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The Best Computer For Gamer’s – Reviews, Analysis And Buying Guide In 2020

When buying a computer, it is necessary to be clear about what we need. And it is that the same team is not interested in the professional gamer who uses it to edit video and audio or who only works to navigate and perform small office tasks. Therefore, the task of deciding which the best computer for gamers is for gamers, according to our needs, is somewhat more complicated. Luckily, the offer is also full and covers all existing profiles.

 A team that stands out is the Lenovo Legion Y530, a laptop for players that have been equipped with a 14-inch screen, HD resolution, and an Intel Core i7-8750H processor. Another alternative that is among the other options is the Megamania Mega5009win model, a tower-shaped desktop computer and Intel Core i5 3.4 GHz processor, which is available in black and has several ports to improve its versatility and connectivity with other technological devices.

Comparison chart of the best computer for gamers 

Lenovo Legion Y530 – 15.6 “FullHD Gaming Laptop 

  • It has been designed with a classic structure. At the same time, it is modern and light. It is a piece of portable equipment to take advantage of its advantages in games, since it weighs 2.3 kilos, providing a balance between performance and portability.
  • Despite being equipped with high-end attributes and features, this player laptop does not include a touch screen that provides greater versatility in its use.
  • It is a laptop that has been equipped with an Intel Core i7-8750H processor, HexaCore, and has a power of 7200 RPM, with a capacity of 1 terabyte of storage and optimized operation.

Megamania PC Computer TABLE Intel Core i5 3

  • This desktop computer model works efficiently and is equipped with an Intel Core i5 650 3.2Ghz processor, which allows the optimized and smooth operation to execute commands quickly.
  • It has only been enabled with a pair of 2.0 technology ports, leaving aside 3.0 technology, which increases the transfer speed and performance of the connected devices.
  • It works efficiently and has been equipped with a powerful processor, as well as a graphics card that improves image quality and is one of the best in the market.

NITROPC – PC Gamer VX * January Sale

  • This equipment offers a balanced gaming configuration at an adjusted price, with elements such as an AMD 950 processor, 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB of hard disk, and a 4 GB AMD RX 560 graphics card.
  • The noise level generated by the equipment may be somewhat high for specific users, although not much more than other gaming computers on the market.
  • It is a mid-range product, but with enough configuration and quality to be a candidate to become the best computer for gamers of the moment.

The best computer for gamers on the market

If you are looking to change your old PC for a more modern model or simply want a new device, you probably have to see many models. The good news is that we have already done part of the work for you, as our selection of the best computer for gamers of 2020 shows. A list with several models created for different user profiles, among which it is easy to find the most suitable model, including models Cheap for those who do not have significant processing needs.


Lenovo Legion Y530

Those looking for a laptop that is of quality can not miss this model presented by the manufacturer Lenovo, which stands out as one of the best today. This is the Lenovo Legion Y530, a laptop with a 15.6-inch screen that has been designed for players, incorporating Full HD resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels at 60 Hertz.

Also, this alternative has attributes that improve its performance and optimize the time of use, through an Intel Core i7-8750H processor, with Hexa Core 2.2GHz up to 4.1GHz. Similarly, it has a 16 GB DDR4-2400 RAM and internal storage with one terabyte HDD of 7200 revolutions per minute.

On the other hand, for a better resolution of the most realistic graphics and games, the manufacturer has included an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050-4GB GDDR5 graphics card with the cooling system. To complement its excellent performance, it works with Windows 10 operating system.

Right buying decisions result from a thorough analysis of the options. Learn more about this model.


Design: It has a classic and compact design with light properties, which is available in black.

Screen: For better visualization of the content, it has a 15.6-inch widescreen.

Processor: It has been equipped with an Intel Core i7-8750H processor, HexaCore type, with 2.2 GHz up to 4.1 GHz.

Capacity: Includes an internal hard disk of 1 terabyte and 7200 rpm, so its power and storage capacity are high.


Touch: Despite being the latest generation, the screen of this laptop is not touch type.


 If you are looking for a high-performance and high-performance laptop, then your model is the MSI GS65. This product has a powerful Intel i7 processor, which is accompanied by 16 GB of RAM and a high-speed SSD hard drive with 512 GB capacity.

