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The New AMD Graphics Cards Can Exceed Those Of Nvidia

If we are looking for a new graphics card for our computer or our laptop, we don’t have many brands to choose from: either we want an AMD card or an Nvidia card. There’s no more. It should not be confused with the wide variety of “manufacturers” that we can find in the market, since these simply buy this underlying technology, mold it a bit to your liking and offer it under your brand, so in the There are no more than two options to choose from.

In this context, it is not strange that the two brands have a considerable fight in terms of achieving the best results. However, the winner of this battle is still Nvidia, especially in the most challenging part of the market, such as high-end graphics cards. A segment in which this manufacturer has not been able to shade its competitor’s models at least so far.

The 3,000 series, the latest AMD weapon

Within the current context, AMD has announced the arrival of its new 3,000 series. A name that follows the original design that the brand reserves for its high-end models and, in part, also reminds us of the numbering that Nvidia uses for its most prominent models. An estimate that is not accidental, since this name makes the user perceive a higher power than the Nvidia models offer, from the title.

But since everything is not a matter of branding, the brand would be working on high-power plates and design in terms of graphics performance. As shown, we have the Navi 3060 model, based on this same architecture with advanced technology and even more efficient. A product with a 4 GB VRAM memory, a power demand of 75 watts, and a performance equivalent to that of an Nvidia GTX 1060, at least in its 3 GB model.

Following the scaling of the AMD graphics cards, the next product would be the NAvi 3070 card. In this case, we increase the RAM up to 8 GB of VRAM type GDDR6, having this same architecture that we mentioned and with a demand for energy Estimated about 120 watts. In this case, the product has a performance similar to that of a Vega 56 or an Nvidia GTX 2060.

Finally, the third model of this new line of AMD would be the Navi RX 3080, whose similarities with the names of Nvidia are already almost scandalous. The product uses a Navi 10 architecture, even more potent than its range partners, maintaining 8 GB of memory and increasing the electrical demand up to 150 watts. Its rivals, the 2070 cards and Nvidia GTX 1080, one of the most sold currently in the gaming sector.

Power at an adjusted price

So far, we know everything that AMD has been responsible for filtering on the technical characteristics of these new graphics cards. As we can see, the power of these models considerably reduces the gap between the best-known models of Nvidia, compared to what AMD currently has in the market. However, these new models also do not reach the level of performance and power that their rivals have.

So where is the competition? Well, basically, in the same argument with which AMD has been gaining market in the segment of PC processors: in the price. If we take a look at a comparison of Nvidia graphics cards and their costs with the equivalents that we have commented for AMD, we will see how the price differences in favor of this last company are considerable.

Specifically, the price of 3060 is about $ 130, about 115 euros to change. In comparative terms, the price of a GeForce GTX 1060 card is currently around 250 euros, so the cost of this new AMD proposal is less than half that of its theoretical equivalent of Nvidia.

Something similar happens with the 3070 and its dance partner, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070. While the price of the reference card is around 400 euros, the cost of the “equivalent” card of AMD has been around 200 dollars or About 177 euros. Even worse is the comparison for the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080, whose price is around 600 euros, compared to its new competitor, which would be the AMD Radeon RX 3080. The amount of the latter is 250 dollars, about 221 euros. Again we have a discount that is around 60% compared to the price of the original card.

How would the market look

Before drawing our conclusions if we want to remember that everything we are talking about here is previous considerations in a context in which AMD’s new products are nothing more than projects. It is true that they exist and that it is estimated that they will reach the market for October 2019, but for now, all we are analyzing are the leaks that the brand itself has poured the market.

That said, and considering the data that AMD offers excellent or correct, the truth is that Nvidia would have a considerable problem. Among other things because, although the brand would maintain the technological advantage that it has in front of AMD, it would lose the war with a crash in terms of prices. So much so that these new cards become a severe threat to their results.

As if that were not enough, it is likely that if these prices and this level of performance are confirmed in practice, these new graphs can pull the market and make users “climb” range when equipped. Mainly because if for the price of a mid-range card, they can leap to the upper range, it is very likely that many do.

As the last point, it should be remembered that Nvidia is also making movements within this high mid-range, with the arrival of the Nvidia GTX 1660. These mid-range plates are pushing the GTX 1060 at prices of less than 200 euros, while this New launch will be around 230 dollars when it arrives. Therefore, the market will be entirely moved by the end of the year.

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