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The Best Budget Monitor For Gaming – Reviews, Analysis And Comparison In 2019

 Since it will be what you see during your workdays, spending some time looking best budget monitor for gaming is not a bad idea. Especially since manufacturers nowadays have a large number of products with different sizes, resolutions, and some extras, such as touch monitors, curves, or speakers, to name a few examples. Among these monitors, we can highlight Samsung U28E570D.

This 28-inch 4K monitor will give you the best image, including features that take care of your visual health with fewer flickers and a filter for the dreaded blue light. If you are looking for something smaller, you can use the LG 25UM58-P monitor. This product has a diagonal of 25 inches and a 21: 9 panoramic design that is ideal for business environments for image quality and size, which you can organize as you see fit.

Comparison chart of the best budget monitor for gaming

Samsung U28E570DS – 28 “4K Desktop PC Monitor (3840 x 2160 Pixels, Flicker-Free, FreeSync, HDMIx2, Display Port, 1ms, 60Hz), Metallic Black, Silver

  • This 28-inch diagonal monitor is capable of generating an image in high-quality 4K format, with which to perceive any image with the highest resolution of the moment, reinforced with a refresh rate of just one millisecond.
  • Some users comment that the configuration command, similar to the management of a video console, can be somewhat annoying when moving between the different product configuration options.
  • This is an extreme quality monitor with which to see everything more transparent and enjoy a remarkable image quality.

LG 25UM58-P UltraWide – Monitor for 64 cm (25 inch, Full HD, IPS, LED, 2560 x 1080 pixels, 5 ms, 21: 9, 200 cd / m2, Screen split) Desktop PC Color Black

This monitor changes the traditional 16: 9 format to the 21: 9 panoramic format, offering, besides, the UXGA resolution and a high-quality IPS panel that improves the display and does not distort the color.

Some user comments that the new OnScreen Control application is still a bit “green” because, although it fulfills what it promises, its operation is not as fluid as it should be.

A state-of-the-art monitor ready to offer you an even more full space when working in multitasking and split-screen mode.

Samsung LU32J590UQU 32 “4K Ultra HD LED Flat Black PC Screen – Monitor (81.3 cm (32”), 3840 x 2160 Pixels, 4K Ultra HD, LED, 4 ms, Black)

  • This model is capable of reproducing graphics in 4K resolution on a 32-inch diagonal screen. Also, it has several modes to optimize that image, such as gaming mode.
  • The management of the monitor configuration options are improvable, so you will have to have some patience to establish the different modes of use and the parameters of the monitor.
  • This is a large monitor and high image quality, so you can enjoy great images when playing.

The best budget monitor for gaming in the market

The monitor is another one of those elements in which it is worth investing some money to have the best. This is especially given the rise of gaming, which has significantly improved the quality and efficiency of these products. Therefore, when deciding which is the best budget monitor for gaming with which you can equip your work table, it is convenient to be clear about what you need and to maximize your budget. Luckily, having so much to choose from will have no trouble finding what you want. You can even see it now, in this selection of the best budget monitor for gamings of 2020.

4K monitor

Samsung U28E570DS

For many users, the best budget monitor for gaming is the one with the highest image resolution. In this case, we would talk about a 4K monitor like the Samsung U28E570DS model.

This 28-inch diagonal monitor includes this maximum current resolution and details that improve vision, such as the Flicker-Free system or FreeSync technology, with which to reduce flickering and further enhance that definition.

With these functions, this 4K monitor opens a new world for both works and play, with PIP technology that allows you to combine content from two sources on a single screen. This also helps triple connectivity, including two HDMI ports and a new Displayport 1.2 port, so you connect what you need.

So if you still do not know which monitor to buy but prefer the best resolution and connectivity, this is an exciting proposal.

For you to enjoy the highest current image quality, we give you some more details about what this model has to offer.


Resolution: The 4K resolution of this monitor helps you enjoy any content with maximum resolution, color, and contrast.