This is a configuration more typical of a gaming product, which is completed with a Geforce GTX 1060 graphics card to accelerate the performance of on-screen images. This is Complement suitable for its 15.6-inch screen and Full HD resolution, so it is even easier to see everything clear when playing.

And all this fits in a product of just 1.8 kilos of weight, so you can take it wherever you want. This is something in which the battery is also up to par, although within the usual regarding the equipment of these characteristics.

Let’s learn more about this high power and performance model.


Power: It is one of the most potent equipment of the moment with an Intel i7 processor, 512 GB SSD and 16 GB of RAM.

Graphics card: The included Geforce graphics card has 6 GB of RAM and high performance when squeezing any game.

Lightweight: Despite all its features, the product barely weighs 1.8 kilos and is highly portable.


Temperatures: It is essential to keep temperatures under control since this model works at a high level that requires efficient cooling.

Windows version: The computer includes the release of Windows 10 Home, which is somewhat adjusted for what this model can do.

Desktop computer

Megamania Mega5009win

 If you are looking for a compact and lightweight machine that is desktop, you might be interested in knowing the attributes that stand out in this alternative from the manufacturer, Megamania. It is a team available in black and has been designed as a tower, with high-quality standards and optimized performance.

Therefore, this desktop computer was equipped by its manufacturer with an Intel Core i5 650 processor of 3.2Ghz, up to 3.46 GHz. On the other hand, it has an 8 GB DDR3 RAM. At the same time, it has a 240 GB SSD and includes an optical disc with an RW DVD / CD Dual-layer recorder.

On the other hand, for a better resolution and reality in the observed content, it includes an Intel HD Multi-Screen HDMI + VGA graphics card. Because of its quality, it has a two-year warranty and incorporates Windows 10 Professional operating system.

Megamania Mega5009win is a team that is worth knowing in detail. Here its pros and cons.


Design: It has a classic tower-shaped design, which is available in black.

Graphics: For the better resolution of image content, it has an Intel HD Multi-Screen HDMI + VGA graphics card.

Processor: It has been enabled with an Intel Core i5 650 3.2Ghz processor, which provides speed and excellent performance.

System: The Windows 10 Professional operating system has been included in its software, which is intuitive to use.


Ports: All ports included are 2.0 technology, limiting the transfer speed provided by 3.0.


The NITROPC Gamer VX gaming computer is a complete team, considered by gamers as the best computer for players currently available in this segment. A laptop that surprises by basing its configuration on an AMD Extreme PC quad-core processor, along with a 16 GB RAM and a 1 TB hard drive, topped with an AMD Vision graphics card with 4 GB of memory.

This is a complete combo with which to obtain considerable performance when playing at a high level of graphics, without problems of lag or pulls. All this in advanced equipment that is finished off with details such as the location of its USB ports, integrated WiFi connectivity, or the usual gaming decoration with LED lights, can customize your external image as you like correctly.

If you are looking for a gaming computer, we leave you some more details about this model, so you can decide if it is the one that suits you best.


Processing: The AMD Extreme CPU processor, along with its 16 GB of RAM and its 4 GB graphics memory, are all you need to play almost any game with high quality.

Location of the ports: The outer parts of the front are located at the top of the tower, being very accessible when connecting what you want.

USB 3.0 ports: The included USB 3.0 ports, five in total, are all you need to move data at high speed to any device.

Interior space: The tower has additional space for other peripherals or cooling elements if required.


Dust filter: The fan does not include a dust filter, so if you want to protect the inside of the equipment better, you must equip it separately.

Noise level: The equipment may be somewhat louder than expected, although it also does not generate much more noise than other similar devices.

Apple computer

Apple iMac MNEA2Y / A

 The Apple iMac MNEA2Y / A all-in-one computer is one of Apple’s masterpieces. This powerful equipment does not need more than the monitor support to offer you everything you need.

This is a computer with a 27-inch diagonal monitor based on Retina technology with which to enjoy a 5K resolution much appreciated by all types of users. As for its processing capacity, the computer mounts an Intel i5 processor with 8 GB of RAM and a 1 TB hard disk storage. High-Speed processing, thanks to the design of Mac computers and their efficient operating system.

And so you do not have problems with the image, this Apple computer also has an AMD Radeon Pro graphics card with 4 GB of memory so that you will see everything much clearer.

