

Fortunately, yes, it is possible. One of the disadvantages of the laptop is its discomfort when used since it is much more ergonomic to use a desktop computer with a mouse, external keyboard, bugles, etc.

If you want to turn your laptop into a desktop computer, you only need to buy the components you need and think of the computer as the CPU. Acquire a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and any other accessory you wish to add.

If the laptop has several USB ports, you will have no problem connecting everything; however, it will be necessary to buy a docking station to make all connections. Connect the monitor through the HDMI cable and, when you turn on the laptop, look for the operating system option that will allow you to use it with the screen below without turning it off. Remember that to avoid overheating, and it is necessary to have a cooling base and powerful internal components.

Q7: Which is better: a desktop or laptop?

It all depends on what are the qualities you are looking for. A desktop computer will always be more powerful than a laptop, even if both have the same specifications. This is due to the distribution since the machines’ size allows them to have more exceptional performance and electrical power.

In addition to that, it is an ergonomic device that will allow you to use it comfortably at all times. You can also customize that whenever you want, you can change components to improve your PC’s performance.

However, although it could be said that the desktop computer is better; When we talk about portability, the laptop is the winner, and many people put this feature as the most important. A computer turns on quickly, does not need cables, is quite light, and has a stable connection, making it an excellent option for students, travelers, etc.

Therefore, if you want something that runs massive programs without overheating, that you can customize and reuse, then choose a desktop computer, as this will be the best. However, if the most important thing for you is to mobilize your computer, then do not hesitate to buy a laptop, it will be the most appropriate option for you.

Q8: Is it right to use liquid cooling for desktops?

Yes, it is a perfect option. Despite being the most expensive cooling alternative for desktop computers, experts recommend using it, as it maintains a constant temperature always to ensure excellent performance.

The liquid serves as a thermal conductor and absorbs heat from the machine, transports it to the beginning of the liquid circuit, and cools it. That way, it works, just like car engines. Best of all, this type of refrigeration does not require maintenance, so you will always keep doing your job without a problem. This type of cooling is recommended for people who use the computer for cumbersome and constant activities, as it is quite expensive for people who give occasional use to their networks.

Buying Guide – What is the best desktop computers for small business on the market?

Currently, choosing a computer is not a simple task; the first thing we need to determine is what kind of equipment we need. If your choice is a traditional desktop computer, we inform you that there is a range of advanced machines that have nothing to do with the spectacular towers to which we were accustomed. However, there are several aspects to consider, in addition to the famous how much it costs since it is a team for work or family use that must have precise specifications according to the new applications that are very useful today.

Below, we summarize the information you should know in this guide to buy the best desktop computers for small businesses and thus help you make a smart investment of your money.


Defining the use of your desktop computer will allow you to clarify several elements; one of them is the hard disk’s capacity. Storage on your computer may vary, as there is currently a wide range of possibilities in terms of size, but that will depend on the use you give the Equipment.

If it’s only for office work and surfing the internet or editing videos and photos in professional programs and saving a lot of multimedia content that takes up a lot of space, you don’t want to fall short of storage to download another movie or videos.

Currently, 500Gb is an average number of storage, but if you have a comfortable budget, you can choose between 1 or 2 terabytes.


Considering how much it costs, the processor brand influences the computer cost since the most used are Intel and AMD, the former being a bit more expensive, but their quality has no question.

You can choose from Intel four generations of processors depending on the type of user you are: Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5. Intel Core i7 or Intel Core i). These processors are ordered from lowest to the highest power, the i9 generation being the most advanced and recent, ideal for the most demanding customers who expect high power performance to be able to use any application and program smoothly. However, its price is also more than considerable.

If you are an average user who likes to play games online, enjoy good graphics, surf the web smoothly, but don’t want to pay so much money, a Core i5 is the ideal option. But if you are an essential office worker, who occasionally uses the computer to make documents, reviewing some social networks will do well with the inexpensive and straightforward Core i3.

Graphics card

In a comparison of desktop computers, the graphics card is an element that you should consider, especially if you want the laptop for gamers, whether you are amateur or professional. The graphics card is the one that guarantees you a high level of performance in terms of graphics, to enjoy every detail of the scenarios of your favorite games, as well as the appreciation of your videos and movies without any problem.

The best quality and popularity for all types of users is the NVidia card, which is available in several versions with higher capacity and better features. You should check your budget to see how much you can afford to spend on this item.

All in One Design

At first, we talked about the traditional towers with connections everywhere, the keyboard cable, the mouse, the speakers, and other devices that ended up occupying the entire desk.

With All-In-One technology, you can choose a modern, compact desktop computer, where all the components are integrated into the computer screen and connect the keyboard and mouse via Bluetooth to complete the wireless experience in every way. Also, many of these devices have a touch screen so that the experience will be much more independent.

These teams can be obtained at different prices and offers, depending on the store and especially the brand of the computer. We recommend you review the ratings of other users on specialized sites to learn about their experiences and see which is the best all-in-one team that suits your needs.

Mini PC

If you are only getting tired of your gigantic old tower, but you want to keep your monitor and other devices, you can certainly choose between barebone commercials, small-sized Equipment that can be mounted to your liking, which includes main elements such as the processor and memory RAM, but that many times are cheaper than buying a CPU in any store, because you can add the components you need according to the task and work you do. These computers are available in modern shapes and colors so that space is no longer a problem on your desk.

These are just some elements that you should take into account. There are still many more that will determine your successful purchase of the desktop computer you need. For this, we invite you to seek more information and opinions from other buyers to make a smart investment. With all this data, you can choose the best desktop computers for small businesses in the market.

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