Dual-source: This monitor can display two sources at the same time, thanks to its split-screen system.

Connectivity: This model includes the modern DisplayPort port, giving more connection options to your graphics card.

Eye care: This model includes Flicker-Free technology, which reduces flickering and a blue light filter that takes better care of your visual health.


Black leakage: As with other monitors, black leaks may occur on the screen, although they are adjusted and are not as annoying as in other devices.

Configuration control: The configuration control of the monitor, similar to that of a game console, can be annoying to use.

Computer monitor

LG 25UM58-P

 When it comes to finding the best budget monitor for gaming at the moment, it is not strange that we always have an LG model in mind. In this case, we have opted for the LG 25UM58-P computer monitor, which introduces us to the modern 21: 9 ultra-panoramic design.

This is a monitor with a resolution of 2560 x 1080, equivalent to the Full HD format for this measure, also having a wide range of colors with which to see everything much clearer. All this is based on a 25-inch IPS LED panel, with a technology that has made this brand a benchmark in the market.

This computer monitor is also recommended for office work, since, by its measures, you can work with split-screen and be even more efficient. And if this were not enough, we talk about what is probably the best price-quality monitor, being among the cheapest monitors in our selection.

For more data on this LG monitor, which part of the users stands out as the best budget monitor for gaming brands in the market.


Panoramic format: The 21: 9 panoramic format gives a new vision when working with an even more full space.

Resolution: It has a resolution of 2560 x 1080, equivalent to the Full HD format for this image output type.

Color calibration: The improved color calibration gives even greater visibility to everything in front of you, being very useful in multimedia work.

More productivity: PIP and split-screen modes help you be more productive by having all your work insight.

Easy to configure: Thanks to its already set modes and the OnScreen Control function, it is easier to set the device parameters from the PC itself.


Standby LED: The Standby LED is a relatively bright white color that can be annoying in dark environments.

Diagonal: The diagonal is somewhat different from the usual ones, although it won’t take you long to get used to it.

Gaming monitor

Samsung LU32J590UQU

The Samsung LU32J590UQU gaming monitor is all you need if you are looking for large screen size and high image quality. And this model combines a 32-inch diagonal panel with its high-level 4K resolution to offer you more defined and attractive images.

Something that also helps the technology of this gaming monitor, where we will find techniques such as AMD FreeSync, a response of 4 milliseconds, or the blink system, takes better care of our visual health.

The product is finished off with comprehensive connectivity and is highly recommended to work with several windows thanks to its size. And we can not forget its exterior, with an elegant black finish and a central foot that does not take up too much space on your desk.

For you to play at high quality, we give you some more clues than what this monitor has prepared for you.


Image quality: This 4K monitor allows you to enjoy the full power of your graphics card when playing.

AMD FreeSync: This new technology reduces distortion and improves product image performance.

Triple interface: The device includes a Displayport port and two HDMI ports to connect what you need.


VESA Mount: Due to the location of the screws, the VESA mount raises the monitor’s position.

Control panel: The control panel of the monitor is improvable in terms of offering comfortable management of its configuration.

144 Hz monitor

Acer GN246HLB

The Acer GN246HLB model is a 144-hertz monitor that introduces us to this new extra refresh rate, with which enjoying higher quality images on its 24-inch LED panel is even more comfortable.

It has a panel with a Full HD resolution capacity with an incredible refresh rate of just one millisecond, which generates a remarkable image quality. This model is even compatible with 3D emissions from Nvidia cards.

This 144 Hz monitor also has extensive connectivity, with HDMI, VGA, or DVI port, as well as audio output, so you don’t miss anything. Besides, you can place this monitor in the way that suits you best thanks to its inclination of 5 to 15 degrees, or you can install it directly on the wall, having VESA compatibility in the 100 x 100 format.

Let’s see some more details of this quality monitor, designed for all types of users and applications.


Refresh Rate: This monitor has a refresh rate of 144 Hertz, which generates an even faster update of the image on the screen.