Many users consider that Apple is the best brand of computers today. And seeing the features of this Mac, which we detail below, the reason is not lacking.


Screen: Its exclusive 27-inch Retina display offers you an image with a 4K resolution with which you’ll see everything much clearer.

Processing: This equipment performs optimally even with the most demanding applications, such as video editing and digital imaging.

Ports: Its full availability of ports and location makes it much easier to connect everything comfortably and without difficulties.

USB 3.0 technology: This equipment is also updated to new times, including four high-speed types 3.0.


Keyboard: Although the device has the brand’s own Magic Keyboard, it takes some time to get used to its measurements and features.

Compatibility: In case you want to use applications that are not available for Mac computers, you will have to resort to virtualization.

Mac computer

Apple iMac 201709

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The Apple iMac 2017 computer is another of the products by which we all know the brand of the apple. This Mac computer has been recently revised to expand its functions and thus be able to mount an Intel i5 seventh-generation processor or a Radeon 555 or 560 graphics card, with excellent graphics performance. Something necessary to get the most out of its 21.5-inch screen and 4K resolution, topped with the brand’s spectacular retina system.

The rest of the details are not missing, such as the image of the device, typical of any current Mac computer, or its Thunderbolt ports with which to obtain better performance to enjoy all the team functions and live the Apple experience as it deserves.

If you want to live the experience that a Mac offers you, you just have to take a look at what this team puts at your disposal.


Revised version: This 2017 version adds extra quality to the product, with details such as the 7th generation i5 processor, among others.

Image quality: The screen generates a 4K quality image, accompanied in addition to the brand’s excellent retina effect.

Design: The design with a narrow frame and aluminum finishes give an extra elegance to the product.


The screen size of this model is somewhat small for the monitors that we usually find in the market.

Storage: It is missing to have an SSD hard drive that can accelerate the device’s processing a little more.

HP computer

HP OMEN 870-110ns

 If you prefer to have an HP computer to play or for your daily activity, you just have to take a look at what the HP OMEN 870-110ns model offers you. This desktop computer includes high-quality elements, such as the Intel i7 processor, an 8 GB RAM, or a double hard disk that combines a 256 GB SSD with a conventional and improved 2 TB disk.

Enough so that the product has a high performance when playing or doing what you want. Work in which you can count on the 8 GB Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics card that incorporates this HP computer, giving a high response when it comes to squeezing the graphics of your games or whatever you need.

Designed for high power, let’s see some more details of this model and everything it offers you.


Power: Its i7 processor, storage, and 16 GB RAM make the product one of the most powerful on the market.

Graphics card: The integrated graphics card with 8 GB of RAM is ideal for playing in extreme quality.

Improved sound: In addition to the image quality, this model also has a remarkable audio quality.


Mouse and keyboard: Although the product comes with a keyboard and mouse included, both elements have improved quality compared to the rest of the equipment.

Upper ports: The ports located at the top of the tower are convenient, but being uncovered is a deposit for dust.

Desktop computer

Vibox Vision 2

 The Vibox Vision 2 desktop computer is an alternative to Intel models, which currently dominate the market. It is a Gaming design tower with an A4 Dual Core processor from this manufacturer, which is accompanied by 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB of hard disk storage.

A simple design where you will also have the power of the Radeon board integrated into the board, which improves performance compared to Intel models. This computer is topped with details such as the DVD burner drive, the USB 3.0 ports with which to speed up data transfer, or its beautiful decoration. As much as to have an open side with which it is easy to see the decorative blue neon lighting that the tower has. This is ideal to finish off this new desktop computer.

Let’s see some more functions of this gaming cutting equipment, but that is not especially expensive for what it offers.


Mid-range: This model is situated in what would be a mid-range, being suitable for working or playing with solvency without spending much more.

DVD: The computer is accompanied by a DVD player, so you don’t have trouble moving data using this device.

Design: The tower design incorporates a beautiful open side with attractive blue lighting.


Operating system: The product has no operating system, so you will have to buy it separately or use one that you already have.

Graphics card: The model does not have a separate graphics card beyond the one that is integrated into the board, although at least its performance is better than Intel models.

