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The Best Budget Wireless Mouse – Reviews, Analysis And Comparison In 2020

Today, the mouse is a crucial piece to work with our computer. And if you are someone who does not want cables on your table, having a wireless mouse is the best option. However, this mouse’s best budget wireless mouse must have a proper resolution when responding to your movements, comfortable and ergonomic touch, and excellent battery performance.

The good thing is that today there are many mouse that meets all these premises, such as the Logitech M185 model. This classic mouse sports a three-button and wheel design, as well as a resolution of 1000 dpi. If you prefer a mouse model that has five different resolutions, from 800 to 2400 dpi, in a compact product with a cordless range of up to 10 meters, the VICTSING CA57B-VES1 wireless mouse is what you need.

Comparison chart of the best budget wireless mouse

Logitech M185, Wireless Mouse, Optical, 2.4 GHz, USB, Black

  • If you do not feel like complicating yourself with buttons and resolutions and you are merely looking for an efficient and quality wireless mouse, this product is just what you need, with the usual Logitech extra quality.
  • Although the range of the mouse indicating its characteristics is 10 meters, some users limit that range effectively to approximately 5 meters, as with other models on the market.
  • It is a known model, economically priced, and with which to have quality equipment and excellent efficiency.

VicTsing Mini Wireless Mouse, Portable 2.4G with Nano Receiver

  • This model is one of the most complete in the market within its price range, with five different levels of resolution, six buttons to be more productive, and an ergonomic design that adapts to the hand.
  • Although the product can be used with Mac computers, operating system limitations prevent lateral scroll buttons from being used.
  • A surprise within the current wireless mouse market, both for the quality and functionality of this economically priced mouse.

HP X3000 – Optical Wireless Mouse, Color Black

Logitech has always been a brand recognized for its quality, and this wireless mouse is no exception. It is a useful device with 2.4GHz wireless connection and high compatibility with all operating systems.

The quality of the buttons is not the best, so they feel uncomfortable when clicking and touching them. However, you can consider another model from this list.

If you are looking for a mouse of good quality and that serves you for the basics, this model is the one for you thanks to its 1,000 DPI resolution.

The best budget wireless mouse on the market

Dispense with the cable when working with our mouse is easy, thanks to the full existing offer of models that work without cables. We have extracted some of the best wireless mouse of 2019, so you know what to find in the market. The best thing is that there are so many options that it will cost you work to decide which is the best budget wireless mouse to meet your needs.

Logitech wireless mouse

Logitech M185

 In any forum that talks about the best budget wireless mouse of the moment, the Logitech M185 model usually comes to the fore. An already classic mouse of the brand, much appreciated for its simplicity and quality.

This Logitech wireless mouse has the usual design of two buttons and a central wheel, with which it is easy to perform all kinds of office tasks and move comfortably through the network and between your documents. For this, the sensor has a resolution of 1000 dpi, more than enough for this type of activity.

This is a mouse that sends the signal to the PC through a nano receiver using the 2.4 GHz frequency, thus obtaining a good quality in the movement and a simple installation. As much as its power, which combines an on and off switch, with an intelligent sleep mode with which the included battery can last about a year.

Let’s see some more features of this model, from which many stand out as the best brand of a current wireless mouse.


Simplicity: If you do not need more than a traditional mouse without cable and quality, this model is one that best fits that profile.

Compatibility: This mouse can be used under all operating systems such as Windows, Mac, or even Linux.

Energy-saving: The mouse combines a switch and suspension system with which to extend the life of the battery.

Sensitivity: The mouse has a sensitivity of 1,000 dpi, therefore sufficient for the most common uses in office automation tasks.


Wheel noise makes it possible that the wheel causes more noise than expected, although it is something that can be solved with proper cleaning and light creasing in the area.

Some user comments that the touch of the buttons is not pleasant, as well as the response when pressing, although this is rather personal.

Wireless gaming mouse


 The first thing we see of the VICTSING CA57B-VES1 wireless mouse, in addition to its light gaming touch, is its design. This is a compact and ergonomic design, which makes it easy to control the device properly. If we go deeper inside, we will see that we have five levels of adjustable resolutions from 800 to 2400 dpi, depending on what you need.

A wireless gaming mouse that offers a traditional look that includes six different buttons, so you can be more productive and efficient when it comes to moving around the network and your documents. Thus, mobility is not a problem, thanks to its 2.4 GHz sensor, you can have up to 10 meters of range.

Surprisingly, a cluster of functions is combined with one of the lowest prices we have seen, so it is not surprising that this model is considered the best budget wireless mouse of value for money by many users.

If you do not know which wireless mouse to buy and you are looking for quality among the cheap models, this model likely meets what you need.


Resolution: The resolution of this model is variable and ranges from 800 to 2400 dpi, and can easily be adjusted.