Image quality: The product is capable of generating images in Full HD resolution, being also compatible with 3D technology.

Borderless design: The borderless design adds extra quality to the vision since there are no additional elements that can distract you from the screen image.


Simplicity: Since it is located among the cheap monitors in the range of 144 hertz, you may be missing some elements of other monitors of higher level and price.

Brightness: This monitor has a considerable brightness level, even if we set this parameter to a minimum, which can be annoying in very dark environments.

24-inch monitor

HP 24fw

This 24-inch, 60.45 cm monitor offers you a complete entertainment package, since, in addition to being able to work and navigate, it allows you to broadcast content from other devices. On the other hand, it has built-in speakers to offer you an excellent audio experience.

Its LCD screen with OLED technology has a resolution of 1080p full HD to offer a bright and clear image, even under the reflection of the sun, thanks to its anti-reflective effect. It also incorporates AMD FreeSync technology, which resolves communication between the monitor and the processor, to offer a smooth and seamless image.

It also has a vivid IPS panel with micro edges to provide wider viewing angles, especially on dual screens. On the other hand, its external structure is constructed of aluminum and polished resin with a matt finish. It also has a snow-white color, which gives it an elegant and modern appearance.

When purchasing a desktop monitor, you should think about both the quality of the image and its appearance, because it will be visible to everyone. For this reason, it is necessary that you consider this monitor’s characteristics before making the purchase:


Display: It has an ultra-thin 24-inch screen with an LED backlight.

Image: Offers an anti-reflective panel that provides a full HD 1080p image.

Materials: Its modern housing is made of aluminum and polished resin with a matt finish.

Design: It has a micro-edge design to offer a more comprehensive view.


Speakers: The quality of the speakers may be lower than that of other similar equipment.

HDMI monitor

Asus VS247HR

 The Asus VS197DE HDMI monitor is the solution for a monitor with extensive connectivity and a good screen diagonal. The product has a 23.6-inch diagonal display and Full HD resolution, so you will have no trouble enjoying high image quality when it comes to seeing what you need. It also has a refresh rate of 75 hertz, somewhat higher than what other models usually offer.

Also, the monitor is adjustable in terms of the angle at which we place the panel, which makes the process of seeing everything more transparent and more accessible. And its connectivity is also up to scratch so that this product can be connected both via HDMI port and through the more traditional VGA and DVI ports.

Let’s know some more details of this HDMI monitor and its main features.


Splendid Video Intelligence: This technology analyzes the image and adjusts its presentation according to the way we use it.

Adjustable: The screen can be tilted to adapt the viewing angle to what suits you best.

Connectivity: The monitor has a VGA, HDMI, and even DVI port.


Response time: The response time is two milliseconds, somewhat less than usual

Panel: Although the committee is LED type, it is not an IPS type, as in other models.

ViewSonic TD2421

The ViewSonic TD2421 model is a 24-inch monitor that, at first glance, brings nothing new compared to the other models. But if we touch its screen and see its response, we will discover that we are facing a touch monitor with which to dispense with the keyboard and mouse if we need it.

This does not affect its image quality since this touch monitor has a Full HD resolution to see it all more explicitly. It also has a panel with a viewing angle of 178 degrees, which makes everything easier.

And so you don’t miss anything, the monitor also has built-in speakers with a headphone output. All this is a model that can be mounted on its conventional base or with a wall bracket since it is compatible with the VESA system.

If you are interested in having a touch monitor to better control any computer equipment without the need for a keyboard or mouse, we leave you some more features of this model.


Touch screen: The touch screen gives you an extra when it comes to controlling your equipment directly from the screen.

Resolution: The monitor has a Full HD resolution with a brightness of 200 cd / m2 and a contrast of 3,000 to 1, to offer quality images.

Connectivity: It has VGA, DVI, HDMI, and USB ports, so it is easy to connect the monitor to virtually any device.