Accept T11 Plus

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This minicomputer from the manufacturer Suprec is recognized as one of the best in the market. For a compact size, the user will obtain high-end performance to develop basic and advanced functions. The small model takes up little space and is enabled with an Intel Atom X5 Quad-Core processor – z8350, for a frequency range of 44 GHz / S.

For optimized and straightforward operation, the manufacturer of this model has equipped it with a Windows 10 Pro Edition 64-bit operating system. Similarly, it has a 4GB RAM and 64 GB of memory, and it is also possible to extend this storage with a micro SD card up to 128 GB, with USB or external hard drive.

For better compatibility, connectivity, and versatility, the device has several ports, including two USB 2.0, two USB 3.0, and one HDMI. It has an interface for headphones and microphones and an Ethernet port for connection to the web.

Accept T11 Plus is sound equipment for work or entertainment use. Here its pros and cons.


Design: It has a compact, lightweight, and portable design, which is available in black.

Ports: For better connectivity with other devices, it includes several USB ports, two being 3.0 and two 2.0, as well as HDMI, Ethernet, and more.

Processor: Includes an Intel Atom X5 Quad-Core processor – z8350 that provides fast operation.

Storage: It has 64 GB of memory, which is expandable to 128 GB through micro SD.


Instructions: The equipment does not include explicit instructions that help improve its performance.

All in One computer

Medion Akoya E23201 AIO

Those who wish to save space through a functional team should opt for an All in One computer, this model of the Medion manufacturer being one of the most recognized. This desktop computer has everything included in a 23.8-inch high-definition monitor, being its modern, light, stylized, and ultra-thin design, available in silver.

This model has been equipped with a two-core Intel Celeron J4005 processor and a 4 GB RAM, so its operation is fast and powerful. Besides, it includes an internal memory of 64 GB and, for better image processing, and Intel UHD graphics card has been incorporated. All these attributes make it a computer with optimized performance.

For efficient operation, it has Windows 10 Home operating system and, for more excellent connectivity to the network and other equipment, it has WiFi, Bluetooth, USB ports, HDMI, Ethernet, and audio output with the microphone.

Before buying, you should analyze it. Therefore, below you can learn more about Medion Akoya E23201.


Design: It has a minimalist and modern design that is available in silver color, integrating monitor and CPU in a single device.

Processor: It has been equipped with an Intel Celeron J4005 dual-core processor, which offers adequate performance.

Connectivity: It has five USB ports, three 2.0 and two 3.0, an HDMI, Ethernet input, and audio output to correctly link to a wide range of equipment.

Card: For better image resolution, it incorporates an Intel UHD graphics card.


Keyboard: The model does not include the manual, being necessary to purchase it separately, with an additional investment.

How to choose the best computer for gamers?

The choice of your new computer is something you should leave lightly. And it is that beyond how much the equipment costs, there is a wide range of products, configurations, and designs that give you the option of having from a simple computer for office applications to the most advanced equipment and designed for gamers to enjoy the best sensations, So you don’t miss out on so much variety, you just have to follow the advice of our guide to buy the best computer for gamers and know what to look for when purchasing.

Shopping guide


If we look at any comparison of computers that fall into our hands, we will see that the first aspect usually treated is the included processor. It is an element that marks the usefulness of the product, as well as the other parameters of the device.

Within the current processors, the traditional fight between Intel and AMD has almost disappeared. The existing domain corresponds to Intel with a share that exceeds 80% versus less than 20% for AMD. So the decision of which brand to choose is quite clear. It is not easy to find computers with AMD processors installed.

It is something that leads us to analyze these Intel processors to determine the one that suits us. For necessary or straightforward use equipment, you can use a Celeron processor or an i3, this second one being more recommendable unless you are looking for very cheap material. The models with i5 processors are in the mid-range, while the i7 would be processors for the highest-end equipment. And if you are looking for the maximum, the maximum power i9 processors are already here, although still at prohibitive prices.


Another essential element of a computer is the amount of RAM it includes. Something that must go hand in hand with the rest of the configuration we have. However, in this case, we will go unaffected. Except for original equipment, the minimum recommended configuration should have 4 GB of RAM and eight from devices with i5 processors. In the case of the i7, the 16 or 32 can be raised, and in the i9, it is almost essential.


Another critical aspect of a good computer: the space to store data. This is a section in which modern SSD hard drives have changed the previous approach. These new discs, with an operation similar to that of an SD card or a USB memory, significantly accelerate the performance of the equipment. However, they have a higher cost than usual.