Ergonomic: The ergonomic design of the mouse gives you greater control, which also helps your exterior that has a more exceptional grip where necessary.

Scope: The included receiver offers you a working range of up to 10 meters, without drivers.

Keypad: The included keyboard has six buttons, which add others to the conventional ones, to move you better.

Power: The battery included with the mouse has an estimated useful life of 15 months, also having a function that turns off the mouse after 8 minutes of inactivity.


Compatibility: Although the product can be used with both PC and Mac, in the latter case, the side buttons do not work due to the limitations of the Mac OS system.

HP wireless mouse

HP X3000

 We already know the reputation of this company, so if you are looking for an HP wireless mouse, we recommend this model with an optical sensor with a resolution of 1,200 DPI. Besides, thanks to its 2.4 GHz nano receiver, you will get a fast and stable connection between the mouse and the receiver.

This device has a beautiful design and is made with small grip points that are textured and that facilitate the control of the invention. Also, it incorporates three buttons and a precise scroll wheel, covering your primary needs.

It has dimensions of 5.7 x 9.5 x 3.9 centimeters and weighs approximately 59 grams, making it a comfortable wireless mouse for medium-hand users. Thanks to its features, this model is considered the best budget wireless mouse by many users.

If you want to buy a wireless mouse, but still unsure which model you should choose, we recommend looking at the following features of this mouse.


Connection: This wireless mouse works with a 2.4 GHz high speed and stability type connection.

Battery: Thanks to its included AA battery and consumption of 2 watts per hour, you can enjoy long hours of operation.

Sensor: The sensor resolution of this wireless mouse is 1200 DPI, so it has a high level of accuracy.


Batteries: If you forget to turn off the mouse when you are not using it, the batteries will discharge quickly, as it continues to consume charge even with the idle computer.

Wireless mouse for laptop


If you need a wireless laptop mouse, you need to find a compact but efficient product. These are the requirements that the TENMOS ES10099 model meets. This mini wireless mouse has small measures 6.5 centimeters long by four wide and three high, weighing 98 grams.

However, this size is enough to have a mouse with a resolution of 1000 dpi and a three-button system, where we do not lack the central wheel with which to move through documents or web pages.

In this space, we also find a wireless receiver that, together with the one that connects to the laptop, generates a range of 10 meters in range, so that nothing ties you to your equipment. And you don’t have to worry about the battery either since this mouse works with a rechargeable battery, which is fully charged in just a couple of hours.

Designed for those who do not want to add weight to the case of your laptop, let’s see how many functions this model meets despite its adjusted size.


Rechargeable battery: The wireless mouse works with a rechargeable battery, so you won’t have to go looking for batteries to make it work.

Plug & Play: The mouse connects directly via a USB receiver, without drivers or drivers.

Silent: The mouse is very quiet, so you won’t have to wait for the mouse click, which bothers you during your day.


Size: Although obviously, a wireless laptop mouse has to be compact, for some users, the product is too small.

Charging time: The charging time of the mouse is approximately 2 hours, although, during this time, you can continue using the device.

Bluetooth wireless mouse

TeckNet Alpha

 This Bluetooth wireless mouse is among the best models on this list thanks to its features and high accuracy. With a resolution of 3,000 DPI and its five adjustable levels, you can manipulate this device professionally. This wireless mouse works with a Bluetooth version 3.0 connections that allow a link up to 15 meters away from use.

This wireless mouse incorporates an LED light that indicates the operation of this device. Besides, it is fully compatible with any computer that allows a Bluetooth connection.

On the other hand, thanks to its TruWave technology, you will get more precise control over almost any type of surface. This model is manufactured with soft rubber and has dimensions of 6.5 x 4.15 x 10.5 centimeters and weighs approximately 75 grams.

If you are looking for a precise mouse to do your design work comfortably, we recommend looking at the pros and cons of this device.


Clicks: Manufacturers have estimated that clicks will be performed for life since the tests have exceeded eight million clicks.

Distance: You can control your computer with this device at a distance of up to 15 meters.

Resolution: It incorporates a precise 3,000 DPI optical sensor resolution, which is why it is indicated for design and video editing professionals.


Mac: If you have a Mac computer, it is essential to keep in mind that the side buttons are not compatible with your operating system.

Rechargeable wireless mouse

Apple Magic Mouse 2

Apple fans also have their place in this selection. This is a space that occupies the wireless mouse for Mac Apple Magic Mouse 2. A product that follows the design lines of the brand, with a beautiful white finish and an improved format to give you a greater comfort of use.

This rechargeable wireless mouse has a lighter internal structure, which uses a rechargeable battery to function. It also has the Multi-Touch surface, which gives more versatility to the use by allowing gestures to move between documents.