Instructions: According to a user, the product is not accompanied by directives or drivers, so you will have to access the brand’s website to obtain them.

Cable: The cable necessary to connect the equipment is not included with the monitor, which you must add to your shopping list according to how you are going to install it.

27-inch monitor


See more photos!

This combination allows for obtaining high-quality images and remarkable sensations when viewing content with an attractive enveloping sensation. This is something that contributes to its emission spectrum, which covers 99% of the sRGB standard to give you greater image accuracy. An elegant and outstanding product that is topped with details such as broad connectivity and superior support that matches the monitor frame.

This HP model is an excellent gateway if you want to leap to the world of curved monitors.


Curved design: Its careful curved design offers you new sensations when viewing any image on the screen.

Resolution: The monitor generates a Full HD resolution, which is combined with 99% coverage of the sRGB spectrum to obtain a higher quality color.

Connectivity: The monitor can be connected directly via USB port or using the new DisplayPort ports, depending on what you need.


Keypad: The product control keypad is located on the back, so you will have to move the monitor or be guided by the touch to configure it.

Driver: Some user comments on specific driver problems, which can be easily solved by updating it to the latest version.

Samsung monitor

Samsung S24D330H

The Samsung S24D330H monitor is a model located within 24 inches and Full HD resolution, in the line of other cheap and quality monitors that we can find in the market. Due to its LED technology, a product that maintains a high display quality is finished off with details such as its 16: 9 format or adjusted response time of only 1 ms.

It also incorporates a 1,000 to 1 contrast and a brightness system with a specific game mode that gives you even more excellent quality. The same happens with the care of your eyes because the product includes a blue light filter and a technology without flickering. It is easy to avoid visual fatigue and other products. And if you want to reduce your consumption, even more, you just have to activate its Eco Saving Plus mode.

Designed to renew your old monitor, this model has many new features that we analyze below.


Screen: The 24-inch screen and Full HD resolution respond to the new standard of current monitors.

Game mode: Game mode adds extra brightness to the image when you need it.

Visual care: By including blue light filter and eliminating flickering, your eyes will suffer less during use.


Regulation: The foot of the monitor is not adjustable, neither in height nor in inclination.

Technical support: The technical support of the brand is more than improvable in case of problems.

HP monitor

HP Omen 25

 Having an HP monitor is another way of not making mistakes when choosing one of these products. And if we opt for models such as the HP Omen 25 monitor, we will be at its most advanced line.

And it is that this model of resolution Full HD and 25 inches of diagonal includes novelties such as its update of 144 hertz, which makes it easier to see clear and crisp images on the screen, which also helps its refresh rate of just one millisecond. This is Properties closest to a gaming monitor, which is where the product is located.

The model also has USB ports to charge your devices and Displayport ports, to connect the device to your card. And to make it easier to see everything clearly, it is also adjustable in inclination, from -5 to 23 degrees.

Take a leap of quality with this monitor and everything it offers to see everything even more apparent.


Technology: AMD FreeSync technology adds extra quality to the screen image.

Speed: The model includes a refresh rate of 144 hertz to see it all brighter.

Ports: It is one of the models with higher connectivity options we have seen.


Graphic: To take full advantage of its quality, it is essential to have a graphic card at the height.

Light leakage: Some user comments that the product may have slight light leaks, although they are not particularly annoying.

Guide to buy monitors

The monitor is a crucial piece when working with your PC. This is not only for helping us see everything clearly but also for adequate visual health during long days of play or work. To make it easy to find the right model for you, we leave you our guide to buy the best budget monitor for gaming, giving the perfect model without complications.

Shopping guide

Screen measurements

If we look at any comparison of monitors that we have on hand, we will see how diagonal measurements usually sort them. It influences both the size of what we will see in image and resolution, as we will see later.