Usually, for that price, they are discs that, if included in a computer, coexist with traditional hard drives, which offer more storage at a lower cost. Anyway, these dual configurations are expendable on computers with an i3 processor or more moderate, due to the simplicity already mentioned. In the i5 and higher, it would be convenient to apply this dual storage, with at least 256 GB of SSD space and 1 TB of traditional space, as a base.

Graphics card

The image is increasingly important on a computer, especially when you are playing or working with multimedia applications. So the graphics card has a vital role in this whole approach. A card that, in the models of economic price, is already included in the motherboard but offers an adjusted performance.

Therefore, it is necessary to check the installed graphics card whenever we want to have an extra. Most current cards feature Nvidia designs and chips, sold under various brands. Perhaps the most useful reference is the memory of that card, which the more significant the power the product offers. As a reference, 2 or 4 GB cards are already sufficient to obtain quality graphics, while for gaming or more extreme uses, we should bet on models of 6 GB or higher.


Keyboard, speakers, mouse, graphics tablet, mobile phone, pen drives …\the current connectivity of a computer is essential so that we have space for everything and we do not have to go looking for connectors or other elements so that our team becomes the center of our computer system.

So it doesn’t hurt to see how many USB ports the device has, as well as require that at least some of them be USB 3.0. This new technology is already standard in most modern computers and offers you a higher operating speed compared to 2.0 systems. Therefore, it is very suitable to make backup copies of your mobile phone or your USB memory using less time.

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Network access

In the last section, we will review the Internet connection options of the device. That is not connected to the network loses a lot of its functions. Therefore, we have not wanted to put aside the two options we have to communicate from our future computer.

The most common is that the connection we use is the wired one, which has more excellent stability and quality than the WiFi connections. This connection uses the port included in the motherboard for this access. The old boards include Ethernet ports, with maximum speeds of 100 Mbps, but if you want to make the most of your fiber connection and what your provider offers, it will be necessary to look for boards with Gigabit ports, which reach 1 Gbps of the transfer.

Something similar happens on the WiFi side. In this case, it is not usual that such connectivity is included on the board, but that it is generated by an additional component. In any case, check if it is included in your device and also the speed at which it can connect. And it is that the equipment with convenient connectivity to the 2.4 GHz band cannot exceed 300 Mbps, while the most modern ones use the 5 GHz band and reach speeds of up to 1.3 Gbps, depending on their technology. It’s all about searching.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to turn off the computer with a keyboard?

To turn off the computer with the keyboard, you just have to close all applications using the ALT and F4 combination and, once you have closed them all, you only have to press this combination once more to launch the Windows shutdown menu. In this menu, it will be necessary to choose the option to turn off and press enter. Alternatively, if your keyboard has a Windows key, it will allow you to access the menu and, from here, navigate to turn off your PC.

Q2: What is the fastest computer in the world?

As long as we manage the necessary budget for this, they would be the computers used by modern Intel i9 processors.

These new processors, launched in October 2018, give the maximum current power to your equipment, even if components in line with the product accompany them. It is something that translates into a cost for the tower of about 6,000 euros, currently, while the processor can range from 1,000 to 2,200 euros, as we said, something that is not available to all pockets.

Q3: How to connect the computer to the TV?

Today’s computers have graphics cards equipped with HDMI ports, which are the most common on today’s TVs. So you only need to have this cable, connect it to the PC and the TV and select the source to which you link the equipment to have the image on the screen.

If your computer or TV does not have an HDMI port, you can always use the traditional VGA cable, which is typical. In this case, you will have to connect the sound separately, as this cable does not include it.

Q4: How to clean a computer?

To proceed with the cleaning of your computer, we will distinguish the interior and exterior cleaning. In the latter, you only have to pass a damp cloth with a mild cleanser, which helps you to remove the remains of dust and dirt that you may have.

To clean the interior, it is recommended to use a handheld vacuum cleaner to absorb dust and a small brush or a spray of compressed air to release this dust from the different computer elements. In any case, be careful not to drop any cables or damage any components during the process.

Q5: How to format a computer?

To format a computer, you will have two ways to proceed. The first is to do it from the operating system installation tool that you plan to install, following the corresponding instructions.