This is a model that also includes a wireless battery, which eliminates weight inside the device and gives you an estimated autonomy of 720 hours per charge. And by the time you have to charge it, simply connect the included Lightning cable and wait for your mouse to be ready for use again.

You need all the information about each model if you want to find the best budget wireless mouse. This is something that we offer below for this Logitech model.


Multi-Touch Surface: This surface offers you the possibility to perform different gestures with which it is easier to move around the network or through your documents.

Connectivity: The mouse connects via Bluetooth to your device, so you won’t have to worry about complicated settings or connections.

Rechargeable battery: Thanks to its rechargeable battery, this model has a smaller weight and allows you to forget about conventional batteries forever.


Charging: The mouse cannot be used while it is connected to the charging port, although it does not take long to complete.

Resolution: Some users comment that the mouse resolution can be adjusted, mainly if used to high-resolution models.

Trust wireless mouse

Trust Primo

 This brand’s products have taken a lot of popularity in recent times thanks to the great features they offer, so this Trust wireless mouse stands out among the most common wireless mouse thanks to its excellent relationship between quality and price.

This device allows you to work with two speeds thanks to its variable resolution, which is set between 1,000 or 1,6000 DPI thanks to its optical sensor. On the other hand, it is an ambidextrous mouse that can be used by left or right-handed users.

The dimensions of this product are 4.8 x 11.5 x 13.5 centimeters, and it weighs approximately 4.54 grams, making it a very compact and lightweight model, perfect for carrying on your trips.

To correctly choose a wireless mouse that fits your needs, it is essential that you look at the positive and negative factors of this model that is presented as a great purchase option.


Speed: You can choose the operating speed thanks to its variable resolution.

Batteries: This wireless mouse works with two AAA batteries so that the charge will last a long time.

Comfortable: This is a compact and very comfortable device thanks to its ergonomic design so that you can use it for longer.


Operating system: This device might have compatibility problems with the Win 10 operating system, so you should keep this in mind.

Microsoft wireless mouse

Microsoft 18 50

Within the line of Microsoft peripherals, the 1850 model is a simple wireless mouse that you can do without cables when it comes to controlling your PC.

A Microsoft wireless mouse specially designed for office use incorporates the usual arrangement of two buttons and center wheel with which it is easy to move around the network or any document. It also has a compact design that fits the hand, reducing discomfort when working and is compatible for both left and right-handed.

The signal uses a nano receiver that transmits the message accurately and allows you to start using the mouse without drivers or drivers. And regarding the battery, its estimated useful life is six months, according to the manufacturer.

If you do not know what wireless mouse to buy, this Microsoft model is a basic with which it is easy to keep control of your computer.


Design: The design combines a compact size with a format that helps the hand be comfortably held on the mouse.

Traditional configuration: This wireless mouse has a conventional configuration, with two buttons plus the central wheel, without complications or superfluous elements.

Colors: The product is presented in eight different colors, so you can choose the one you like best.


Noise: Some user comments that the noise level of the buttons and especially of the wheel is somewhat higher than would be desirable.

Battery life: The battery has an estimated duration of use six months, which has been half that of another mouse we have analyzed.

Guide to buying a wireless mouse

The mouse has become an essential accessory when you need to use a computer, especially if you are a gamer who spends long hours a day playing your favorite games. For this and due to the wide variety of models offered by the market, we have decided to help you in your choice, presenting you with the following guide to buying the best budget wireless mouse. Besides, you must know how much the device costs before making your choice so that you choose the mouse that best suits your needs.

Shopping guide


One of the main features that you should keep in mind when choosing your next wireless mouse, whether for home or office, is ergonomics, since, as users, whenever we want to acquire a new mouse, we must have as a comfort priority. This will help us not only to be more comfortable but also to avoid some health problems such as carpal tunnel disease, which is common among computer mouse users.

However, although comfort is an entirely subjective factor, an ergonomic device means that it is specially designed to avoid any kind of problem in hand. Therefore, when buying your next mouse, it is highly recommended to try to interact with the device to test it. Otherwise, look at the comments made by people who have already acquired that model.

It is essential to know that three main types of mice differ in the device’s grip style. These are the complete palm mouse, the claw-style one, or with the fingertips. However, whatever the style, analyze it so that you can know if it feels natural.

Dimensions and weight

Given that not all hands are equal, it is essential to verify the size of the device before making your choice. If your hand has a considerable extent, you should choose a spacious and good-sized model, on which all your hands can rest. What is sought is to have great comfort and naturally position the thumb and little finger.

On the other hand, depending on the activity that you are going to have with the mouse, whether it is to play or work, it is essential that you can do it comfortably so that a light device can significantly increase the maneuverability of this wireless mouse. However, a mouse that is too light can be uncomfortable because there is no feeling of weight or solidity.