At present, it is not recommended to resort to monitors of less than 21 inches, this being the base from which to start looking. Monitors that are already really cheap, so it makes no sense to go to lower diagonals. However, the 24 inches are currently becoming the reference base or base size. Therefore, unless you do not have enough space for a model of this size, this should be your choice.

Climbing in size, we have a 27, 28, and even 32-inch monitor, with the size of a small TV. The latter allows you to see everything in considerable quantity and are usually accompanied by your applications with which to create different partitions so that you can work in multitasking mode with even greater comfort.

However, the diagonal is one of the aspects that most influences how much the monitor costs, so coordinate both elements according to what you need.

Screen resolution

The screen resolution is another element that we must assess when buying one of these monitors. Anyway, today there are two options we have to choose from: Full HD monitors and 4K monitors.

If you want to step forward, it will be time to move to 4K. In this case, we are not talking about an economical monitor precisely, since this technology continues to have a high cost, although slightly decreasing. In return, these monitors will give you the highest image resolution and allow your games to develop their full graphic potential. However, do not forget to verify that the graphics card of the PC can give you the graphics performance necessary to take advantage of the monitor.

By the way, between the Full HD and 4K monitors, 2K resolution models are already emerging, which are gradually being introduced in the market and can be a better alternative to the quality of Full HD although at a more adjusted cost than 4K. An adequate proposal to improve that quality a bit more compared to the conventional 1080P format.

Other elements

With the two parameters that we have given you, you would have enough to choose a quality monitor to equip you apart from the price. But since some monitors offer other exciting elements, it’s time to talk about them.

One of these functions is the one that allows you to protect your eyesight better while using the monitor. This translates into technologies that reduce image flicker or that include a blue light filter. This is something that helps mitigate visual fatigue during long sessions of using the monitor, as well as avoiding discomforts such as itching or dryness.

Another exciting option is the ports that include some monitors, with which to charge your mobile or any other device quickly—not also forgetting the speakers that still contain some monitors, saving you desk space when working. This is new functions that also include the possibility of adjusting the monitor’s vision by modifying its position, both in height and angle of rotation.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: When a monitor does not turn on, what should I check first?

If the monitor does not even turn on, it is necessary to check the plug connection, as well as if the power supply cable is correctly connected to the monitor. This problem is usually less frequent in modern monitors, because of the shot they use, but it can also happen.

If the monitor turns on, but receives no signal and goes black, it will be necessary to see if the source is working and if the connection cable with the corresponding device is correctly connected.

Q2: Why calibrate a monitor?

The monitor calibration process allows us to see everything clearer when playing or working. tHIS process helps to improve the visibility on the screen, adjust the image quality, refine the letters and other elements, and obtain the best possible results.

Also, it is not a complicated process. It is usually done using an assistant, so it will not take you just a short time to execute it. In return, you will get a remarkable improvement in terms of image quality and customization of it.

Q3: Which monitor is better, LG or Samsung?

Both LG and Samsung are two highly recognized manufacturers in the market and those that usually stand out when looking for a new monitor. A segment in which both manufacturers incorporate their technologies that improve image quality, being recognized by both LG IPS panels and the high image performance of Samsung models. Therefore, whether you bet on a model from one or another, you will not have trouble finding a quality product.

Q4: How to clean the monitor?

The monitor is a high-tech device that must be treated with care, even when cleaning. So this process must be done very smoothly. This means not forcing the screen or squeezing it during purification, which should be done with a soft microfiber cloth and a suitable cleaner.

We can also use more specific products, such as cleaning wipes that, for this purpose, are sold in some stores. In any case, always avoid abrasive products and, as we have said, never press the screen.

Q5: What happens when the monitor says no signal?

This message appears when the monitor does not receive a suitable signal to play on the screen. This may be because the correct image source we are using is not chosen or that there is a problem connecting the cable to the image source.

As a last solution, it is worth checking that this source is activated correctly and that it offers signal output, since some laptops, for example, may require changes in their configuration to generate an output signal.

Q6: Can a monitor be used as a television?

