Which Is Better, A Laptop With SSD Or Conventional Hard Drive

The arrival of SSD hard drives has meant a revolution for all types of users. Those who have a PC or laptop have only to replace their conventional hard drive with one of these modern high-speed drives to see how the overall performance of their applications and their games accelerates. So it is not strange that the new PCs that reach the market already include these hard drives as part of their equipment, either uniquely or combined with a conventional hard disk, in which to store the bulk of our data. Among other things, because the space available in the tower of a desktop computer allows it.

The New MSI With SSD And Optane Technology, Pure Speed

Among the world of videogames, the traditional thing was the use of consoles to meet your needs and spend a pleasant time with your friends playing your favorite titles, however, computer manufacturers realized the great market of video games, so They decided to develop specialized equipment for this market, coming to compete quietly with the most powerful consoles that exist today

What Is The Future Of The Personal Computer?

In a market where we have more and more options and products when it comes to advanced computing, looking a bit into the future can be complex. Especially if what we want is to look at the future of the personal computer, the lifelong PC that has been accompanying us on our desks for several years. A process in which it is also necessary to understand what is the current moment of these devices, which recently has been able to overcome the threat that tablets and new devices posed for their survival.

You Can Finally Use External Graphics Cards On Your Mac Computer

There is no doubt that Apple is one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world. As much as to be one of the few companies that today maintains a reasonable struggle, in terms of sales and processing power, with clone equipment or other manufacturers. The company has achieved with a remarkable commitment to its own model, which today is still recognized by a broad legion of users.

What To Do If Your PC Does Not Recognize An External Hard Drive

Let’s get in situation. We had a problem with our computer, we lost the data on our internal hard drive and we used our backup to recover our work. However, after connecting that external hard drive, we see how it does not appear in any way on our computer. Before panic strikes, it is necessary to take some steps to solve what is likely to be a timely problem.

Benq Launches The Most Suitable Monitor For Photographic Works

Every good photographer knows that a good team is key to getting good results. The framing, composition or knowledge of the photographer is of little use if the images are taken with a poor quality camera. Well, as with the camera, the PC has now become part of the team of any professional photographer, so that these same requirements and requirements would apply.

Apple Will Repair The Macbook And Macbook Pro Butterfly Keyboards Free Of Charge

When it was launched in 2015, the butterfly keyboard installed on Apple laptops was a considerable engineering and design work, which not only modified the design of this part of the equipment, but also added new features to it. However, over time, this dream keyboard ended up becoming a nightmare for both users and the manufacturer itself. You can now try to solve with a free repair program for computers that have problems with this keyboard.

Mouse With Cable Or Without Cable, Which Option To Choose?

The arrival of wireless devices, such as the keyboard or mouse, has meant a considerable advance in terms of convenience of use of these devices. Dispense with the cables on our desk is always something positive, although this has some drawbacks that can lead us to think if they weigh more than the advantages we gain in the process. This is a complex issue that we analyze below, so that you are clear about all the advantages and disadvantages of using one of these products.

Meet The New Threat To SD Cards, Man In The Disk

Currently, a large number of people have a smart mobile phone with iOS or Android operating system, so both systems are concerned with providing the highest data security to the user. However, regardless of the operating system you use, hackers always find a new way to violate security. Due to the large number of versions, … Read more Meet The New Threat To SD Cards, Man In The Disk

The First Laptops With Intel I9 Processors Arrive

A time in which these processors have continued to evolve internally almost one generation per year, but have maintained the original nomenclature, unlike the previous versions in which Intel modified the class or name of the processor more frequently. However, the last leap in quality that this manufacturer has taken in terms of its processors has been so great that the time has come to take a step forward with its new processors in the i9 range.