Accuracy and sensitivity

Since the primary function of a mouse is to move your hand movements to a cursor inside the screen, accuracy is another of the most relevant factors that we must consider when choosing a new wireless mouse. Recall that the sensor is the component responsible for achieving the highest accuracy, and there are mainly two optical technologies: LED and laser. Between these two technologies, the LED offers greater accuracy.

However, it is important to keep in mind that LED sensors do not work equally well on all surfaces. Such is the case of glossy or transparent surfaces, on which the LED mouse will not work. The opposite happens with a mouse with laser technology, which works perfectly on almost any surface, but you have to sacrifice some precision. Also, remember that to achieve greater accuracy, manufacturers have created the DPI measure that is used to measure the sensitivity of the mouse.

However, greater sensitivity does not mean greater accuracy. Even on some occasions, a mouse that is too sensitive can impede precision, so there must be a balance between these two characteristics. The best way to do this is to choose a model that goes from 1,000 to 2,000 DPI. It is more than enough for the casual use of a computer, and 2,000 to 3,000 DPI for design work or video editing.

Extra buttons and special features

Being one of the most used components by computer users, whether you are a professional, a student, or a gamer, mouse varies greatly, especially those that are used to play certain titles. It is highly recommended to look at the extra buttons that incorporate some models on the internal side and are operated by the thumb and other buttons, which simplify the actions you perform on the computer.

Also, other features will make any user notice this device at the moment, although they are usually a bit trivial, such as brightly colored lights and futuristic and aggressive designs.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a wireless mouse?

First, you must connect the mouse receiver to one of the USB ports that is free of your computer. There is no possibility of getting confused when plugging the receiver into a wrong port since each input is for a different type of connector.

Next, make sure the mouse has a charged battery and turn on the device. The switch must be on the bottom of the mouse, in a disguised way. Then, press the button to connect or link the mouse, which must also be somewhere hidden. Wait for the operating system to recognize the new device and proceed to move your hand to check the wireless mouse’s operation.

Q2: How to connect a wireless mouse to a laptop?

To connect a wireless mouse to a laptop through a Bluetooth connection, the first thing you need to do is access the configuration window of your operating system by clicking on the gear icon in the startup section. Next, locate the Bluetooth devices and make sure this function is active. Then, turn on the wireless mouse and press the button to pair the device somewhere. If you don’t know the location, you can look at the product instructions.

Q3: How to connect an Apple wireless mouse?

Apple wireless devices must be linked to be used correctly on your computer, especially if you have purchased them separately. Both the Apple wireless mouse and keyboard work with Bluetooth technology. If the devices are included in your Mac package, they will undoubtedly be linked, so you just have to turn them on.

To install them, the first thing you should do is make sure the power switch is in the correct position. The indication that it is on is a small green light under the switch. Next, enter the system preferences and the Bluetooth option. There you will find the option to add a new device, and on the list, you will see your new mouse.

Q4: How to connect a keyboard and wireless mouse?

Mainly, plug the keyboard receiver into a free USB port on your computer. The slots are easily recognized because they are small rectangular entrances on the side of your laptop. Proceed to turn on the keyboard, making sure beforehand that the battery is charged correctly. Many models use AA or AAA batteries, so it is advisable to use rechargeable batteries to enjoy the device. Then, press the button to connect that is on the keyboard and open a notebook to test its operation. 

Q5: How far does a wireless mouse have?

It is essential that, in the case of an infrared mouse, so that they can reach their full range, there can be no object that obstructs directly since this type of signal does not pass through the objects. Usually, the wireless mouse has a range that varies by brand between 1.5 and 10 meters in a round radius, considering that models that reach up to 10 meters work with a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

Q6: How to activate a wireless mouse?

To activate a wireless mouse, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have the receiver device inserted into a USB port on your computer. Next, see if your wireless mouse has a fully charged battery and, even after this, the mouse does not activate, press the connect button that has the wireless mouse. Otherwise, you must proceed to install the device drivers directly.

Q7: Which is a better, wireless, or wired mouse?

To define what type of device is better, it is necessary to know the pros and cons offered by each model. In the case of a wireless mouse, its main advantage is the freedom of movement that this device allows. Wireless mouse use a battery to function, so they are not subject to any cables that limit their movement. However, the negative point is that you should be very attentive to its battery, as it could stop working unexpectedly from one moment to another in the full game. Quite the opposite happens with the wired mouse: while they limit your freedom of movement, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery.

Q8: Why doesn’t the wireless mouse work?

If it has happened to you on the occasion that, even if you move the wireless mouse, you cannot see the pointer on the monitor, several problems may be occurring. Check that the batteries are charged or that they have not been disconnected from the USB receiver.

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