Although using a television as a monitor is extremely simple, when it comes to doing it the other way around, the process is not that simple. And, by itself, the monitor does not have a DTT tuner or the necessary elements to work with a television. However, this can be solved with a Smart TV Box, a DTT decoder, or a similar product, which gives you the necessary television signal. Or, simplifying, we can use a dual monitor, which does include those elements.

Q7: What is the biggest monitor for PC?

Leaving aside that nowadays, any LED TV with HDMI can be used as a computer monitor, with what this implies in size, within the products designed to be used as monitors, it is possible to find models that reach 50 inches within the conventional design. Still, if we open the range to the signage panels or presentation boards, the size can go up to 90 inches diagonally.

Q8: Why does my monitor look yellow?

When a monitor looks at a specific color, such as yellow, green, or blue, this is usually due to a bad cable connection. A problem that mainly affects VGA monitors, which in case of not having all the pins connected correctly, can cause these color faults. Something as easy to solve as correctly tightening the connection socket on both the PC and the monitor itself.

Q9: How to connect VGA monitor to HDMI?

The main problem with this connection is that the VGA signal is analog and the HDMI digital. If the relationship were reversed, it could be done with a simple HDMI VGA cable. Still, if the idea is to do it on a VGA monitor, we must bet on a cable that includes an adapter or converter of that digital signal to an analog signal. This is something essential for the VGA monitor to “understand” and reproduce it on screen accurately.

Q10: Why, when I play, the monitor turns off?

Most image problems with games have to do not so much with the monitor as with the graphics card. If the image resolution or the refresh rate of the game is outside the monitor parameters, these blackouts are likely to occur.

Something similar can happen if the game configuration squeezes the monitor so that it exceeds its operating temperature. So if this happens, it will be necessary to update drivers and reduce the demands of the game.

Q11: When to change monitor?

There is no time frame or a determining factor to change the monitor beyond its performance. And while the product presents an appropriate image and continues to perform as it should, there is no problem in continuing to use it. However, if the monitor begins to show problems such as spots, dead pixels, loss of resolution, or flickering, it is probably time to start thinking about the change.

How to install a monitor

The use of a monitor is a process that does not have great secrets once we have it installed and configured. So we are going to dedicate these lines to teach you what you must do precisely to successfully reach this point where we just have to turn it on and enjoy.

Place the monitor

Although it seems a minor issue, the monitor placement is the first step that we must take to enjoy a good image quality. This location should be away from light sources that can cause direct reflections on the screen, as these will be a nuisance with use.

It is also important that when placing the monitor, do it at an appropriate height, using an elevator if necessary. That height is equivalent to that essential for the upper edge to be at the height of your eyes when you sit straight in front of the monitor.

Adjusting the position of the monitor

Related in part to the above, some monitors have screen tilt adjustments, which should be used in case we want to improve our view. However, most of the current models have a wide viewing angle so that you can see it equally well from almost any location concerning the monitor.

Choosing the source

At this time, you will have the monitor connected to your PC or the corresponding equipment, being the time to make the first power on. Most of the monitors have an automatic source detection system. Still, if not found, you will only have to manually select the source of the corresponding image from the monitor menu. And if you don’t find sources, don’t be alarmed. Just check the wiring to solve the problem.

Controlling the image

Once the monitor is connected, it will be time to control the different parameters of the image. The main parameters to control are brightness and contrast, which give more light and definition to the image on the screen. We can also regulate the color temperature, varying the red, green and blue, or handle other image parameters.

Since there are many options to choose from, there are many monitors that include assistants that make it easier to find the right choices.

Calibrating the monitor

The final process to get the best quality out of your monitor is to proceed with the image calibration. It has a specific option in Windows, and that, through a wizard, helps you determine the most accurate values for each monitor’s parameter.

It also helps you adjust the way Windows reproduces images or texts, to increase the quality of the image you perceive on the screen. This is a simple process that should not take more than 5 or 10 minutes to have it ready.

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