The other option is to use a specific application to proceed to this formatting, connecting it through the USB port of your computer. In this case, you may have to enter the BIOS to modify the boot order of the drives.

Q6: Where to throw an old computer?

Like all electronic equipment out of use, to discard an old computer that you no longer use, you only have to take it to a precise point. Here they will be responsible for disassembly and recycling of the different elements of the device. However, if the computer is not especially old or you want it to have a second life, there are various NGOs and even universities that collect them for reuse.

Q7: Why does my computer shut down alone?

Shutting down your computer may be due to software or hardware issues. If the problem is software, it will be necessary to review the operating system and the hard disk, to solve the problem you may have.

If the problem is hardware, the most common is that the failure is due to issues with the temperature, which is solved with a good cleaning of the equipment. If this is not the case, you should check the different connected devices and RAM, to see if any connection failure causes this problem.

Q8: What to do when the computer crashes?

If your computer crashes, the first thing you should have is patience. Wait a few seconds or even a couple of minutes to see if the laptop unlocks by itself. If you do not have this luck, you will have to access the task manager using the well-known combination Control + Alt + Delete, if you can.

If there is luck and the administrator comes out, try to close applications to ease the workload. And if you can not, and the keyboard does not respond, it will be time to resort to the usual reset button to return the equipment to its initial state and solve the problem. This should be the last option.

Q9: How to clean a laptop?

Due to the dimensions of the product, it is evident that cleaning a laptop is more necessary and also more complicated than that of a desktop. If you want to clean it on the outside, you only have to pass a cloth that is impregnated in a suitable cleaner to remove the remains and use a vacuum cleaner for the keyboard and the ventilation sockets.

You can always clean the inside of the equipment with that same vacuum cleaner or with a spray of compressed air if you have the corresponding knowledge. Be careful when assembling and disassembling, making sure to leave everything in condition once you finish cleaning.

Q10: Why doesn’t my computer startup?

The causes of this problem are diverse, as is the case with their solutions. Start by checking if the computer makes noise or not, since if it does not, this can be a sign of lack of power, which is solved with a review of plugs and sockets. If it makes noise, but what does not start is the operating system, it may be damaged.

It is something that you can solve with your system’s recovery tool to recover it. And in the worst case, the problem may be a hard disk, although it is something that you should also perceive for the sound.

How to use a computer

The process of assembling and installing a computer is a simple task for those who know what they do. If you have to face your first assembly, it will not hurt to take a look at this little guide, with which to know what you should look for during this process.

Connecting wiring

The first step we must take once we have removed the computer from the box and removed all the packaging is to connect all the corresponding wiring. This is a process where we will attach the electrical cable of the tower, the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse, the speakers, and the other accessories that you can use. Verify that all connections are correctly placed, so you don’t have to tighten wires later.

Power on and boot

If you have completed this process, it will be time to execute the first boot of the device. If the equipment has an operating system included, you will probably be presented with the screen of the first installation, so that you can adjust the small parameters such as accounts and the like. If this is not the case, this will be the time to install the operating system of your choice, according to its instructions.

Network connection

Nowadays, a computer without internet is something uncommon. So first of all, you must connect your new equipment to the network. If the link is executed via an Ethernet card, you have to wait for the device to connect. If this connection is WiFi, it will be necessary to have a suitable method for that access, properly configured, and installed. Search the corresponding network in the device interface, enter the password, and access the relevant connection you have established.

System Update

Since the product is probably not updated, it is highly recommended that you look for operating system updates that will not be few. This process can take you a few hours. Depending on the version of the operating system you have installed, it is highly recommended to complete it to avoid security problems when using the equipment. Do not forget to check the drivers of the computer to see that they are up to date.

Protecting your new computer

In line with the protection mentioned above the range, it is time to install an appropriate antivirus, which is responsible for keeping your computer protected against possible berthing. This is a protection that should not be missing an online protection tool, to avoid problems such as the theft of your data and other risks that currently affect our security when moving around the network.

Final optimization

We close this installation and assembly process with a step that will surely be useful. And if you spend a few minutes to finish configuring the other options of the device such as resolutions, shortcuts, installation of applications, and other elements that you use daily, it will be much easier to access all kinds of functions and save time and inconvenience when using your new computer.

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