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What Is The Best Core I3 Laptop Under 25000 Of 2020?

If you need to buy a computer that does not take up much space, that is easy to transport, powerful, and can serve you as a tool for work, study, or to have fun in your free time. You must purchase a laptop. But these best core i3 laptop under 25000 equipment have a reasonably high price, so if you have a reduced budget, you do not need the latest technology. You settle for simple software, and it is recommended that you buy one of the best core i3 laptops under 25000 on the market so you can make An intelligent investment.

With the i3 series laptops, you can have in your home a team with excellent benefits, ideal for working, browsing your social networks, watching your favorite series and movies or even to download some video games, so they are recommended for students and professionals who are going to give it use of office data processing since they are teams that perform efficiently in those areas. So, you can make a good investment, depending on the method you are going to give your laptop.

It is also noteworthy that these best core i3 laptops under 25000 are excellent energy savers, and of course, they are cheaper than other high-end equipment. Among other outstanding features in these computers, we find the technological details, such as the type of processor, RAM, hard disk storage capacity, screen size, memory capacity, the software you use, if you have With USB ports or DVD drive.

If you are making a comparison to buying an i3 laptop, we present this Lenovo model so you can review its features and see if it fits your technological needs.

Lenovo Ideapad 320-15ISK

Main Advantage :

The most remarkable advantage of this product is that it incorporates an Intel Core i3-6006U processor at 2.0 GHz CPU speed, with a reliable response capability that will allow you to run demanding applications efficiently.

Main Disadvantage :

For some users, it is a problem that the screen is HD, missing the Full HD capacity for some videos, but it is matte and has no shine.

Verdict : 9.8 / 10

It is a laptop with acceptable performance for day to day, thanks to its powerful Core i3 processor, its large storage capacity, and excellent connectivity options.


Design and panel

Lenovo was in charge of redesigning the IdeaPad 320 with an elegant unimarco frame, adding various color options tone on tone. It also has a final protective finish that protects it from wear and has rubber details on the bottom of the cover, which helps maximize ventilation and prolong the life of the computer. 

For its part, the screen of the IdeaPad 320 is about 15.6 inches, rectangular in shape, and with an HD resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and anti-glare technology, which provides sufficient visual clarity for watching movies, videos and browsing the net.

Processor and storage

This model incorporates a processor with two cores of the Intel Core I3-6006U brand that works at a processing speed of 2GHz, being suitable for simple tasks of image editing at a non-professional level, to surf the Internet or to edit documents in any office program

Also, to accompany the described processor, this computer has 4 GB of DDR4 memory and has a storage capacity of 500 GB defined by a Serial ATA type hard drive that operates at 5400 RPM, so this equipment as a whole It guarantees a fast response capacity and efficient performance when you are working on your laptop.

Connectivity and accessories

With this best core i3 laptop under 25000 model, you can connect a projector or a TV through its HDMI port, and it also offers 2 USB 3.0 ports and wireless connection by WiFi type 801.11 AC. But if you have a cable network, the model incorporates a network card with an Ethernet port. All of this will allow you a secure and comfortable connection with different devices.

Another exciting feature of this equipment is the possibility of watching movies or files in CD format since it has a built-in DVD drive, so you do not have to go to external drives.

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